Innovation Trail 2019

Ceramics Expo 2019 hosted the Innovation Trail. This trail ran across the show floor, highlighting companies at the forefront of R&D and those that are developing cutting-edge materials, technologies, and solutions for a range of ceramic applications.

Innovation trail


Zetamix filaments and Zetaprint printer

Zetamix filaments constitute a polymer matrix and a ceramic or metal powder, which can be used in any FDM 3D printer. The printed part is later debinded and sintered to obtain a high-density component. Nanoe is also launching a complete line of adapted FDM 3D printers, debinding vessels and sintering furnaces to accelerate your product development.


Booth: 304


C-Solder is the trade name for a group of tin-based, low-temperature soldering alloys that enable the joining of various materials, including ceramics. Among the ceramics that can be joined using C-Solder are silicon carbide, boron nitride, fused quartz and alumina. C-Solder exhibits excellent flow; provides good wetting of the surfaces to be joined; is electrically and thermally conductive; is flux-free, lead-free and non-flammable; and does not leave a residue.

Goodfellow Corp

Booth: 241

AS-C alumina

At this year’s show, the company will be introducing its newest addition to the Showa Denko product family – a new type of roundish alumina, known as AS-C. This material is a low-cost alternative to the company’s AS grade of high-purity roundish alumina, which offers improved thermal conductivity and filling density due to its unique particle geometry. AS-C offers all of the potential mentioned above, but at a fraction of the cost; perfect for those applications where price is key.

Showa Denko

Booth: 249

HTX™ platinum thermocouple wire 

Johnson Matthey’s HTX wire is a high-strength thermocouple wire that offers superior reliability and durability in harsh environments. By stabilizing the grain boundaries, it has outstanding strength compared with standard platinum wire, allowing previously impossible high temperatures to be measured over long periods of time.

Johnson Matthey

Booth: 339

StaBlox Reformer Tunnel

At this year’s Ceramics Expo, Blasch Precision Ceramics will showcase its StaBlox Reformer Tunnel. This engineered, mechanically stable system – consisting of a series of stackable, interlocking blocks – provides ease of installation and a higher level of reliability with its customizable design. The company will also introduce new materials and product designs along with a vast array of silicon carbide support structures.

Blasch Precision Ceramics 

Booth: 334

Nextel™ ceramic fiber 

3M™ is developing a suite of Nextel ceramic-fiber products that offer the ideal balance of performance and cost for fire protection and ceramic matrix composites applications. These products utilize higher denier roving and are offered in traditional fabric format and a new spread-tow format that can utilize automated composite processing. 


Booth: 422

Submicron SiC for slip casting dense ceramics

Allowing fast production of dense, homogenous, technical ceramics with high abrasion resistance, no bending and no creep, your components can last longer in harsher environments. Silicon carbide retains its strength at high operating temperatures, has high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion.

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials

Booth: 642

CFOAM carbon foam 

CFOAM LLC will be showcasing its advanced carbon foams for the powdered metal and heat treatment industries. CFOAM’s advanced process of manufacturing carbon foam from coal allows for a product with good density control and excellent thermal properties. CFOAM carbon foam will deliver gains in operational performance, productivity and quality.


Booth: 836

Amasic-3D™ manufacturing platform 

The Amasic-3D manufacturing platform developed by Saint-Gobain Spin-Works gives you the flexibility to create parts of any size and shape you need. This technology bridges the gap between theory and reality by combining advanced manufacturing and 3D printing into a single, seamless uni-body design. Use of silicon carbide makes it particularly applicable for high-temperature applications such as burner components, metal processing and more.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

Booth: 701

Resonant frequency and damping analyzer

IMCE will present its innovative non-destructive materials characterization measurement device. The Resonant Frequency and Damping Analyzer (RFDA) brings mechanical spectroscopy based on the impulse excitation technique (IET) to the next level. This type of spectroscopy is very important for developing new ceramic materials and optimizing existing materials and processes, as well as for fundamental understanding of the ceramic material behavior as a function of temperature.


Booth: 611

Alumina ceramic ribbon

Corning has invented a new way to manufacture high-quality, fully dense alumina ceramic ribbon in roll-to-roll format, which is a revolution in the processing of ceramic materials.  This new manufacturing process enables Corning to make high-performance alumina wafers and panels for electronic substrates and packaging, among other applications.  


Booth: 617