Innovation Trail 2018

Follow our innovation trail across the show floor to see which companies are at the forefront of R&D, developing cutting-edge materials, technologies and solutions for a range of ceramic applications. Below is the our suggested route around the hall. 

Innovation trail


HKC24 Twin-motor Sifter

The hand-held HK Quik Siv, powered by Cleveland Vibrator’s Turbomite CVT-S-10, reportedly produces over 20,000 vibrations per minute while using only 1.4 cfm. Attendees are invited to bring their materials to the Cleveland Vibrator booth and give it a try.

Booth 201

Zetamix®, a new ceramic 3D printing filament

Nanoe is launching Zetamix®, a filament for Ceramic Filament Manufacting (CFM). Zetamix is a filament constituted of a polymer matrix and a Zirconia Toughened Alumina powder, which can be used in any FDM 3D printer. The 3D printed shape is afterwards debinded and sintered in the same processes as Ceramic Injection Molding.

Booth 304


NanoParticle Jetting Technology

Developed by the experts who revolutionized additive manufacturing in plastics, the unique new technology represents a transformation in technical ceramics production. Using dispersion at the nano level to print ultrafine layers, the technology delivers superb accuracy and freedom of design for the most complex shapes.

Booth 210

Vibratory Sieve Shakers

The new line of Glen Mills’ Vibratory Sieve Shakers is more convenient to ensure accurate, reliable, and user-friendly grain size analysis. Our Basic sifter now features digital control showing performance and time in the display.  The high end sifters can now hold 10 sieves, 99 sieving programs, and a USB connection for data processing.

Booth 416

Flash Sintering Technology

Lucideon are commercializing an innovative processing technology to bring Flash Sintering from the laboratory to the factory floor, to become the only facility in the world to have the capability for FS technology development and demonstration at the manufacturing scale.

Booth 516


MDL15 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

VAC-U-MAX’s new MDL15 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner features VAC-U-MAX’s exclusive Venturi power unit, offering the lowest compressed-air consumption on the market today. The MDL15 is ideal for high volume recovery of even the finest powders and combustible dusts – making it a truly “intrinsically safe system”. 

Booth 713

MS-IRC Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters 

SCHOTT will showcase its latest advancements in ceramic technologies for light projection and infrared optics. Its new ceramic laser phosphor converters are accelerating the adoption of laser phosphor-based digital projectors by enabling high-luminance light sources. The converters provide superior performance with an outstanding reliability, lower total cost of ownership and energy costs.

Booth 822

Perlucor Ceramic

CeramTec will show its innovative transparent Perlucor ceramic, a highly pure material with a number of extraordinary mechanical, chemical, thermal and optical properties that not only stands out with its exceptional brilliance, but also with its enormous strength, hardness and scratch resistance – values that surpass those of glass three- to four-fold.

Booth 638

Cordierite Ceramics

See the U.S. launch of the company’s new specialty cordierite ceramics, including both porous and non-porous grades. The manufacturing processes involved (extrusion, pressing and injection molding) allow a variety of shapes and sizes to be produced. Products are thermally and electrically insulating and are often used as lead-in tubes or as supports for wire heating coils.

Booth 441

Additive Manufacturing of Silicon Nitride Ceramic

Near-net shaping by additive manufacturing Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), for complex shapes such as leading edges, done with high precision and without tooling.  Traditionally, Si3N4 is made by CIP (Cold Isostatic Pressing) and then machining, which is costly and limited in geometry.  Ceramco can also CIM (Ceramic Injection Mold) this same material.

Booth 242


To create the perfect heat absorption, exchange and re-radiation elements for burner systems with ideal geometric design and material selection Saint-Gobain Spin-WorksTM developed the Amasic-3DTM manufacturing platform. Amasic-3D bridges the gap between theory and reality by combining advanced manufacturing and 3D print into a single seamless uni-body design.

Booth 246

Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

3DCeram is developing an autonomous production line dedicated to ceramic additive manufacturing. Entirely automatized and managed from one unique point, the complete line will integrate all the steps required such as 3D printing, cleaning, debinding, firing and post process control. The aim is to develop widely ceramic 3D printing and to remove the main obstacle : productivity.

Booth 257


Materion’s newest BeO ceramic provides significantly higher thermal conductivity (min. 220 W/m•K) than aluminum nitride for applications that do not require the higher design parameters of Thermalox® 995. This cost-competitive beryllia ceramic can be used for power electronics, diode and gas lasers, and the RF and microwave industries.

Booth 371