Covid-19 Industry Report 

Covid-19 Industry Report

With the world forced to adjust to a new reality we’ve been delving into the impact Covid-19 is really having on the ceramics sector. We reached out to the community and they responded allowing us to measure the impact Covid-19 is having on business operations and purchasing priorities across the ceramic technology supply chain.

Over 850 key stakeholders responded from end-users and service providers, prime contractors, system integrators, suppliers, testers, space agencies, governments and many more. The entire community got involved by sharing their views in an industry survey and participating in a live webinar. Now you can read the final report.

Read the unique report to discover:

  • How the ceramics technology supply chains responded to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Which business activities will be front and center in the company investment over the next 24 months
  • What the ceramics technology industry has done to help mitigate the outbreak of Covid-19

 The report benchmarks the status of the ceramics technology supply chain as of halfway May 2020. It will take you on a journey from before the outbreak of the global pandemic, the current status of the market, and how the key contributors from the survey and industry professionals view the future of the ceramics technology supply chain.



Weathering the Covid-19 Storm: Ensuring Business Continuity in the Advanced Ceramics Supply Chain

Aired: May 26, 2020, 12:00 ET

Industry experts from Kyocera InternationalCerion Nanomaterials, CFOAM Limited, and Precision Ceramics shed light on the impact Covid-19 is having on the advanced ceramics and glass supply chain.

Mark A. Wolf - Vice President, Fine Ceramics Group, Kyocera International

Landon Mertz – CEO, Cerion Nanomaterials 

Rudolph Olson III - General Manager/CFO, CFOAM

Geoff Randle, Commercial Director, Precision Ceramics


Accelerating the Commercialization Process of Ceramic Materials to Stimulate Growth in the Wake of Covid-19

Aired:  July 16, 2020, 12:00 ET

Moderated by General Electric Aviation Chief Technologist, the expert panel discuss speeding up the commercialization process for growth stimulation and whether regulations have helped or hindered this during the pandemic.

Mano Manoharan, Chief Technologist, Ceramic Composites and Coatings, General Electric Aviation

Jason Jones, Global Materials & Process Engineer,

Tony Kinsella, Chief Executive,