CERIX – a Market Leader in 3D Printing with Technical Ceramics

CERIX combines the dynamism of a startup with mass production of a group, also on a global level. Since 2017 it has been internationally active and has realized a wide range of projects for customers worldwide. To strengthen this presence, CERIX attended Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, USA for the first time in 2019. The results were extremely positive.


Positive response to CERIX technical ceramics and technologies

Company LogoCERIX focused its exhibits on the possibilities of 3D printing: only this technology can combine the most complex geometries, such as internal channels and thinnest translucent walls, with outstanding mechanical properties at the same time. The industrial interest in 3D printing was also evident in the exhibitors: nearly 90 out of just under 300 companies at Ceramics Expo offered additive manufacturing for ceramics. The interest in CERIX was considerable, despite the competition, as shown by the large number of visitors and targeted discussions.

CERIX completes its portfolio with technologies for mass production such as ceramic injection molding (CIM) or presses. In addition, CERIX focuses on the higher functionalization of technical ceramics with intelligent functions: by coating with different metals, electrical properties can be precisely adjusted. In addition to established methods, CERIX is driving the further development of high-tech technologies according to its motto, ‘Ceramic Innovations – Beyond the Ordinary’.


3D printing identified as a future technology for technical ceramics

An American Ceramic Society (ACerS) short course was part of Ceramics Expo. This additional offer expanded the trade fair with an exchange platform for case studies and new developments in technical ceramics. Presentations and discussions covered the latest topics in the ceramics industry.

The 2019 short course focused on the future technology of 3D ceramic printing. The event offered general information about additive manufacturing as well as an overview of the different technologies. Above all, it was about the applications and the potential of additive ceramic production.

As part of the short course, CERIX presented a contribution to the industrialization of additive manufacturing. As an established manufacturer of oxide ceramic products, CERIX has successfully used 3D printing technology for five years and has already convinced many customers. A special feature of CERIX is that the components produced by means of 3D printing not only serve as patterns, but are also used and tested in a fully functional way. This can be achieved through further intensive development of the 3D process in combination with the know-how gained during many years in thermal processing.

To qualify 3D printing for industrial production, the machine capability of the printer must first be investigated. Then, the ability of the entire process needs to be explored: even post-processing activities such as component cleaning and the thermal process need to be standardized and errors eliminated. Only when a long-term ability examination has been successfully carried out may the sequence be established in series production.

CERIX has taken this step with its equipment and can claim to be the market leader in industrial 3D printing with technical ceramics. This potential has already been recognized by the electronics and medical technology industries, which are successfully using 3D printed components.

CERIX - grow platform GmbH - A BOSCH COMPANY will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2020 in Booth 709.