Exhibitor FAQs


Exhibitor FAQs

Ceramics Expo 2020 - Deferral to 3 – 5 May 2021

1. Do I need to sign a new booking form for the 2021 show in May?

Yes – your booth space booking will automatically be transferred over to the May 2021 and you will need to sign a new booking for the 2021 dates. Our team will reach out to you personally to confirm your booth transfer and booth number (in case it has changed) by email.

If you have questions regarding this please email Danny Scott Event Director, Ceramics Expo on [email protected]

2. I understand that the show has been deferred and you are transferring my booth space over to the 2021 dates in May – but what about the stand building, furnishings and equipment that I

have ordered?


I-X Center has confirmed exhibitor orders and applied payments received will be deferred to the 2021 event.   

For Booth furnishings /equipment / labor / package orders / audio visual / utilities – these will be kept on file. Any changes or additions to the order will be charged or refunded accordingly, within the appropriate deadline dates for the rescheduled event.

For Custom Graphics – No graphic order has been physically produced.  Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will defer this order for production to the appropriate time frame prior to the 2021 event dates.

2020 rates will be honored for those exhibitors who have already placed their orders.  The I-X Center will also extend 2020 rates to any additional services these exhibitors order.

Please contact the I-X Center Customer Service department for further information.

Molly Hamel                                                               Janice Bass

Customer Service Representative                           VP of Business Administration

216-265-2670                                                              216-265-2610

[email protected]                                            [email protected]


3. What about freight that is already in transit or received?

If the I-X Center has received your freight, they will hold onto your items complimentary until the 2021 event. 

If you need your items shipped back to you prior to the 2021 event, please contact Molly or Janice to fill out an I-X Center bill of lading.  You will need to make arrangements with your freight carrier to pick your items up.  Payment for round-trip freight/drayage fees must be paid prior to releasing any freight to carriers.  You are responsible for outbound carrier/transportation/courier charges.

If your shipment is in transit, the I-X Center will continue to accept your freight upon arrival unless otherwise instructed by you.  

If you have submitted freight handling orders, they will hold your order for the rescheduled dates.

For anything further, please contact Molly or Janice.


4. What about Lead Retrieval Licences and hardware ordered?

Your Lead Retrieval/hardware order has been automatically transferred to the 2021 event. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


5. What about the booth information approval form I submitted – Do I need to re-submit?

The information you submitted via the booth information form on the Portal will still be valid for 2021 dates. If you wish to update this information nearer the time, because your booth build plans change you will be able to do so, if not the information already submitted will be considered to remain true and further approval will not be required.

If you are in discussion with / have had approval from Abraxys for your booth build, then this will still be valid as well (if your booth space and plans remain unchanged for May 2021). If you change booth space / booth design etc. then new approval will be required prior to May.


6. What about our Hotel Bookings?

If you reserved your hotel through our official partner DF Meetings & Events, your reservation will be cancelled automatically and without penalty. There is no need to email or call DF Meetings & Events, or the hotel, or your credit card company to cancel your reservation(s). By Friday May 29, 2020, you will receive confirmation of your cancellation. The cancellation will be sent to the email provided at the time the reservation was made.

6.1 Will I get a refund for a cancellation penalty I was already charged?
No funds were charged when your reservation was re-instated or if you made a new reservation. Therefore, no refunds are applicable.

6.2 Can I rebook my hotel reservations for the new Ceramics Expo dates?

The new booking page with preferential hotel rates will be available soon on our website, and you will receive a notification when it goes live.

6.3 What if I booked hotels myself via other means?

You will need to reach out to the hotel directly yourself to check if you are able to make the transfer and any penalties that may be occurred. We would always encourage that wherever possible – hotel room nights are booked via our official partner DF Meetings & Events.

7. What about our flight costs?

Exhibitors need to contact their own travel insurance companies / airlines to understand the situation regarding whether flights can be transferred and what penalty fees will apply.

8. We have promoted our involvement in the show to our customers and prospective customers

– how is the date change being communicated to registered visitors and the wider industry?
We have sent out a communication on May 28, 2020 to all registered attendees advising them of the
deferral of the 2020 event and pointing them to our official statement. In a challenging global environment, this decision has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. We also broadcast the announcement on social media and will be communicating to the wider industry over the coming days.

We have a dedicated communication plan to keep in touch with pre-registered attendees and ensure that they remain engaged with the show to the May 2021 date window as well as a continued Marketing campaign to bring in new registrations leading up to the event. We are confident that the decision to defer will optimize the attendance from all key customer groups.