April 25-27, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

the manufacturing tradeshow for ceramic materials and technologies
Founding Partner

Why Cleveland?

For the very first time in North America, an event is created that highlights the benefits of ceramic materials and components for myriads of applications. Ceramics Expo is dedicated to connecting a host of industry buyers directly with those ceramics specialists who can help to advance their products.

home of ceramics

  • Ohio is the home of the American Ceramic Society.  
  • The surrounding states have become established as the central hub for innovative ceramic manufacturers and supply chain companies in the USA. 
  • The Institute of Advanced Materials at Case Western Reserve University leads in the academic study of Advanced Materials including ceramics.  The state of Ohio, in partnership with the Institute, is committed to enhancing and energizing its advanced materials industrial base and manufacturing capabilities by leveraging the next generation of new materials.
  • Ohio is widely considered a center of science and industry - the state itself having a strong representation from many key industries utilizing ceramic materials and components including the automotive, aerospace, medical and environmental technology sectors.   

a centre for science and industry

The state is recognized internationally as the "Fuel Cell Corridor”:

  • Toledo is recognized as a national solar center
  • Cleveland is a regenerative medicine research hub
  • Dayton is an aerospace and defense hub
  • Columbus is a technological research and development center

Where better then, to establish Ceramics Expo, North America’s largest, free-to-attend exhibition for Ceramic manufacturing and applications?  Ceramics Expo brings together the complete ceramics community and in doing so establishes an innovative marketplace to demonstrate the potential that Ceramics has to offer to a myriad of industries from across North America and worldwide.