May 1 – 3, 2023 // Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA

*May 1: Exhibitor and VIP Networking Reception | May 2-3: Exhibits and Conference

May 1 – 3, 2023 // Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA

*May 1: Exhibitor and VIP Networking Reception | May 2-3: Exhibits and Conference



Ceramics Expo is the must attend event for the ceramics industry. But don't just take our word for it, hear from attendees and exhibitors from the show:

"It’s been great, we’ve been able to explore into many different industries, so we’ve seen people from all walks of earth, whether it’s laboratory work, industrial décor or all the way to QCing different products… The best thing about it so far is that we’re just meeting a whole range of different industries that have a use for our scanner.

It’s refreshing to see some new faces again and see old faces as well. Being able to communicate face-to-face, it’s really great to show how the product works and show our passion for the industry."

Emily Gustafson, Marketing Specialist, CGS ORIS Americas 


"It feels really good. Here we’ve talked to a hundred different people now and it’s just a lot of quality content."

Tyler Simpson, Key Account Manager, Goodfellow Corp


"It’s just great, it’s great to get that personal touch back and network with people again."

Matthew O’Connor, Technical Estimator Engineer, Goodfellow Corp


"Always a nice touch to talk to a person in a person-to-person environment. I think the show has been keeping pace for the market and attracting lots of companies doing new and innovative novel materials. I see huge potential talking to those companies."

Qian Yang, Technical Assistant, Goodfellow Corp


"It’s overwhelmingly positive, we’ve constantly had someone at our booth and it’s nice to have that human interaction again and get leads, talk to other vendors and network again, and be back at it and doing what we love."

Ron Clawson, Technical Sales, Goodfellow Corp


"It’s really great to be back and in-person again and meet with people in the industry."

Ron Colavecchia, Director of Optics Sales, OptiPro Systems


"It feels great to be at Ceramics Expo... This is my first year here, it’s great to see so many people here."

Brendon Collins, Polymath, Quantum Innovations


"Everyone has been great, the people who can’t help us have recommended us who to contact... We’ve had a hard time finding ceramic vendors online… Coming here in person, we’ve already picked up 6-8 contacts this morning and we’ve had 2 maybe 3 whilst searching online. So, coming here has already been a success."

John Glarum, Tinkerer, Quantum Innovations


"It’s been great so far. It’s our first time attending, and we thought that the group of vendors here this year has been fantastic and has had everything that we’re looking to learn…The opportunity to network in person, meet people again has been really great."

Bryanna Kelly, Materials and Process Engineer, Moog Inc.


"I can visit 40 or 50 customers in a single day, if I scheduled these calls, it would take at least a month to visit all these people. So it’s great to have that face-to-face interaction in a short amount of time. It’s good to be back… it’s getting us back to where we need to be."

Tony Luciana, President, Weiss Industrial

“Ceramics Expo is a great way of meeting customers, partnering with other people, and getting a broad overview of what’s going on in the industry.”

Timothy Coors, CEO, CoorsTek


“We come to Ceramics Expo because it’s a great venue and it’s where the heart of the ceramic industry beats.”

Seyit Ural, Business Development Manager, Harris


“It has been fantastic – we have seen a lot of traffic since the morning. We have had some cool interactive demos at our booth, and we have seen great interest from attendees.”

Zubair Nawaz, Application Development Specialist, 3M


“We’ve been doing this since it opened, and it’s gotten better every year, I feel. We’re one of the global leaders in ceramics and we mainly come to network and to meet new customers and new development products.”

John Mastrogiacomo, Senior Manager Business Development, Kyocera International Inc


“What this show is really great for is being able to bring the entire industry together. So, I’ve been able to go out and see what the industry is doing with regard to new processes, new ways to characterize materials. I’ve been able to go around and even outside my market space to see what is being done in the industry, and then see what I can take back to the laboratory.”

Lionel Vargas-Gonzalez, Ceramic and Transparent Materials Branch, US Army Research Laboratory


“It’s great. I didn’t realize it is so big. It is my first time here. It is huge! I think I like what I see in the booths. It is pretty nice.”

Ajay Misra, Deputy Director of Research and Engineering, NASA Glenn Research Center


“It’s a great way to network. There’s everybody in our industry in one location at the same time. It’s a great platform to talk to both customers and competitors.”

Mike Arbini, Sales Director North America, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials


“This is my third year attending Ceramics Expo, and I can say it is an outstanding show for such a small and tight community that is seeing some tremendous growth in the industry. What I really admire about the show is that it has become very practical and yet has great academic substance to it.”

Mark DiPerri, Business Development Manager, Advanced Materials Division, Toshiba American Electronic Components Inc


“It’s been awesome. I think I came first time about five years ago and I think it has grown quite a bit since that time, because I don’t remember as many aisles when I came last time. So, I think every year it gets bigger. I think it’s also a larger range of participation. I think I see some academic people, a lot of industrial participation. It was awesome.”

Mano Manoharan, Chief Technologist, Ceramic Composites and Coatings, GE Aviation


“Well, I think it gets people talking. I think it’s important for students, researchers, technicians to come to one place and discuss what they see, what they feel, and see things progressing.”

Billy Podrazky, Senior Applications Engineer, Hitachi High Technologies America


“We have a lot of customers in the area and this is a location where we learn a lot about where the ceramics industry is heading, which allows us to shape out future products.”

Seyit Ural, Business Development Manager, Harris Corp


“This is the fourth year for our company to have a booth here at the ceramics show, so that’s what is bringing us here: good potential customers and great vendors. The way we sell is face to face and customer to customer. To be able to express a highly technical product in person is an advantage over an email.”

George A Conrad, Founder and President, GeoCorp


“I think it’s good to create awareness of the impact that the ceramics industry has in the world, quite frankly, the reach that we have. In many ways to also attract talent that might otherwise not know what we do in the ceramics industry, particularly millennials and the younger generation that I think share a similar passion that we have, which is to make the world measurably better, to have an impact in the world. They might not be aware of the way in which they can do that within the ceramics industry. We’re hoping to create not only awareness but also to reach them.”

Irma Lockridge, Chief People and Systems Officer, CoorsTek


“The expo brings together the entire industry of ceramics, and it’s a chance for us to show our product and also engage with our customers all in one place.”

Amy Barnes, Technical Manager Advanced Ceramics, 3M


“It’s been fantastic. It’s really nice meeting all these suppliers, my suppliers directly, and having intelligent conversations with them, and then meeting new ones and creating new opportunities.”

Paul Benson, Purchasing Director, Vesuvius


“Excellent. It’s great. This one specifically because, on one hand, I’m very involved with ceramics, and on the other because it’s local to where I am. I am here in Beachwood outside of Cleveland.”

William Daloz, Calcination Process Engineer, BASF


“There are so many new things and so many technologies. Even beyond that, the value of the networking and meeting people in person is just unmatched by phone or email correspondence.”

Shawn Allan, VP, Lithoz America


“It’s the place to be when you are dealing with technical ceramics and additive manufacturing in ceramics.”

Haim Levi, VP, XJET


“We’ve had a nice steady flow of customers come through. This is our third year here and it is a good way for us to meet people we wouldn’t normally meet in the normal course of business.”

Jeffrey Rickman, Senior Technical Expert, GrainBound


“The VIP reception was packed and we saw a lot of people there. The expo turned out very well for us and we had good traffic to the booth on both days. This is a really good event for us and I think Ceramics Expo 2019 was the best so far – we will have a bigger booth next year.”

Rodrigo González, VP – Ceramics, Nutec Bickley


“So far our experience here at Ceramics Expo has been great. We’ve been here three years and every year we have a really good show. It seems to be growing every year.”

John Koch, North American Sales Director, Admatec Europe BV


“It’s a very busy show – we’ve had traffic all day here at our booth.”

Keith Swain, Technical Sales Manager, The Americas, Horiba Instruments


“We’ve had very good traffic from a lot of different industries, a lot of different applications. We’re looking forward to following up on the leads we’re generating at the show!”

Jamie Snipes, Business Development Manager, CeramTec


“We had a lot of foot traffic, a lot of visits with customers and suppliers. Being able to talk to people is great. A lot of people know Goodfellow, but they don’t know the extent of what we do, so it’s nice to get out there and talk to them.”

Matt O’Connor, Technical Sales Associate, Goodfellow


“It’s been great. We were here last year, but the traffic level this year is higher with a lot of good qualified leads coming through. We find that if we focus on specialized industries like ceramics, word can travel within the industry and that gets us better exposure.”

Darren Woods, General Sales Manager, Munson Machinery Co Inc


“So far the experience has been very strong. From day one, we’ve had steady traffic throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. Every year we look forward to coming to this show because of the foot traffic that we have. It hasn’t disappointed us this year.”

Mike Ingram, CEO, McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies LLC


“One of the major challenges we have is that we have a material and we know what that material can do. We don’t exactly know which applications the customer is looking for. Or we have a customer who has a special challenge and might not know that glass ceramics is the material that can solve that challenge. So, finding out what challenges the customers have, and bringing them together with our material – that’s the main thing we’re looking to do.”

Christina Rettig, Head of Communication, SCHOTT AG


“It’s been very good so far. This is my first year here with the company, which has been here all three years. Everybody is extremely alive this morning on the first day. We’ve had a steady flow of people in and out, and everyone seems pretty interested.”

Joshua Smeltzer, Technical Associate, GrainBound LLC


“The show has been good for us in a number of different ways. We’ve been able to see current customers as well as new prospects that are highly qualified for our applications, so it’s a great fit. We actually walked the show last year and saw that it could be very beneficial for us. Just in the first day, we’ve had a large number of leads that seem to be quite promising.”

Chris Paris, Senior Account Manager, FEI, A Thermo Fisher Company


“We are a proud participant at Ceramics Expo 2019. We are very happy with the quality of the leads generated and the meetings with our legacy customers. The way things are organized is optimal and then the timeframe and the location, especially near Track 1, are very attractive. It’s a very productive and really effective show.”

Sam Murthy, Director of Business Development, Eurofins EAG Materials Science


“We manufacture size-reduction mills, vacuum dryers and solids mixers. The high caliber of attendees means we can apply our practical knowledge to solving some high-level problems. We do other exhibitions. We like to meet our customers directly and interact with them, so it’s very useful. We have been successful in meeting high-end people with problems that we can help them solve.”

Jeff Hoffmann, Vice President, Paul O. Abbe


“The VIP program was very nice. I definitely interacted with way more people than I would have had that not happened.”

Kevin Ring, R&D Engineer, Rogers Corporation


“CoorsTek is participating in the Ceramics Expo because it is the premier ceramics show in our industry. I love the energy level here, the passion. It is a very intimate community within ceramics; people have so many years of experience that I can’t imagine ever learning as much as them. And so this is why it is the best place to be. You want to be sat next to someone who can teach you something.”

Patricia Mishic, Chief Commercial Officer, CoorsTek


“Our company does approximately 12-14 trade shows and technical conferences per year. This has now become one of the ones we really look forward to. It is an exceptional experience every year.”

George A Conrad II, Founder/President, GeoCorp Inc


“It has been really great. We have had really good footfall and lots of engaging conversations. We have booked again for next year – I think that is testament to how beneficial it has been.”

Tony Kinsella, Chief Executive, Lucideon


“This is my second year at the show, and the reason I came back was I found it was a really connected community of both academics and businesses. And I am seeing stuff I have never seen before – it is quite fascinating. I will definitely return next year.”

Mark DiPerri, Business Development Manager, Toshiba Advanced Materials Division


“I think the Product Showcase was a good experience. It was a good opportunity for us to present our innovation to an engaged crowd. It brought 30 people to our booth during the presentation, and afterwards they came back to ask questions.”

Arnaud Roux, Sales Manager, 3DCERAM SINTO


“Ceramics Expo is especially useful for ceramic component manufacturers such as ourselves because we get to meet our customers and new suppliers. It is a nice place to get everything done in one place at one time.”

Tony Finoli, R&D Manager, McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies


“The industry is booming and we are very excited. There are a lot of great companies here. Every year this expo gets bigger and bigger, so we are big fans of the show.”

Mark Wolf, Vice President - Fine Ceramics Group, Kyocera International


“We get good contacts here, which is important in growing our business. This show gives us a place to interact with them in one place rather than making multiple business trips.”

Terry McCormick, Chief Operating Officer, Elan Technology Inc


“The show’s been really great so far, we’ve had a lot of really interesting inquiries from different markets. We’re excited to see how the rest of the show goes.”

David Krause, Product Specialist, Johnson Matthey


“The show fills a niche that I feel was missing in the US market for trade shows. Along the spectrum of academia to industrial I think there is a real lack of an industrial focus at some of the trade shows. I think Ceramics Expo saw that lack and came in and began to fill that niche.”

Justin Otto, Senior Vice President, Baikowski


“Ceramics Expo is a very good show for our product. We are able to get in touch with a lot of people. There seems to be a really good attendance rate and it is a really fun show.”

Elyn Seaman, Senior Marketing Specialist, Hitachi High Technologies America Inc


“Ceramics Expo has been a great opportunity to meet with key customers and suppliers – we’ve also had the chance to connect with buyers from aerospace, technical/advanced ceramics, electronic production and laboratory equipment producers. It’s been a great show!”

Charles Baldwin, Research & Development Manager, Ferro Corporation


“We have been coming here from the first Ceramics Expo. The US market is a very significant market for technical ceramics, so this is a good opportunity for us as we are not very big in the USA, but we are trying to improve that.”

Guillaume De Calan, CEO, Nanoe


“There is a good mix of industries here, so you have a wide range of people to talk to. That’s why it has been such a positive experience for me.”

Mason Hochadel, Fine Mesh Screening, Cleveland Vibrator Co


 “A day and a half into the show and it has been very successful for us. Lots of new inquiries for different products. This has been the best show we have attended certainly in the US, and one of the best ever.”

Mike Jackson, Vice President USA, IPS Ceramics USA


“Ceramics Expo is a good opportunity for us to get exposure. Since everyone is here anyway, it is a good place to talk about the next-generation things that we are working on.”

David A Gottfried, Deputy Director, Business Development, Alfred University


“We can see what is on the market. It is really interesting to see what is out there.”

Dieter Mangold, Product Management, CeramTec GMBH


“This year has been really good; we have had a lot of traffic. We took the opportunity this year to go for a bigger booth because we knew there would be lots of people.”

Matthew Simmers, Digital Marketing Manager, Saint-Gobain Ceramics


“We love this show. We get to interact not only with some of the exhibitors who are our customers but also with some of our other external customers. We get a lot of leads from the guests at the show and get to network a lot. But we can also have specific meetings where we can just interact with people in the industry, get new ideas and bounce new ideas off each other. We love being here and seeing what new technologies are out there. We are definitely coming back.”

Krista Grayson, Director of Sales, Mo-Sci Corporation


“This show is spectacular. I’m a first-time visitor here and everybody that I would ever expect to see at a show is here today.”

Brad McLeod, Marketing Manager for Friction and Welding, TAM Ceramics


“A fantastic opportunity to interact with all the stakeholders within the ceramics business. The networking opportunities are tremendous, the track presentations are ideal to learn about the industry and technological developments, and the organization is excellent.”

Rajiv Soman PhD, Director Purity Survey Analysis, EAG Laboratories


“There’s been a good amount of traffic. Our product showcase went really well.”

Justin Wynn, Applications Engineer – Thermophysical Properties, TA Instruments


“It’s been fantastic. I presented at the show this year and the organization has been flawless. The great thing about Ceramics Expo is that it’s very focused on creating business opportunities.”

Gordon Nameni, Senior Editor, BCC Research


“It’s been great. I really enjoy the show, I’ve been here for three years in a row. Last year I was able to do some business with an investment casting company. It’s a great show!”

Cliff Rabidoux, Senior VP, Heany Industries Inc


“Ceramics Expo is an exceptional opportunity to promote PPT’s innovative custom processing capabilities. PPT has benefited from the expo’s great balance of our existing clients and exciting new prospects.”

Ken Bartelt, President, Powder Processing & Technology


“The talks have been very informative and they cover a wide range of subject matter, not just the raw materials but downstream markets as well. There have been a lot of networking opportunities and good initiatives to connect people.”

Michael Greenfield, Market Reporter, Industrial Minerals


“It’s great. Quite a lot of new technology in the ceramic world right now. I’m a student and this is new to me and pretty exciting.”

Alex Martinez, AE Engineering Co-op, Federal Mogul


“It’s going very well. We’ve had good-quality leads visit our booth.”

Jim Yutzy, Sales, Qual-Fab Inc


“This is my fourth time at the show, and every time I come here I find something I didn’t know about the show before.”

Wil Haman, Buyer, Paulo


“This show really gives us the opportunity to showcase our new products, interact with existing customers, meet with suppliers but most importantly, find some new customers.”

Gale Graves, Sales Manager, Zircoa


“I found the Ceramics Expo in May 2018 in Cleveland to be extremely valuable in meeting new contacts for our LIFT lightweighting certificate program at Case Western Reserve University. This is a very well-organized professional setting for networking and enhancing educational opportunities. We look forward to working together with Smartershows for 2019 activities.”

Monica Dumitriu, Project Director, CWRU Siegal Lifelong Learning Program


“Once again, it’s a great show, a good local show, we seen its grown a little bit, so we like that, like the format plan for next year, because of the two days and then the mixer and are getting the technical knowledge we expect from the show.”

Jim Fete, Sr Sales Consultant, Beckman Coulter


“Ceramics Expo is a fantastic place for us to come and present our wares to the industry. Different types of manufacturers come here, mostly our end users. So it is a great place to meet with people in one place.”

Mark Thomason, International Sales Manager, Gasbarre Products Inc

“It’s been really interesting, I really enjoyed the first talk this morning, we had an overall perspective of the different segments of the ceramics industry that I’m siloed away as a researcher in the 3M specific focus, but being able to see the area of things that people are looking at are really interesting and then we are doing a lot of CMCs at 3M that someone was speaking earlier and hearing all the different segments of that was interesting. I only briefly got to walk around between those two, but the booths I did see were interesting, and I’m excited to see tomorrow” 

Gareth Hughes, Senior Research Engineer, 3M


"It has been great! It is my first time here so I am really excited to see all the other venders and interact with people that I don’t get to see that often. I can make contacts with people that I would have never would have been able to make if I was just at home in Corning." 

Conor Walsh, Engineering Associate, Corning Incorporated


"It has been a great show. CoorsTek has a lot of partners and friends at the show, so for us it really is a multi-purpose event. We meet here with existing partners and customers but we have also had the opportunity to meet with a lot of new customers."

Tod Jennings, Corp Tech Comm Writer, CoorsTek, Inc


“I’m really impressed with the amount of traffic we’ve had this year, it’s definitely increased from the previous two years and the footprint has expanded which is really exciting both customers of ours exhibiting and the customers walking the show floor.” 

Wendy M. Evans, Marketing Communications, Morgan Advanced Materials


“It’s been a fantastic experience, it’s been a great show, I’ve learnt a lot and looking to go home and implement some things I’ve seen.”

Julien Mourou, Innovation, General Motors


"I do a lot of research work on ceramics with good thermal properties and there were a lot of [conference] sessions on the uses for ceramics with thermal connectivity properties, which helps with the work we are currently doing at Intel."

Dinesh Thanu PhD, Engineering TD Manager, Intel Corporation


"It has been a very good experience, we have met a lot of new contacts. This is our second year exhibiting and we have signed up again for next year. We think it is beneficial for our sales team but also for our engineering and manufacturing team for a supplier base."

John Mastrogiacomo, FC Business Development Manager, Kyocera International, Inc


"Events like Ceramics Expo help people who manufacture products, people who are in research and development, people who build machines to interact and work with one another."  

Chad White, OEM Business Developer for Building Material Industries, Siemens Industry Inc


"Ceramics Expo is one of the best exhibits we have attended. We find a lot of great conversations with individuals across a wide range of industries that ceramics plays a role in. Which is very important in our business because we also play a part in these different industries where we help to bring technologies to different people who need advancements in their material science, quality control and R&D."

Melissa Fauth, President/CEO, Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.


"This is my third time here; I have been here since the very beginning. This is probably the best show that I go to: well organised, great number of exhibitors, and great opportunities that we find every year."

Willie Hendrickson, CEO/Founder, Aveka


"Here at the Hitachi booth it’s going well, being really close to all the action has been essential for our business. It’s been back-to-back with demos and it’s been very successful” 

Jamil Clarke, Senior Applications Engineer, Hitachi High Technologies


“This is our second year at Ceramics Expo, last year we had participated and had a booth, we actually brought equipment to do demonstrations and it’s proven to be a benefit so far. I’m liking the talks, pretty informative being a new comer to the ceramics industry” 

Ron Colavecchia, Director of Optics Technology, OptiPro


“It’s been great, it’s my first time at the show, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I went to a couple of the talks which were very informative and seeing where the industry is going and the new advancements that they are making, but also seeing the new stuff in the industry and having the ability to talk to people face-to-face.”

Michale DeMarco, Business Development, BassTech International


"Events like Ceramics Expo give us the ability to contact people we wouldn’t normally have access to. We stay in our own silos in our companies, so getting the ability to exchange ideas, meet people, and find out these things that exist is great for us."

Leon Grossman PE, Principal Engineer, DMC Inc


"It has been a fantastic show. We have come over from Germany specially to show off our new materials. We have seen a really good response, people coming up to our booth, and have had very good discussions."

Michael Rozumek, Global Technical Director, Morgan Advanced Materials 


"It’s been great. I think the more we come here, the more we like it. We would like to come back again next year."

Hugues Roullier, Sales Engineer, Nanoe


"It has been excellent! We have had a lot of traffic. We have had a lot of solid inquires which we believe will end with orders. We had a great show last year and had a couple of major projects since then because of the show, which has helped to grow our business substantially."

Mike Jackson, Vice President USA, IPS Ceramics


“The show has been really good so far, lots of traffic, and lots of interest. We’ve met Project Managers, Senior Project Engineers, CEO’s, and Sales Engineers so far, it’s been great." 

James E. Houseman, CEO, Harrop Industries


“It’s been very good, the expo is a wonderful opportunity to meet a broad cross-section of people within the ceramic industry and specifically for the advanced ceramic arena. The show has much improved over the past several years, attendance seems to be way up” 

Curt Schmit, President, Calix Ceramic Solutions


“It’s been fantastic, we have had a huge showing of people and customers today. We supply raw materials to a lot of customers that are showcasing products here, so it has been really good to meet them all."

Matt Centa, Commercial Director, Imerys Ceramics


"It has been fantastic!"

Barry Beauchesne, New Business Development, Centerline Technologies


"It has been great fun. I have been finding all sorts of cool products to look at. All the materials I need are here."

Gary Del Regno, Chief Technical Officer, AMPS LLC