Now in its third year, Ceramics Expo has become the annual focal point for the North American ceramic community and all the user industries that rely on ceramic technologies.

The massively expanded event stands as a unique showcase for all the latest start materials, industrial equipment, technical ceramic components, processing expertise, analysis and testing devices, thermal technologies, industrial ceramics and precision finishing systems that keep this sector at the forefront of manufacturing advances.

Due to its tightly focused approach and by maintaining a close relationship with all core stakeholders, Ceramics Expo guarantees the participation of respected and innovative suppliers. As the premier US ceramics exhibition, it draws in thousands of genuine decision makers and aims to set the agenda for ceramics manufacturing and applications.

Watch the OFFICIAL Ceramics Expo 2017 Video



“It is definitely worth the trip. We have met with various suppliers and customers throughout the industry.”

Representative from Ferro Corporation

“We are meeting with some of the people from the research side of it, who are looking for new and innovative solutions from ceramic materials.”

Representative from Saint Gobain Boron Nitride

“I got to meet several great panelists along with the people that were actually in the audience. I really enjoyed cross-networking with a lot of not only industry specialists but also prospective new customers. This show has allowed us to network and really find some new opportunities that may be outside our wheelhouse but be potential future business for us.”

Representative from Kerneos