The Conference at Ceramics Expo is the leading free-to-attend conference for advanced ceramics and glass materials, manufacturing and components


2020 Call for speakers is open 

Research for the Conference at Ceramics Expo 2020 agenda with the brand new theme of Clean, Electrified and Efficient Mobility has begun and we are inviting you to submit your speaking proposal. This is your chance to leave your mark on this year’s program and even be part of our expert speakers line up. Whether you have an idea for a keynote, panel discussion or an idea for an innovative new session format submit your application today.    


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2019 speakers included:



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The Conference at Ceramics Expo provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear the latest advancements in ceramic materials, technologies and manufacturing. Gain an in-depth view of the ceramic materials markets, the latest innovations and R&D for commercialization, manufacturing and technological solutions, challenges and future requirements, alongside a 300-vendor supply chain exhibition.

The free-to-attend conference runs alongside the main exhibition and is specially designed for engineers and decision makers from OEMs and Tier 1s in the automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, electronics, industrial, energy, and communication industries.



Why you should attend the conference:

  • Find solutions to technology development and implementation, cost reduction and scaling-up of manufacturing processes
  • Optimize your manufacturing processes through microstructure and multiscale modelling
  • Gain a 360° view of the ceramic materials market: new material formulations, future material requirements of end-user markets and material challenges
  • Discover the latest innovative ceramic R&D for commercialization
  • Benefit from in-depth insights into new ceramic material properties, performance, applications, and efficiencies
  • Learn the latest innovative forming processes for unique geometries and high surface area parts

2019 speaking companies included:

Speaking companies

“The reason I came back was I found it was a really connected community of both academics and businesses - I am seeing stuff I have never seen before”

Mark DiPerri, Business Development Manager, Toshiba Advanced Materials Division


“The talks have been very informative and they cover a wide range of subject matter, not just the raw materials but downstream markets as well.”

Michael Greenfield, Market Reporter, Industrial Minerals


"There were a lot of sessions on the uses for ceramics with thermal connectivity properties, which helps with the work we are currently doing at Intel."

Dinesh Thanu PhD, Engineering TD Manager, Intel Corporation


Venue Address

International Exposition Center (I-X Center)
East Entrance, One I-X Center Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44135


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