One size does not fit all

Landon Mertz of Cerion Nanomaterials puts the case for nanomaterial customization

February 2020 From the original article at Specialty Chemicals Magazine

TO BORROW FROM an old idiom, the field of nanotechnology continues to demonstrate that good things come in small packages. What sets nanomaterials apart from their larger sub-micron and micron-sized cousins is not simply their size per se, but the unique behaviours they exhibit at this smaller scale.

How these behaviours are leveraged forms the foundation for enhancing existing products, or creating new market-disrupting products. Getting nanomaterials to work properly in products, however, is a complex proposition. Further, ensuring that they will work consistently outside of a lab environment, when manufactured at scale, can be a frustrating and expensive exercise for those not practised in the art. At a time when exciting new innovations using the unique properties of nanomaterials are entering into the market, new adopters must bear in mind the critical aspects of nanomaterials and the degree of customisation required to ensure fitness of use, as well as the prerequisites for commercialisation. 

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