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Webinar: Adding Value Through Design: Principles for Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing allows for more freedom in the design of a part, but at the same time requires a different design approach than more traditional forming methods. For example, manufacturing a part in the green state means that overhanging structures are tricky. In addition, working with ceramic printed materials poses unique processing challenges, such as shrinkage of the part during the sintering process, which can cause cracks or affect precision. Finally, each ceramic AM technology offers different design opportunities and limitations, such as the density of the part that can be achieved.

This webinar will investigate the design principles for ceramic additive manufacturing by looking at the following:

  • Designing for ceramic AM: general and technology-specific design principles
  • Current design limitations of ceramic additive manufacturing technologies
  • Opportunities for ceramic AM to add value in the design process

Speaking companies include: University of Louisville and Boston Ceramics.


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Market Report: The $3.1bn Market for Ceramics Additive Manufacturing

Although ceramics is a niche market within the overall additive manufacturing industry, development of ceramics AM is expected to ramp up because AM processes can provide ceramic part manufacturers with valid solutions to current design challenges, while guaranteeing superior mechanical properties.

According to SmarTech Research, the ceramics AM market is expected to reach $151m by 2021 (including hardware, materials and services), driven by an estimated $268m in revenues and value generated by ceramic AM applications in prototyping and part production. The ceramics AM market will experience a second development phase driving the overall market value (including applications) to top $3bn by 2027.

Report includes: 

  • Market overview and forecast
  • Technologies and operators
  • Benefits and challenges
  • Potential ceramics additive manufacturing applications


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eBook: Today’s technical ceramics: meeting tomorrow’s engineering challenges

Ceramics Expo is delighted to present the first edition of its eBook today’s technical ceramics: meeting tomorrow’s engineering challenges. This is an online resource that champions the innovators in this exciting industrial arena.

It’s a compact publication that speaks to the end-user sectors, particularly the design engineering community, and it primarily intends to demonstrate how technical ceramics have become linchpin components in an extremely wide range of applications.

We look at the product groups that make up the technical ceramics family, the special attributes that they offer, how their importance has grown over the decades, and why they now sit front and center of the Ceramics Expo story. The second part of the eBook, in a series of case studies to be augmented as time goes on, offers deeper technical background and applications testimony that will, hopefully, usefully extend the knowledge base.


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Webinar: Creating Market Pull - Identifying Industry Requirements for Ceramic Additive Manufacturing in High Temperature and Wear Resistant Applications

This webinar investigates the opportunities for ceramic additive manufacturing in high temperature and wear resistant applications by looking at end-user industries such as automotive and their appetite for the technology; as well as their needs to support implementation and the industry’s response to these requirements. 

The webinar will answer key questions including:

  • Where are the opportunities for additive manufacturing in high temperature and wear resistant applications?
  • What do end users need from supply chain (i.e. what challenges need to be overcome) to enable implementation of ceramic additive manufacturing?
  • What is needed to enable a ceramic additive manufacturing supply chain?
  • What can be done to create opportunities for this technology?

Speaking companies include: Lithoz GmbH, Delphi Technologies, Johnson Matthey


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