April 26-28, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio

the manufacturing tradeshow for ceramic materials and technologies
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Ceramics Expo is a dedicated marketplace for all raw materials, equipment, machinery and technology used within the ceramic manufacturing supply chain

Through the creation of a focused ceramics marketplace, the exhibition draws attendance from genuine decision-makers within ceramic manufacturers and from a vast range of industries utilising ceramic materials and components, including transportation, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, military and environmental technology.


Over a Dozen More Companies Join Ceramics Expo 2016

As we are nearing the end of the year, Ceramics Expo is pleased to welcome over a dozen confirmed companies to a rapidly growing list of exhibitors. Now is the time to ensure that your company makes its mark next year in the advanced ceramic and glass industry.

Read More | Nov 23, 2015

Father of Lithium-Ion Cathode Innovates New Material to Charge the Future of Sodium-Ion Batteries

John Goodenough has decided that no existent battery is good enough. Instead, the creator of the cobalt-oxide cathodes that make lithium-ion batteries possible continues to work on the next big thing in the battery world.

Read More | Nov 20, 2015

76th Conference on Glass Problems Brings Together Glass Industry Experts From 16 Countries

The Conference on Glass Problems (GPC) took place in Columbus, Ohio, November 2-5.

Read More | Nov 20, 2015

Islands of Tungsten Oxide Maintain Strength of Steel Yet Protect Against Fouling

Although we love ceramics and glass, there’s just no denying it – steel is one of the most important materials to modern living. So this is big: researchers at Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have devised a way to improve the ubiquitous steel by protecting its surface from fouling and corrosion.

Read More | Nov 20, 2015

“I’ve been able to meet with buyers and customers to learn about new applications and directions we can go in.”

Tony Finoli, Senior Research Engineer, McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies

“Lots of new potential customers, people we don’t actually know. The meetings are very good; good quality meetings. I’m quite happy”

Guillaume De Calan, CEO, Nanoe

“We’ve had lots of opportunity to connect with friends from the past and meet new friends and make lots of good business connections. It’s been great”

John M Finley II, Chairman & CEO, MemPro

“The show is great. I traveled over from the Czech Republic and I’m impressed.”

Jan Buk, Production Director, PARDAM S.R.O

“The two different tracks on ceramics manufacturing and R&D have been very beneficial for us”

Matt Ennis, Materials Engineer, Glidewell Laboratories

“Lots of good stuff, new customers with potential. Really good show”

Peter Chakos, Corporate Account Manager, McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies