New Decade of Excitement for Ceramics Expo

As we look forward to further milestones for this internationally renowned materials, manufacturing and components show, Ceramics Expo 2020 enters a new decade with a fantastic level of support and an ever-broadening display of innovations that will stimulate thought, progress and, of course, business. Visitors to the totally free-to-attend event are already guaranteed a tour around the ceramic industry’s most important developments, with the expo heavily booked even at this early point in the cycle.

As one might expect for the premier event in its field, the presence of the giants in technical ceramics is guaranteed. These companies already have a global reach, but continue to set the pace with new technologies. Saint-Gobain has launched new products in its Coranit series plus novel ceramic membrane technology, and Kyocera has not only acquired Friatec but has also established an exciting joint venture with Ube Industries to manufacture ceramic filters for 5G base stations. Corning will also be in Cleveland, with its advanced products for consumer electronics, telecommunications, transportation and life sciences.

Materials technology – including raw materials, feedstocks and specialist powders – remains at the heart of successful manufacture and will always be a focus at Ceramics Expo. FIVEN, a world leader in the business of silicon carbide grains and powders, will exhibit, as will Kennametal Sintec, an expert in producing non-oxide powders, hot-pressed pure boron nitride and boron nitride composites. Imerys will return, not only with its rich portfolio of ball clay, kaolin, talc, feldspar, quartz, halloysite and pegmatite but also with specialist materials for producers of technical porcelains, steatites, cordierites, mullites and alumina ceramics. The picture won’t be complete without nanoscale products, and visitors are certain to track down Cerion Nanomaterials, a leader in designing, scaling and manufacturing metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials, as well as Nanoe with its ready-to-sinter nanopowders, such as the Zetamix filaments, available in alumina, YSZ and ZTA.

Ceramics Expo, now approaching its sixth edition, attracts more and more executives, production/project managers and researchers from the advanced manufacturing sector each year, and already it’s clear that a raft of new products will be on show. 3DCeram Sinto has been developing 3DOptic, a range of optical substrates adapted to the most complex environments for space and defense applications; XJet now has its Carmel 1400 AM system installed in the USA, proving the value of its NanoParticle Jetting technology to 5G and the electronics industry; Materion has provided superb quality beryllium for the James Webb Space Telescope project; and OptiPro Systems continues to take machining to new levels with its OptiSonic 550X ultrasonic center, powered by proprietary software and able to rapidly remove ceramic material when making freeform surfaces. And these are just a few of the many notable new products that will be on display.

Of course, you can’t optimize any of these elements without the support of the trailblazers in analysis and instrumentation. It’s already been a busy year in this field. The top names will be in Cleveland, and we look forward to discussing some of the latest developments with them. There’s Verder Scientific’s ELTRA Dual Furnace Technology; new capabilities for ion beam microscopy from Zeiss; Thermo Fisher Scientific’s newly launched generation of intelligence-driven mass spectrometry instruments, workflows and software; JEOL’s innovations in high-resolution SEMs, FE-SEMs and ion beam polishers; Bruker’s D8 DISCOVER Plus™ XRD solutions, featuring the new non-coplanar arm and MONTEL Plus™ x-ray optics; and new SEMs introduced this year by Hitachi High Technologies.

Wherever you look, and however you look at it, the prospects for Ceramics Expo 2020 are extremely good. As we charge toward the dawn of a new decade for this industry, make sure you’ve secured your free-of-charge registration.


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