April 25-27, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

the manufacturing tradeshow for ceramic materials and technologies
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Booth: 618

Aadvanced Machinery Inc

Aadvanced Machinery Inc supplies the powder process and chemical industries with quality equipment. It provides new Aadvanced Machinery Inc replacement parts for Stokes single station compacting presses, Baldwin Model 20 presses, and W.S. Tyler Ro-Taps. Showroom includes 20,000ft2, 5/15 ton cranes, truck bay and all-voltage test panel.

Booth: 1128

ACPM Expo 2017

Organized by Unifair Exhibition Service, ACPM Expo 2017, International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy Technology, Equipment & Product, will be held with CERAMICS CHINA the world’s largest ceramic industry event during June 1-4, 2017. Exhibition range includes advanced ceramic raw materials, auxiliaries, advanced ceramic products, equipment, accessories, etc.


Booth: 912

Acrow Machinery Mfg., Co., Ltd

For decades, Acrow had made all our efforts to satisfy customer need on accuracy and rigidity at metal machining world. It’s about time for them to service new friends in new material machining world! Acrow tools holder always be in your need!


Booth: 936

Active Minerals International, LLC

Active Minerals has been serving consumers of industrial minerals for over 50 years. They produce kaolin for glaze as well as high casting rate clays for sanitaryware. Active Minerals also produce a specialty mineral that reduces glaze dry times, suspends solids, and creates drip and sag free finishes without reducing sprayability.


Booth: 935


Admatec Europe BV is a company active in the field of additive manufacturing. In a world were engineers continue to aim for more complex parts with high performance materials Admatec fills in that gap. Traditional ceramic shaping technologies are limited in many ways. The ADMAFLEX technology provides complex parts with industry standard material properties for aluminum oxide, zirxonia oxide and fused silica. Admatec serves the market by 3D printing services or by the sales of the ADMAFLEX 130, the most advanced ceramic 3D printer in the market today. 


Booth: 816

AdValue Technology LLC

AdValue Technology specializes in areas of alumina, fused quartz, sapphire and zirconia. Products range from alumina and silicon dioxide powders, crucibles, tubes & rods, plates & discs, sample pans, UV cuvettes, quartz wool, ceramic membranes, and cerium polishing powders. They strive to be your valuable partner in material science.


Booth: 1222

Advanced Abrasives Corporation

Advanced Abrasives Corp. is an independently owned and operated micronizer of abrasive and superabrasive products. They manufacture and distribute worldwide a complete line of synthetic monocrystalline diamond, polycrystalline diamond, natural diamond and cubic boron nitride products. These products consist of powders, slurries, suspensions, and compounds, complimented by lubricants, thinners and extenders.


Booth: 502

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Increase productivity, yield, and throughput with precise thermal profiles and advanced process control from Advanced Energy®. Their Onyx™ pyrometers offer non-contact optical temperature measurement that meets demanding accuracy and repeatability requirements in industrial applications, while Thyro SCR power controllers provide proven control solutions in electrical heating, melting, drying and forming.


Booth: 237

Advanced Glass & Ceramics

Advanced Glass & Ceramics is a premier supplier and developer of nanoporous glass. It specializes in the fabrication and machining of Vycor 7930, Varapor and AGC40 to customer specifications. Applications include sensors, detectors, desiccants, frits for reference electrodes, gas, liquid and petroleum separation, medical devices, optics and more.

Booth: 433

Advanced Superabrasives Inc

Established in 1993, Advanced Superabrasives provides customers worldwide with the highest-quality diamond and CBN grinding wheels, with a solid history of solving customers’ grinding needs. Experienced in grinding a wide variety of exotic materials used in the ceramics industry, ASI has proved itself to be a trusted manufacturing partner.

Booth: 138


Aerodyne Environmental is a dry material handling specialist offering outside the box thinking with high efficiency cyclones. Aerodyne has compact cyclones and a dual airstream cyclone that focuses on “tough dusts”. They manufacture airlocks that are alternatives to rotary valves. Aerodyne is best known for their horizontal cyclones and Vacu-Valves.


Booth: 1124

Air Liquide - Balazs NanoAnalysis

Balazs NanoAnalysis, a division of Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP, operates ISO 17025 accredited laboratories that specialize in identifying ultra-trace level contamination. Balazs’ expertise covers solids, liquids and gases used in the electronics and other high-tech industries. With every analysis, Balazs brings over 40 years of experience to help engineers control their process. Balazs laboratories are located in Dallas, TX, Fremont, CA and Paris, France.

Booth: 528

Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co

Akron Porcelain and Plastics is a custom molder of industrial ceramics. Since 1890, they have offered solutions to the most difficult and exacting ceramic problems in the industry. Today, Akron Porcelain and Plastics are touting their injection molding capability in ceramics for your tight tolerance applications.


Booth: 311

Alfred University

The Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering (SOE) at Alfred University is a leader in undergraduate and graduate education of ceramic engineers, glass scientists and renewable energy engineers. SOE faculty conduct research focusing on a variety of areas including advanced structural materials, functional glasses, and materials for energy and environmental technologies.

Booth: 831

Allied High Tech Products Inc

For over 33 years, Allied High Tech Products has provided quality products for metallographic sample preparation & analysis.  Items on display include Allied's state-of-the-art grinding/polishing systems, sectioning saws and mounting systems, as well as Carl Zeiss Microscopes. A full range of consumable products will also be shown.


Booth: 224

Almatis, Inc.

Almatis – the premium alumina company. With more than 100 years of alumina expertise, Almatis is the world’s leader in the development and supply of premium alumina. Its broad product line includes unground, ultra-low-soda and continuous ground calcined aluminas; batch ground reactive aluminas; specialty tabular alumina products.

Booth: 328


From being the first producer of alumina 120 years ago, ALTEO has evolved into the leading, fully-integrated, global supplier of specialty aluminas, for various markets. To meet Technical Ceramics customers needs, Alteo offers the world-class P-series low-soda aluminas.


Booth: 316

AluChem Inc

In 2015 AluChem launched a new line of low and ultra-low-soda aluminas focused toward ceramic and investment casting applications. This new high-purity product portfolio utilizes proprietary technology in the production of low and ultra-low-soda calcined, reactive and tabular aluminas, which will complement AluChem’s established low-soda AC99 tabular alumina products.

Booth: 228

AlzChem AG

AlzChem AG is a German chemical company with over 1,400 employees and annual revenue of €300m. Since 1992, AlzChem has been producing silicon nitride powders under the SILZOT brand name. SILZOT HQ is recognized as an excellent and reliable raw material in the advanced technical ceramics market.

Booth: 819

Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co KG

AMBERGER KAOLINWERKE EDUARD KICK GMBH & CO. KG (AKW), based in Hirschau, Germany, is an internationally active subsidiary GROUP of Quarzwerke GmbH specializing in the extraction, processing and refining raw materials, kaolin, feldspar and quartz. 


Booth: 717


Amedica is the only manufacturer of medical-grade silicon nitride. Aside from being a biomaterial supplier to medical device OEMs and private-label partners, Amedica markets its own proprietary spinal fusion products. Amedica’s products are manufactured in its ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facility, and its spine products are FDA cleared, CE marked.


Booth: 1142

American Isostatic Presses, Inc

AIP manufactures a complete line of Hot and Cold Isostatic Presses using ASME, KGS, PED, or SELO approved pressure vessels. Industry leading computer control software and interchangeable furnaces provide extremely reliable operation. Temperatures to 2200C and pressures to 400MPa. AIP also offers toll HIP processing at its 3 USA locations..


Booth: 612


AOKEROLA GROUP is one of the leading ceramic manufacturers and exporters of alumina products in China, specializing in developing fine ceramics technology, production and trading. For over 25 years, AOKEROLA has engaged in producing alumina products of all specifications and making a good reputation among the customers both domestic and abroad.


Booth: 114

Applied Ceramics Inc

Applied Ceramics has been designing, engineering and manufacturing high-quality alumina and zirconia kiln furniture and furnace refractory since 1967. Kiln furniture markets include technical and layered ceramics, powder and electronics. Applied Ceramics refractories are utilized in furnaces in high-temperature melting, sintering and crystal growth. Toll manufacturing and firing services also offered.

Booth: 106

Applied Test Systems

Since 1965, Applied Test Systems (ATS) has been a leading manufacturer of process heating and material testing equipment. They focus on universal testing machines, creep/stress rupture test frames, furnaces, ovens, and additional testing accessories. ATS is known worldwide for their ability to customize their products to meet each customer's needs.

Booth: 449

Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers

AACCM is made up of member companies who manufacture ceramic components from ceramic powders in the U.S. The purpose of the Association is to expand the market for manufactured ceramic components by enhancing the processes and product quality; and by increasing public and industry education and awareness of ceramic applications.


Booth: 708

Astral Material Industrial Co. Ltd

AMI supplies refractory, structural ceramics, chemicals, machinery spare parts for the ceramic, glass, semiconductor, metallurgy foundry, thermal engineering, petrochemical and mining industries. Its main products are refractory brick, ceramic fiber, ceramsite sand, fracturing proppant, kiln furniture, fused silica products, alumina grinding medium, wear-resistant ceramics, ceramic ball packing, diamond tools.

Booth: 438


AVEKA is a contract manufacturing and research and development company specializing in particle processing. Processing capabilities include: milling, classifying, screening, drying, blending and particle characterization. AVEKA is an ISO 9001:2008-registered company providing processing solutions from lab-scale samples to full-scale production for a wide variety of industries.

Booth: 205

AVS Incorporated

For 49 years, AVS has designed and manufactured thermal processing solutions for a wide variety of ceramics, CMCs and other advanced materials. AVS has over 1,000 installed systems worldwide for sintering, hot pressing, HIP and CVD/CVI process routes spanning aerospace, defense and additive manufacturing.


Booth: 942

B&P Littleford, LLC

B&P Littleford manufactures mixing, coating, granulation, and drying equipment for ceramic and abrasive material industries. Their horizontal plow mixer provides intensive mix action and excellent heat transfer for solids to solids blending and liquid to solids mixing. B&P Littleford offers testing and product development services, along with rental equipment.


Booth: 122

Baikowski International

BAIKOWSKI focuses on tailoring high purity alumina powders & formulations, as well as other fine oxides & composites such as spinel, ZTA, YAG & Ceria for technical ceramics, precision polishing, crystals, and additives/coatings applications.


Booth: 1118

Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd

Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd. produces high Alumina and Zirconia products such as insulators for igniters, beads for PWHT moduls, inserts for surgical devices, ruminal bolus for livestock RFID, accessories for machines in paper industry, rings, pistons and shafts for pumps, machined parts, tap plates, grinding discs, parts for electronic industry.


Booth: 800

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter offers particle counting and characterization systems for a wide range of materials and particle size (nano- thru millimeter sizes). Please stop by our booth to discuss your applications and how our products may support your requirements; and ask for a complimentary Sample Analysis.

Booth: 432

Bhalla Chemical Works Pvt. Ltd

Bhalla Chemical Works has been India’s leading manufacturer of high-purity white monoclinic zirconium oxides and chemicals for 29 years. Products include monoclinic and yttria and magnesia doped zirconium oxides, zirconium hydroxides for engineering ceramics and catalysts, zirconium carbonate, zirconium oxychloride; also customized zirconium oxides and chemicals produced to individual customer specifications.

Booth: 334

Blasch Precision Ceramics Inc

Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision Ceramics serves many industries worldwide, providing innovative, customized solutions for chemically difficult, severe wear or high temperature applications. Utilizing Blasch’s engineering expertise, many manufacturers and original equipment suppliers have increased throughput and reliability of their thermal processing operations by employing their advanced ceramic technology.


Booth: 1031


The Boca Bearing Company specializes in precision ceramic bearings for industrial, recreational, and hobby applications. They have been experts at ceramic hybrid and full ceramic bearings for over 20 years; making it easier to go faster. They specialise in ceramic bearings, standard bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings, and lubricants.


Booth: 305

Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

Bullen is the leader in the ultrasonic machining of advanced materials. Ultrasonic machining is capable of low to zero damage processing of ceramics, glass, and CMCs. In many advanced material applications, ultrasonic machining is the only solution for quality and affordability. AS 9100C and ISO 9001:2008 certified.



Booth: 1022

Cactus Materials

Cactus Materials is a research based material science company design and develop advanced ceramic materials for semiconductor, optical, and medical applications (SiC, B4C, Nexcera), Ceramic thermal heater (BN, ALN)- the highest power density in the industry, and advanced sensors.


Booth: 701

Calix Ceramic Solutions

Calix is a resource that can allow engineering and technology-based companies to access the performance enhancing benefits and competitive advantage that advanced ceramics applications can provide. Advanced Ceramics can enhance the performance of your product or application by providing technical benefits such as: corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature performance, high strength and unique electrical properties.


Booth: 908

CCEWOOL Thermomax Inc.

As Asia's second largest manufacturer of ceramic fiber products and insulating fire bricks. DOUBLE EGRET is focusing on research of energy saving solutions in high temperature furnace application and providing full range of refractory and insulation products used in furnaces


Booth: 435

Centerline Technologies

Centerline Technologies provides ultra-precision services for grinding, lapping, polishing, diamond sawing and laser machining of metals, ceramic, sapphire and other materials — for the telecommunication, semiconductor, communication, test & measurement, micro-electronic, defense and security industries.


Booth: 825

Centorr Vacuum Industries Inc

Centorr Vacuum Industries is a manufacturer of custom vacuum/controlled atmosphere furnaces for sintering, debinding, and heat treatment of advanced ceramics, steels, refractory metals, and hard metals. Available in laboratory and production sizes to 3000 deg. C with graphite or refractory metal hot zones and optional binder removal system.

Booth: 409

Ceramco, Inc

Ceramco, Inc are experts in technical ceramics and stock fastener manufacturing: materials formulation, engineering, tooling, machining, high & low pressure injection molding, MicroPIM, LCM, rapid prototyping and production quantities. ISO 9001 and ITAR certified.

Booth: 242

Ceramdis Advanced Ceramics

Ceramdis Advanced Ceramics profiles in CeSinit® (Swiss quality silicon nitride) in electrically insulating and electrically conductive variant. As round, flat, tube or custom made profiles especially suitable for economic production of thin and long ceramic components such as needles, rollers, cutting tools, pins, axles, guiding rails. We offer semi-finished and custom made components.


Booth: 642

Ceramic Applications

CERAMIC APPLICATIONS is the platform to promote the various solutions of ceramic components and systems on the market.CERAMIC APPLICATIONS covers four pillars:industry-orientated technical magazine,international tradefair activities,homepage and permanent showrooms in renowned institutes.Partners are manufacturers of technical ceramics,suppliers of powders and equipment or institutes engaged in applied research in this field.


Booth: 824

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Industry's editorial scope includes practical, real-world solutions to manufacturing problems, information on the latest technological advancements and up-to-date coverage of news, issues and trends. They reach manufacturers of advanced ceramics, glass, whitewares, refractories and structural clay as well as other ceramic businesses.


Booth: 1128

Ceramics China 2017

Launched in 1987, CERAMICS CHINA has been successfully held for 29 years, introduce the latest and most advanced technologies, equipments and materials, attracts visitors from all over the world making it a "must-do" exhibition.


Booth: 923

CeramTec GmbH

CeramTec Group is a leading international supplier of advanced ceramics, with production sites and sales offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia. With 3,600 employees and a tradition of more than 100 years, CeramTec offers its customers its know-how as a ceramic expert with a multitude of high-performance technical ceramics.

Booth: 1100

CerCo, Inc. / Filtros

CerCo/Filtros manufactures advanced structural and industrial refractory ceramics ranging from fully densified to porous and low weight ceramic products.  Ceramic materials include alumina, cordierite, silicon carbide, silica, fused silica, zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina, composites, and silicon nitride.  Ceramics are available with zero porosity as well as in various pore sizes.


Booth: 219


The Cerinnov group is specialized in the design and manufacturing of production and decoration machines for the ceramic and glass industries, as well as in heat treatment. It also supplies turnkey plants for traditional ceramics, and develops tomorrow’s technologies thanks to constant investment in innovation.

Booth: 1044

CF Extrusion Technologies LLC

CF Extrusion Technologies offers engineering, manufacturing, and support of extrusion equipment customized to ensure processes operate efficiently, reliably, and at peak performance. They are driven to provide advanced solutions to our customers, from individual components, i.e. screws, barrels, dies, etc., to complete production lines.

Booth: 802

China Changsha Zhonglong Chemical Co Ltd

Since 2000, Zhonglong Chem has been providing the raw material ceramic industry. Today Zhonglong Chem offers a wide range of Zirconia grinding media, Zirconia structural elements, Zirconia series powder products, Alumina and the compound ceramic materials.


Booth: 1000

China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd.

China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd.(SINOMACH INTERNATIONAL) founded in 1981, is a main member of SINOMACH Precision Industry Co., Ltd (SINOMACH PRECISION) subordinated to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. It is the Chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Abrasives Branch Association, the leader of Artificial Corundum Branch coordination group and Chairman of Sic Branch of China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers& Exporters. It focuses on trading & service, exploring both foreign and domestic markets, striving to build its core competence through marketing developing, resource integration and brand construction.


Booth: 643


CIMI has a 30 year track record of successfully providing high-quality, custom industrial manufacturing solutions that meet the complex demands of our customers products. Their full-scale engineering and manufacturing services offer a true “one-stop-shop” with turnkey solutions with an emphasis on piezo ceramics.


Booth: 1234

Cincinnati Testing Labs

Cincinnati Testing Laboratories (CTL) is an internationally recognized leader in the composite material machining and testing field. With more than 60 years of experience and 65 professionals, their trusted service supplies material property data to military & commercial aerospace, power generation and automotive industries.


Booth: 937

City of Cleveland

The Department of Economic Development works with business and community leaders, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, developers, real estate brokers and community stakeholders. It provides assistance to businesses expanding within or relocating to the City of Cleveland, including financing, workforce solutions and technical assistance.

Booth: 500

Cleveland Electric Laboratories

Since 1920 Cleveland Electric Labs (CEL) has been an innovator. From the beginning CEL has focused on the temperature sensing needs of customers that require; quality assured thermocouples, precise temperature measurements and immediate service. CEL is ISO accredited and operates three facilities in greater Cleveland and Phoenix.


Booth: 201

Cleveland Vibrator Co

Since 1923, The Cleveland Vibrator Company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying vibratory products to provide material flow solutions to over 15,000 organizations worldwide. Their diverse product and knowledge sets range from the precise challenges of fine powder screening to the most rugged feeder, screener and conveyor applications.


Booth: 430

CM Furnaces Inc

CM will show its complete line of high-temperature laboratory and production furnaces that operate between 1,000?C and 2,200?C. Atmospheres include air, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, oxygen and helium. Standard and custom furnaces are available.

Booth: 335

Compass Wire Cloth

Compass Wire Cloth is the industry-leading ISO certified fabricator of vibratory hooked, vinyl and metal edge, round and pretension, and bonded screens. It also stocks and custom fabricates specialty items. It maintains one of the most complete inventories in all meshes, alloys and wire diameters, which ensures quick turnaround.

Booth: 312

Control Concepts Inc.

Control Concepts, Inc. manufactures high performance microprocessor-based thyristor controllers for Industrial heating applications.  These reliable, affordable power controllers adapt to analog environment as well as the digital environment. Available in single phase, three phase 4-thyristor and three phase 6-thyristor configurations with a current ranging of 8- 1200 amps AC.


Booth: 200

CoorsTek, Inc.

CoorsTek is a leader in technical ceramics. From 50 manufacturing locations in North and South America, Asia, and Europe, CoorsTek offers over 300 materials including aluminas, carbides, carbon & graphites, nitrides, quartz (silica), silicates, yttrias, zirconias, and custom-blended materials. CoorsTek partners with leading OEMs to develop and build world-changing technologies.


Booth: 532

Corning Incorporated

Corning is a world leading innovator in materials science. For over 160 years, Corning has applied unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products to create new industries and transform people’s lives. Corning’s products enable diverse industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, transportation, and life sciences.


Booth: 339

Cosen Saws USA

Founded in 1976, Cosen is one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers. Cosen’s North American office and warehouse is located in Charlotte, NC. The company provides an extensive selection of service replacement parts. Their warehouse inventory contains over 100 new machines in stock and ready to ship.


Booth: 130

Croda Inc

Croda creates, makes and sells innovative, high performance specialty chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere. Their specialty additives – such as dispersants, rheology modifiers, phase change materials, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents – are used across a number of high tech, high growth markets. They offer expertise and performance improvement for applications including electronics, energy management, energy storage, catalysts, digital printing and ceramics.


Booth: 410

Crystex Composites LLC

Crystex Composites is a manufacturer of glass bonded mica ceramic that can be machined with standard carbide tools, or transfer molded with or without metal inserts.

Booth: 1042

Custom Milling & Consulting

When your business demands precisely the right solution in particle size reduction or mixing technology – CMC provides an experienced, flexible and resourceful partner. With Formulation Development, Toll Processing, and customized milling equipment, Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc, can offer the right solution.


Booth: 141


Custom Processing Services is a contract manufacturer providing a wide array of particle sizing services – from crushing and pulverizing to jet milling and media milling. Processes such as blending, screening, drying and packaging complete the job. Visit Booth 141 to discuss individual opportunities for sustainable manufacturing and sourcing strategies.


Booth: 501

Dalian Zhengxing Abrasive Co., Ltd

Dalian Zhengxing Abrasive Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of Boron Carbide and leader of advanced ceramic material around the world which adopts the most advanced processing craft, equipped with top technological installations and performs the most stringent quality controls.


Booth: 1029

DCM Tech

DCM Tech Inc is a 46-year-old company based in Winona, Minnesota, that manufactures precision rotary surface grinders, magnetic particle inspection (MPI) non-destructive testing equipment, and machine tools for the automotive engine rebuilding industry. Its technical specialists work with customers on a factory-direct basis.

Booth: 617

Deltech Inc.

Family and U.S.A. owned and operated since 1968, Deltech offers standard and custom furnaces for operation up to 2000°C in air. As their trademark motto “We Build the Furnace to Fit your Need” suggests, they build to order and to suit.


Booth: 830

DENKA Corporation

Denka was established in 1915 for the production of calcium carbide through its abundant limestone resources. The company has grown to become a unique chemicals manufacturer involved in alumina fiber, boron nitride, silicon nitride, alumina nitrides, spherical alumina, and a variety of inorganic, organic, electronic materials and processed resin products.

Booth: 943

Diacut Inc

Since 1982, Diacut has produced precision, diamond and CBN wheels and blades for a myriad of industries around the world. They provide custom products for your most challenging applications in fused silica, alumina, quartz, sapphire, etc. The Diacut team is dedicated to offering superb customer responsiveness with unmatched product turnaround.


Booth: 1137

Diamond America Corporation

When you demand a ceramics extruder that can handle highly viscous materials where rigid tolerances and high temperatures are required, Diamond America’s customized design/build approach ensures the maximum output of the highest quality. Engineered solutions ensure maximum durability when handling butyl, silicone rubbers, caulking materials, tape adhesives, epoxies, etc.


Booth: 1228

Direxa Engineering

Direxa Engineering, a Colorado based company, and Ceritherm, a Limoges – France based company, have partnered on many R&D projects for many years. Their work together represents the cutting edge of drying and firing technology in the ceramics industry. Following great success in presenting their innovative Skate Kiln design at Ceramics Expo in 2016, they are excited to return in 2017.


Booth: 429

Dorst America Inc

Dorst Technologies provides state-of-the-art solutions for Ceramic forming including Dry Pressing (mechanical, hydraulic, electric options), Isostatic Pressing, Pressure Casting and Extrusion.

Technology leading Spray Drying solutions are also available. Dorst also provides world class customer support for all aspects of equipment supply such as Service, Preventative Maintenance and Training.



Booth: 1123

Du-Co Ceramics Company

Du-co Ceramics Company is a manufacturer of custom technical ceramics by using dry pressing and extrution methods with secondary machining operations. Availalble materials are; Steatite, Alumina (standard and high purity), MgO (standard and high purity), Forsterite, Cordierite and Mullite.


Booth: 1130

DunAn Sensing

DunAn Sensing LLC is a Silicon Valley, Calif., based company founded in 2014.  Their leadership and many members of their engineering staffs have a long track record in the MEMS pressure sensor industry.  They offer high-performance OEM pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters, which are guaranteed to be hermetically sealed and compatible with harsh media.


Booth: 611

Dunhua Zhengxing Abrasive Co., Ltd

Dunhua Zhengxing Abrasive has more than 29 years’ boron carbide smelting and powder processing production experience, with mature smelting and powder processing technology including 32 smelting furnaces and two boron carbide powder processing plants. Total annual capacity is 5,000 tons in smelting and 2,000 tons for all specs of boron carbide powder.



Booth: 716

E.C. Kitzel

E.C. Kitzel & Sons, is a manufacturer of custom built PCD & CBN boring, grooving, threading, turning and milling tools. Their goal is to reduce tooling costs by developing solutions that perform better and last longer.


Booth: 648

Edge Off


Coming soon...


Booth: 213

Edward Orton Jr Ceramic Foundation

The Edward Orton Jr. Foundation provides TempCHEKs, TempTABs and pyrometric cones for verification of thermal processing, a line of thermo-analytical instruments including dilatometers, gradient furnaces, thermal conductivity and glass viscosity instruments. Orton's testing services offer more than seventy ASTM tests to measure physical, thermal and mechanical properties of ceramic materials.


Booth: 118

Eirich Machines Inc

Eirich Machines designs, manufactures and supplies batch & continuous machinery/systems (1-12,000L) for mixing, agglomerating, pelletizing, grinding, granulating & plasticizing of raw materials, compounds, waste & residues in a wide range of industries. A full line of test equipment allows for pre-sale testing in their lab or the customer’s own plant.


Booth: 1143

Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH

Eisenmann Thermal Solutions offers a comprehensive range of products – from simple chamber kilns to gas-tight roller-type kilns with vacuum doors, and from test facilities to fully automatic production lines. The target markets include the ceramics industry, powder metallurgy, and manufacturers of carbon fiber, enamel products and heat-treated aluminum components.


Booth: 538

Elan Technology

Elan Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of glass and ceramic components.  They manufacture a wide range of ceramic components from alumina, steatite, YSZ, cordierite and mullite. Their glass preforms are used for glass-to-metal sealing applications in a wide variety of industries.  Additionally, they offer contract spray drying services.  


Booth: 1129

Elcan Industries, Inc.

Elcan Industries helps customers develop screening, classifying, and grinding solutions using the most advanced technologies available. With a full size laboratory and toll-processing facility, Elcan combines technique with technology to provide cost-effective manufacturing.  Elcan Industries provides outstanding after sale support.  Please visit Elcan Industries’ booth to find out more.


Booth: 104

Elcon Precision LLC

. Elcon Precision is a pioneer in the manufacture of metallized & resistive coated ceramics, brazed assemblies and photochemically machined parts. Through the use of robotics and vision systems, Elcon processes large volumes of metallized or glazed parts with high repeatability and reliability. Materials include alumina, sapphire, beryllia and other ceramics.


Booth: 324

Elkem Silicon Materials

Elkem Silicon Materials is one of the world's leading suppliers of metallurgical silicon products to customers in the chemical, solar, electronics, aluminium, construction, refractory and oilfield industries worldwide. Silicon is a key aluminium alloy, found in electronic products, a main ingredient high-purity silicon for solar cells, and to produce silicone.

Booth: 1040

EMD Performance Materials

EMD Performance Materials is a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany which develops specialty chemicals for demanding applications with groundbreaking technology. The pigments division creates effect pigments for coatings, plastics, printing, and now high temperature pigments for ceramics.


Booth: 909

Engineered Ceramics®

Engineered Ceramics® offers solutions for firing high temperature ceramics, calcining powders and sintering powdered metal components. The company manufacture tiles, saggers, setters, hearth plates, burner blocks, and element holders. Engineered Ceramics® works with you to understand your application and have the capability to make custom shapes with reasonable lead-times. Materials include; HYcor high alumina, HYcarb™, clay bonded silicon carbide, fused silica, mullite and other specialty formulations.


Booth: 917

Engis Corp

Engis Corporation has a proven history of assisting customers with precision lapping, grinding and bore honing/finishing of their ceramic components. In addition to high-quality machines and consumable products, Engis has dedicated engineering teams that provide end-to-end system solutions to meet your most demanding application requirements.


Booth: 601

ER Advanced Ceramics, Inc.

E.R. Advanced Ceramics, Inc. develops and manufactures a great variety of technical ceramics built to withstand extremely harsh environments with outstanding performance. They specialize in the manufacturing of industrial ceramic products with unique designs and complicated shapes by pressing, extruding or casting.


Booth: 339

ESL ElectroScience

ESL ElectroScience specializes in providing solutions to enable customers to take technologies from concept through high-volume production using thick film pastes and ceramic tapes. ESL products can be found in hybrid microcircuits, multilayer microelectronics, transformers, thick film heaters, sensors and fuel cells.

Booth: 930

Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is a global manufacturer of instrumentation, systems and services. Since 1965 Eurotherm has provided specialized solutions for the ceramic industry. They continue to design and manufacture configurable precision machine, process and power controllers, and associated data recorders to ensure customers get the most from their process.


Booth: 1119

Evans Analytical Group LLC

EAG Inc is the global leader in materials characterization for ceramics and advanced materials. It specializes in measurement of material composition, purity, contaminant levels and crystal structure, etc. using advanced analytical techniques; GDMS, ICPMS, SEM, TEM, XRD, XRF, XPS, SIMS, Auger and FTIR. EAG is ISO 9001 and 17025 certification.

Booth: 326


ExOne is a global provider of 3D printing systems and 3D printed products. The ExOne® process utilizes Binder Jetting technology with industrial grade materials, which gives traditional manufacturers the opportunity to reduce costs, lower the risk of trial and error, and create opportunities for design innovation.



Booth: 1112

Fabric Development, Inc.

Fabric Development, Inc. offers the unique combination of design and development combined with production capabilities. Reinforcements can be produced from fiber types including carbons, Kevlar, Fiberglass, Spectra, Nicalon, Tyranno, Quartz, and Nextel. In addition, textile preforms are also produced to near net shapes for RTM and VARTM applications.


Booth: 808

Ferro Corporation

Ferro (NYSE: FOE) is a leading global supplier of technology-based functional coatings and color solutions, including glass-based coatings, pigments and colors, and polishing materials. Ferro products are sold into the building and construction, automotive, appliances, electronics, household furnishings, and industrial products markets. The company had 2016 sales of $1.15 billion.


Booth: 112

Ferro-Ceramic Grinding, Inc

Ferro-Ceramic Grinding an Advanced Ceramic Component Supplier. Incorporated in 1966 focus has been as an advanced ceramic supplier of material and precision machined and ground parts. Ferro-Ceramic Grinding is an AS9100 REV. C & ISO 9001-2000 company and is certified in Dye Penetrate to Mil. Standard ASTM E-1414. ITAR Registered.


Booth: 341


Ferrotec (USA) Corp is a world leader in advanced material, component, and system solutions. The company offers Photoveel machinable ceramics and ceramic components from using its own high-purity, advanced materials. Ferrotec ceramics offer exceptional strength and performance for a range of applications and are ideal for rapid prototyping.


Booth: 1038

FineWay Ceramics

FineWay Ceramics offer a full range industrial ceramics and advanced ceramics. Their ceramic products have a wide application in oil and gas industry, such as bearing balls, catalyst support, filters, fracturing proppants, tower packings, etc. FineWay Ceramics also provide ceramic raw materials like silicon nitride powder and silicon carbide powder.


Booth: 240

FlackTek Inc

FlackTek Inc will demonstrate an advanced tool for mixing, grinding/milling and dispersing. This non-invasive mixing technology can be used to process any combination of powders, pastes, putties and liquids from 1g to 10kg. The SpeedMixer removes air bubbles while homogenizing the sample, in seconds, and there is absolutely no cleanup.

Booth: 1233

Foam Expo

Foam Expo takes place in Novi, Michigan, USA. Foam Expo is North America’s first free-to-attend exhibition and conference for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam materials, products and services, as well as the entire technical foam supply chain.



Booth: 136

Formatec Ceramics

Formatec Ceramics BV produces technical ceramics for a wide selection of industries. They can manufacture complex components very efficient by injection moulding (CIM) or small series by 5 axis machining and 3D printing. They developed Si3N4 feedstock, electrical conductive ceramics, ESD qualified ceramics and 3D printing of ceramics.


Booth: 1140

Free Form Fibers

Free Form Fibers is a privately held company that has developed a process based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to create inorganic High Performance Fibers (HPFs) for use in a variety of challenging applications. These applications appear in military and aerospace (turbo machinery, rockets, advanced structures), automobile, biomedical, energy and other industries that require advanced materials with exceptional strength, stiffness, heat resistance and/or chemical resistance.


Booth: 1108

Freeman Technology

Freeman Technology specialises in systems for measuring the flow properties of powders and has over 15 years' experience in powder flow and powder characterisation. The company invests significantly in R&D and applications development, and provides detailed know-how to support its range of products. 


Booth: 222

Friatec AG

FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT High Performance Ceramics High-quality products made of FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT-Ceramics like aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide as well as silicon carbide and silicon nitride with brilliant material properties for extreme requirements in the fields of electrical, high temperature and mechanical engineering, surface finishing as well as in research and development.


Booth: 422

Fritsch Milling and Sizing

FRITSCH is an internationally respected German manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments. Our instruments are used worldwide for particle size reduction, sample preparation, materials science, product development, and particle analysis for fast paced industrial process monitoring and critical applications in QA, QC, and R&D. Particle sizes from nano range on up. FRITSCH, founded 1920 as an independent family business. Today 80+ employees work in the headquarters with subsidiaries in Russia, France, Singapore, China, USA.



Booth: 329

G.W. Schultz Tool Inc


Coming soon...


Booth: 319

Gasbarre Products Inc

Gasbarre Products Inc is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of capital equipment and related services. It focuses on primary process equipment for powder metallurgy, particulate materials and thermal processing industries worldwide. Gasbarre supplies the best technically engineered solution for customers’ specific needs.

Booth: 834

Gasser & Sons Inc

Gasser & Sons has been dedicated to the manufacture of precision metal stampings, deep drawings, machined and assembled parts for 100 years. It is proficient in a wide range of specialty materials including Kovar, copper, nickel alloys, monel, aluminum, and many others. Gasser’s part cleanliness and quality is beyond compare.

Booth: 146

Gefran Inc.

Gefran Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gefran Group, based in Italy, with approximately 850 employees worldwide. The company operates in 16 countries, with 9 manufacturing plants and a network of over 70 distributors. Group’s activity is divided into three areas of business: automation, sensors and motion control.


Booth: 1222

General Ruby & Sapphire Co


Stock and specialty parts for all your needs. If you want wear parts, optics, electronic parts, and jewel bearings that are totally dependable, get them from a dependable company, General Ruby & Sapphire Co. They have been in business for over 40 years and offer a wide selection of materials.


Booth: 622

GeoCorp, Inc

GeoCorp, Inc is a complete manufacturer of high temperature specialty thermocouples for the most demanding furnace and kiln applications. GeoCorp offers thermocouples with Molybdenum and Tantalum sheaths. Tungsten coating is also available for ultra high temperature furnaces with graphite liners. They will work with you to stock thermocouples for quicker delivery.


Booth: 416

Glen Mills Inc

Glen Mills Inc. is proud to present Powder Blending with the TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer. The TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer is used in many exacting powder blending and mixing applications and provides an exceptionally uniform mix of powders with differing densities, particle sizes, or concentrations.


Booth: 417

Global - Pak Inc

As one the largest suppliers in North America, the company pride themselves in providing the highest quality of FIBC’s (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers). In doing so; they focus on providing the highest level of customer service. Global - Pak Inc work for their customers to ensure their operations run seamlessly.


Booth: 312


The Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) is a trade association representing the interests of the glass manufacturing industry.  GMIC bridges all segments of glass manufacturing; float glass, container, fiber and specialty glass.  GMIC does for individual companies what they can’t easily do on their own; provide technical education, coordinate technical initiatives, advocate with law makers, provide industry intelligence, and promote the usage and image of glass products.  GMIC organizes the Conference on Glass Problems, the largest glass manufacturing conference in North America. Information on the conference, the GMIC Glass Manufacturing Industry Report, and GMIC membership is available on their website.


Booth: 722

Goodfellow Corp.

Goodfellow supplies a comprehensive range of ceramics and glasses to the research and industrial markets, either as finished components to customer drawings or in an extensive range of semi-finished forms including sheets, rods and tubes for our customers to machine their own components.


Booth: 135

GrainBound, Inc.

GrainBound, Inc. diagnoses and solves industrial processing and performance issues pertaining to ceramic parts and powders by examining grain boundaries. Their team calls upon decades of interface design experience and utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to optimize your process to create reliable, high-quality products.


Booth: 1011


GrindoSonic® has become the industry standard for Non Destructive Testing based on Impulse Excitation Technique (IET). With more then 1500 systems installed worldwide, GrindoSonic® is the recognised market leader. Reliability, ease of use, state of the art technology and excellent service are the company’s DNA. “


Booth: 602

Guangzhou Kingsky Material Co,. Ltd

Founded in 2006, Guangzhou KINGSKY Material Co,. Ltd., is a high-tech private company which specializes in R&D, production and sales of high purity Aluminum oxide、high purity Aluminum hydroxide and High purity metal powder. KINGSKY is located in the Guangzhou, China. It has the capacity of 1000 tones for Aluminum Oxide and 1500 tones for Aluminum hydroxide, and the planning capacity of Aluminum Oxide will over 1500 tones. KINGSKY has passed ISO90001:2008 quality management system, monitoring whole process of incoming material, production procedure and final products. With the advanced and professional instrumentation such as ICP-AES, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer(AAS), Disc Centrifuge Nano particle size analyzer, Laser particle size analyzer, Surface Area Analyzer (BET), Spectrophotometer etc.



Booth: 230

H.C. Starck

H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance thermal spray, metal and ceramic powders. Their high quality non-oxide powders are utilized in high end applications such as ballistic protective equipment, technical ceramics, pyrotechnics, thermal management and clean energy technologies.


Booth: 538

Haiku Tech Inc

Haiku Tech offers tape casting and coating equipment, as well as screen printers, stackers, isostatic laminators and materials for the development and manufacturing of multilayer ceramic products, including solid oxide fuel cells. It also offers prototyping and consulting services to develop tape casting formulations for standard or customized ceramic powders.

Booth: 1236

Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik

As one of the global leaders in the manufacture of machines and plants, LINGL offers solutions and advanced know-how along the entire value chain of the ceramic production. The engineering services for raw materials and processes, the optimisation of individual plants, the innovative production concepts and the range of service offered by us enable our customers to gain significant advantages over their competitors.


Booth: 1136

Harmonious Trading Inc

Harmonious Trading Inc is an integrated business entity that professionally engaged in refractories production and sales. The headquartered in China. Their mission of setting up the new branch in the U.S. is to provide a better quality of work and service in the refractory business to North America customers.


Booth: 530

Harper International Corporation

Harper International is a leader in complete thermal processing systems for production of advanced ceramic materials. Their capabilities in furnace technologies include rotary, pusher tunnel, belt conveyor, vertical conveyor and ultra-high temperature (UHT) furnaces, with focus on processing in controlled and specialty atmospheric environments at temperatures from 500 - 3000°C.


Booth: 216

Harrop Industries, Inc.

Harrop Industries custom designs and builds industrial kilns, ovens and tape casting machines primarily serving the ceramic industry. Harrop provides kiln upgrades, operational training and repairs. Harrop has a toll firing facility and testing lab that can handle small-scale testing as well as multi-ton firing campaigns.

Booth: 1109

Hebei Huigu Silicon Carbide Materials co.,Ltd

Hebei Huigu Silicon Carbide Material Co.,Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of pressureless sintered silicon carbide (SSiC), reaction bonded silicon carbide(RBSiC), reaction bonded silicon nitride(RBSi3N4) and Tungsten carbide (WC) products. Each of these materials has a unique and excellent performance, which can be used to manufacture various wear resistant, corrosion resistant and refractory structural components.


Booth: 613

Hefei Kaier Nanometer Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd

Hefei Kaier Nanometer Energy & Technology has more than 10 years’ nano ceramic powder production and technology development experience, and is currently the only company with independent intellectual property rights and industrial capacity for ceramic nano materials production enterprises in China.


Booth: 701

Henan Suntek International Co.,Ltd.

Henan Suntek International Co.,Ltd. is a major supplier of advanced ceramic and metallurgical refractory raw materials and related products, including silicon carbide, boron carbide, alumina, zirconium oxide, boron nitride, silicon nitride ceramic and refractory powders and finished products. The company is deeply involved in the Chinese and worldwide markets for ceramic and refractory materials.


Booth: 905

HGR Industrial Surplus

HGR Industrial Surplus is located in Euclid, Ohio and buys and sells used and surplus industrial and manufacturing equipment. HGR's half-million square foot showroom is located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio just minutes from I-271 and I-90. HGR buys and sells everything.


Booth: 208

Hitachi High Technologies America Inc

Hitachi High Technologies America answer the demands of today’s fast-paced analytical laboratory with a reliable and innovative instrumentation portfolio including SEM, TEM, STEM, FIB-SEM, table top SEM, ion milling and sample prep equipment. Their revolutionary AFM instruments offer extraordinary levels of performance and ease-of-use, including environmental controls supporting a variety of in-situ observations.


Booth: 608

Honeywell Thermal Solutions

The Honeywell Thermal Solutions (HTS) family of products includes Honeywell Combustion Safety, Eclipse, Exothermics, Hauck, Kromschröder and Maxon. HTS' solutions address some of the world´s most critical challenges around safety, reliability and efficiency by providing combustion and heating solutions that are safe, reliable, efficient and clean including high-efficiency burners for the specialized needs of the ceramics industry.


Booth: 436

Horiba Instruments Inc

HORIBA provides instruments for determining ceramic particle size, shape, surface area and chemistry. HORIBA laser diffraction analyzers offer a wide range and high-speed size measurement. Sieving headaches and shape questions are easily resolved by dynamic and static image analysis. Nanoparticles can be probed by dynamic light scattering.

Booth: 241

Houghton International

Houghton International Inc is a global market leader in metalworking fluids and related value-added technical services, providing mission-critical specialty chemicals used for metal removal, metal cleaning, metal forming, heat treatment, quenching, forging, surface and metal finishing, rust prevention, specialty hydraulics, metal rolling and related applications.


Booth: 607

Huayou Americas, Inc.

Huayou Americas, Inc have more than 30 years experience in global sourcing and supplying raw materials for Ceramics and Pigments with the objective to lower the total cost of production. Their main products are Cobalt, Copper, Nickel and Titanium in the form of Oxide, Carbonate,Hydroxide or Sulfate.


Booth: 143


Hysitron, the global leader in nanomechanical testing, is dedicated to the development of next- generation testing solutions for quantitative nanoscale to microscale materials characterization. Hysitron's comprehensive mechanical testing suite of hybrid techniques and modular instrument platforms provides innovative characterization capabilities that will keep customers' research at the forefront of technology.



Booth: 734

I Squared R Element Co

World leading USA based heating element manufacturer, I Squared R, will showcase their full range of high performance Moly-D (MoSi2) heating elements and Moly-D furnace module systems, as well as their Starbar (SiC) heating elements and igniters. The company will highlight their latest product developments.


Booth: 333

IBU-tec advanced materials AG

IBU-tec is your partner for all challenges around the thermal processing of inorganic materials. The company works with its customers on material and process development, commercial scale-up, piloting and even plant optimization. Using its experience, it also provides toll processing in rotary kilns and pulsation reactors (the latter for flash calcination).

Booth: 108

IGP Tools

IGP Tools is distributing in the North American market superabrasive products manufactured by ADI Tools (Italy) for the technical ceramics market.  They have experience in core drills, wheels for Aluminum Oxide rollers, cutting, grooving blades, as well as grinding, polishing and lapping wheels for Alumina, Silicon Carbide, and Silicon Nitride.


Booth: 524

Imerys Fused Minerals

IMERYS Fused Minerals  is a world leader in specialty applications such as abrasives, refractories, technical ceramics, heating elements for the iron & steel, automotive, industrial equipment and construction markets. It benefits from a unique fusion technology and know-how, which are key to control critical functional properties of its minerals, such as abrasive efficiency, durability, heat dissipation, opacity, color etc.

Booth: 524

Imerys North America Ceramics

The world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry, Imerys transforms a variety of minerals into high-value specialty products for the industry using sophisticated technical processes. The group draws on its knowledge of applications, technological expertise, and command of materials science to beneficiate mineral resources, develop formulations, and produce synthetic minerals.


Booth: 524

Imerys Refractory Minerals

IMERYS Refractory Minerals is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of superior quality minerals for refractory, investment casting, and other industrial applications. Broad product range includes calcined alumino-silicates, chamottes, andalusites, fused silicas, refractory grade clays, metakaolins and fused minerals. Through an extensive global sales network, provides local commercial, technical, and supply solutions to meet the needs of the refractory and investment casting markets.

Booth: 934

IMR Test Labs

IMR Test Labs is an international firm offering a complete scope of ceramic testing services, including chemical composition testing, x-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, mechanical testing and materialography. It performs ceramic testing for a diverse range of industries, including the aerospace, biomedical, dental, electronic manufacturing and energy industries.

Booth: 1039

Industrial Minerals

Industrial Minerals is a global price reporting and market intelligence agency for non-metallic minerals. Covering prices for over 70 minerals and the sectors they’re used in. A monthly magazine which includes supply and security reports, price trend analysis and market reports. They also publish daily, weekly and monthly e-newsletters.


Booth: 1101

InfoSight Corporation

InfoSight is a manufacturer of industrial marking machines, metal tags, metal tag printers, barcode readers and custom machinery for manual and automatic identification and traceability applications worldwide.


Booth: 134

INMATEC Technologies GmbH

INMATEC Technologies is a producer of standard and customer-specific feedstock for Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM). The company offers feedstocks and feedstock processing on the basis of three different binder systems, thus from a modular system the customer may choose with regard to the design of the part to be produced.


Booth: 340


Innovnano is a specialist European manufacturer of high quality zirconia-based ceramic powders. Using a unique synthesis technology - emulsion detonation synthesis (EDS) - Innovnano guarantees enhanced material properties so that you can expect more from your ceramics.


Booth: 129

Insaco Incoporated

Precision machining company that fabricates parts from technical ceramics, sapphire and quartz to meet customer specifications. Diamond grinding allows extreme precision, but no metals or plastics. The company welcomes developmental parts as well as series production. Engineers available to discuss material options and cost impact of design features and alternatives.

Booth: 1041

International Ceramic Engineering

International Ceramics is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of technical ceramic material & machinable thermo-plastics.  They offer engineering assistance during the prototype process through to production and specialize in unique geometries made from high quality advanced materials, and very tight tolerances (.0001” or better depending on the size)  Competitive pricing with extremely quick deliveries.  International Ceramics manufacture and fabricate materials which include Aluminum Oxide (up to 99.8% pure), Boron Nitride, Macor, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Nitride, Quartz, Sapphire, ZTA, PEEK, Ultem, and more!


Booth: 439

IPS Ceramics

IPS brings ceramic solutions for today’s engineering design community. Technical ceramics are cost competitive and through various material compositions and shaping technologies are manufactured into precision, tough, high performing, long lasting, chemical and heat resistant components. An in-house rapid prototyping and test fire facility means they can evaluate all possibilities.


Booth: 137

IRD Ceramics

IRD Ceramics specializes in manufacturing custom precision components from ceramics, alumina, sapphire, glass and other super-hard materials. IRD partners closely with customers, ensuring they receive exactly what they need. IRD Ceramics currently supplies laser components, medical blades and specialty tips, precision sensor mounts, tooling, mirrors, sub-and windows.

Booth: 728

Iwatani Corporation

Iwatani is a global company that supplies gas, energy, machinery and raw materials around the world. At this show, the company is exhibiting ceramic-related products including raw materials such as zirconia, alumina, rare earth and aluminum nitride, and shapes such as kiln furniture, honeycomb and filter for water treatment.



Booth: 601

Jaygo Incorporated

Jaygo Inc. is a supplier of heavy duty double arm mixers, double planetary mixers, vacuum dryers, powder blenders, and specialty equipment for the ceramics and chemical industries, in sizes from 1 to 9000 liters.



Booth: 1036

Jenike & Johanson Inc

Jenike & Johanson is the world leader in powder-handling engineering. Whether you are formulating a specialized sand batch, dosing-in minor ingredients to a continuous blending operation, charging glass batch to a float furnace, or compacting ceramic powders, Jenike & Johanson is prepared to help with your material handling needs.


Booth: 1008


JEOL is a leading global supplier of analytical scientific instruments and related services for nanoscale applications and solutions for industry and science. From surface observation to cross-section imaging and analysis, our high-resolution SEM's, FE-SEM's and ion beam polishers reveal structural and elemental details to ensure quality and composition of materials.


Booth: 604

Jiangsu Sailamike Precision Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Sailamike Precision Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the production of advanced ceramics. They provide advanced ceramics including alumina ceramic, zirconia, steatite, electrothermal ceramic, ceramic resistors, ceramic terminal block. These materials have multiple advantages, such as high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, high hardness, wear resistance , thermal conductivity and etc.


Booth: 1016

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey is a world leader in sustainable technologies and many of their products and services have a beneficial impact on the environment. They apply expertise in chemistry, materials science and the platinum group metals to develop a wide range of high technology products.



Booth: 819

Kaolin EAD

Kaolin EAD is the biggest producer of industrial minerals in South-Eastern Europe and member of Quarzwerke Gruppe since June 2013. Kaolin EAD has more than 90 years of history, experience and technology for reliable production of high quality materials, sales to the markets in 43 countries: Europe, Asia and Africa.


Booth: 823

Keith Company

Keith Company designs and manufactures high temperature thermal process equipment used to produce parts for the oil, aerospace, nano-technology, advanced materials, energy production, carbon, bioceramics and ceramic membrane industries. They custom build a wide range of equipment from a simple batch furnace to complex, fully automated continuous systems with atmosphere.


Booth: 1135

Kexing Special Ceramics., Ltd

Kexing Special Ceramics., Ltd specializes in the manufacture of green, energy efficient products within the ceramic industry. A leader in the development and production of environmentally sound ceramics, their products are well-suited to the energy needs of today and tomorrow.

Booth: 829

Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies), a world leader in nanotechnonlogy instrumentation will present the G200 Nanoindenter with high temperature laser heater & ultra-fast Express Test that performs 100 indents at 100 sites in 100 seconds. Also featured the compact, high performance FE-SEM combining low-voltage imaging with optional EDS elemental analysis.


Booth: 301

Kyocera International Inc.

Kyocera was established in 1959 as a small workshop in Kyoto City where 28 young colleagues began producing ceramic insulators for TVs. Initially their goal was to be the No. 1 company on the street, but they had a bigger dream to become the No. 1 fine ceramics company (advanced ceramics company) in the world. With a strong will and pioneering spirit, their limitless efforts made this dream come true. Kyocera is now the world leader in fine ceramics (advanced ceramics).



Booth: 619


For decades, LAEIS has been a world leading supplier of high performance hydraulic presses for the production of ceramics in general, lately having been especially successful with large presses for technical ceramics. Their presses are state of the art in the refractories industry and are also successfully used in other industries, e.g. for shaping of fine ceramics, salt blocks and tablets, special types of building materials, anodes for aluminium smelters and other carbon based products, and numerous other applications.


Booth: 401

Lancaster Products

Lancaster Products designs and builds High Shear Mixers and Material Handling Systems for the conversion of CCPs into stabilized beneficial use materials. End products include lightweight aggregate, landfill under drain and foundation backfill materials. Lancaster Products also provides CCP R&D to assist customers with application and material testing. The Lancaster Products’ line of processing equipment includes High Shear Counter-Current Mixers, Low Shear Counter-Current Mixers, Pug Mills, Muller Mixers, Table Feeders, Double Roll Crushers and molded brick making machines.


Booth: 935

Lapmaster International, LLC

In today's technologically advanced world, there are a growing number of applications where conventional machining techniques just aren't accurate enough to meet precision surfacing requirements. Lapmaster International, LLC offer Lapping/Polishing,Spherical Lapping, Fine Grinding, Deburring, Creep Feed, Bore Honing, Double Disc Grinding, Buffing, Metallographic Sample Preparation Equipment in their ever growing product line.


Booth: 935

Lapmaster Metallographic Products Division

Lapmaster is proud to offer a complete line of sample preparation equipment, hardness testers, microscopes, imaging solutions and supplies to meet all metallographic and materials testing needs. You can trust Lapmaster to provide the best solution for your application delivering unmatched performance and reliability.


Booth: 318

Lhoist - Spinks Clay Company

Founded in 1916, H.C. Spinks Clay Company, a division of Lhoist Group, is entering their second century of supplying ball clay and kaolin to the domestic and international marketplace. With two production facilities in the state of Tennessee and industry-leading clay reserves, Spinks is expanding to meet increased demand.


Booth: 236

Linseis Inc

Linseis provides thermal analysis instrument solutions in materials development, ceramic processing, fabrication and product reliability. Linseis dilatometers provide an advanced throughput design with as many as three furnaces. The company’s tools are built to meet customers’ specific needs at no added cost.

Booth: 329

Lithoz GmbH

Lithoz is the system provider for additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics. Lithoz has developed LCM technology, which allows the production of very delicate structures and fine details directly from the CAD data. Lithoz covers the whole process chain from the development of the machine, to the materials, up to application.

Booth: 522

Loomis Products

Founded in 1917 Loomis Products is a manufacturer of isostatic and extrusion equipment for ceramics and powdered metals. Patented double tilt extruders and patented dry bag isostatic pressing molds to 60000 psi. They provide worldwide distribution of honeycomb extrusion and continuous casting refractories.


Booth: 128

LouwersHanique BV/LLC

Leading specialist in the manufacturing of technical ceramic components and assembly technologies for a wide variety of high-tech industries. Their world class manufacturing environment, SPC controlled processes, leading edge metrology, standards compliance, and the company's exceptional engineering team allow customers to entrust LouwersHanique BV/LLC with challenges outside their core competencies.


Booth: 1010

Luoyang Zhengjie Science & Technology Industry Trade Co.,Ltd.

Luoyang Zhengjie Science & Technology Industry Trade Co Ltd is committed to research and production of chrome oxide green powder coating paint, which is widely used in refractory materials and chrome spray melt coating. Products have ISO 9001:2008 and SGS certification and are exported worldwide.



Booth: 549

Materials Technology Innovation, LLC

For high performance and hi-tech ceramics, MTI and Wuxi Tianyang provide equipment and technology to make micro- and mini-spheres with engineered microstructures. The production capacity of the equipment ranges from 200 grams per run to 2000 kilograms per hour. They are fully automatic, high efficiency and cost effective.


Booth: 443

Materion Ceramics Inc

Materion Ceramics Inc produces high-performance technical ceramics that enable customers to meet superior levels of performance. Its beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramics provide up to 325W/mK thermal conductivity at room temperatures (80% better than AlN), and its higher-purity alumina (Al2O3) has excellent wear and corrosion resistance properties.

Booth: 638

McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies LLC

McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies is a leader in developing and manufacturing the highest quality ceramic tubes and engineered components. McDanel produces high purity Alumina, Mullite, fully stabilized Zirconia, and Sialon products. McDanel has the staff and capabilities to provide superior products and dedicated service for an unparalleled range of applications.


Booth: 616

MEL Chemicals

MEL is a global manufacturer of high-quality zirconium-based chemicals, consisting of zirconium oxides, ready-to-press yttria and magnesia-doped grades, nanomaterials and ZTA for advanced ceramic applications in structural, sensors, SOFC and catalysis. MEL also offers a range of tin oxides for ceramic and advanced applications.

Booth: 1035

MemPro Materials Corporation

MemPro is the leading manufacturer of nanofibers for many industries, including catalytic processes, composites, batteries, filtration and medical products.

Booth: 1141

Micro Thermal Inc

Micro Thermal Inc. was incorporated in 1990, set up to bring quality ceramic processing machinery in a market where inconsistency in the quality of ceramic end-product such as uniformity in colour, hardness, surface finish is seriously lacking, and which inhibits global acceptance of the finished products, such as floor & wall tiles, trim pieces, decorative tiles, tableware, giftware and other decorative items etc. 


Booth: 940

Microdiamant USA, Inc.

Microdiamant provides high-performance solutions for precision surface finishing applications. They offer a complete range of micron diamond products, including diamond powders, slurries, compounds, and diamond grinding pads. Plus the R&D capabilities to tailor optimized solutions for specific customer requirements. Microdiamant is the preferred partner for precision surface finishing applications.


Booth: 235

Micromeritics Instrument Corp

Micromeritics manufactures and distributes automated analytical laboratory instruments measuring physical characteristics of powders and solids including particle size from nanometer to millimeter, particle shape, surface area, porosity, material density, zeta potential, bench top SEM and powder cohesion and flow / segregation as well as a contract service laboratory.


Booth: 1131

Microtrac Inc

Microtrac strives to provide the materials characterization world with innovative, reliable, and repeatable particle analysis instrumentation. Microtrac instruments accurately measure particle size and shape, zeta potential, 3-D image analysis, molecular weight, and dust characterization. Our instruments are used in virtually every industry, from ceramics to metal powders.


Booth: 1224

Midwest Circuit Technology

Midwest Circuit Technology offers the widest variety of solid carbide and diamond abrasive tooling products in the US. Primarily focused on micro to miniature End Mills, Drill Bits and Diamond plated Rotary Files. Industries served include Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive, Medical, and more.


Booth: 928

Midwestern Industries

Get unmatched customer service and the confidence that comes with owning a Midwestern screening machine. Their sales/service personnel are trained to help optimize costumer's screening process and provide cost saving screening solutions. Midwestern offers a full line of screening equipment, replacement screens and parts for most makes and models.


Booth: 431


Established in 2010, Millennitek is a Technical Ceramics manufacturer specializing in both oxide and non-oxide materials. Their capabilities include isostatic pressing, uniaxial pressing, slip casting, vacuum casting and machining of hard ceramic components. Their materials include boron carbide, silicon carbide, boron carbide composites, zirconia and alumina.


Booth: 140

Mindrum Precision, Inc.

Mindrum Precision is a custom manufacturer of precision components and assemblies in engineered and conventional materials. This includes but is not limited to glass, quartz, ceramics, sapphire, aluminum, titanium, copper and stainless steel. They specialize in 5-axis milling of tight-tolerances, complex geometry components and work in prototype and production quantities.


Booth: 218

Mo-Sci Corp

Mo-Sci Corporation is a manufacturer of highly specialized glass materials. Mo-Sci takes great care in providing technical glass powders, glass microspheres, and custom glass melting for health care, electronics, adhesives and other industrial applications. Some products offered are bioactive glass, sealing glasses, bondline spacers, fluorescent and porous glasses.

Booth: 331

MoistTech Corp.

Moisture measurement and control is a crucial aspect in ceramic applications. MoistTech's IR3000 Moisture Sensor allows customers to do instant, non-contact, continuous moisture measurement. The unique feature of the IR3000 is that it is able to monitor the product even with small gaps in product flow without impacting accuracy.

Booth: 809

Monofrax LLC

In 1949, production of Monofrax fused cast refractories began in our plant in Falconer, New York. Today, Monofrax LLC is an independent company whose fused cast refractories are used worldwide for glass melting, steel reheat, light metal electrolytic reduction cells, nuclear waste vitrification, coal gasification and black liquor gasification.


Booth: 325

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials uses a wide range of specialist, high-specification materials that have extraordinary attributes and properties. Engineered into products, they deliver enhanced performance, often under extreme conditions. Their advanced and thermal ceramics products provide application solutions in aerospace to energy markets.


Booth: 1242

MTI Corp

MTI supplies ceramic, crystal, metallic substrates from A-Z and Nanopowder. MTI also provides laboratory R&D equipment including alloy melting, casting, annealing, sectioning, polishing, mixing machines, high temperature muffle and tube furnaces, pressing machines, film coaters, high vacuum systems, high-pressure furnaces, RTP furnaces, hydrogen furnaces, as well as compact XRD/XRF.



Booth: 229

Nabaltec AG

Nabaltec AG manufactures, develops and distributes highly specialized products based on aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide and other raw materials. The company's product range includes halogen-free flame retardant fillers and eco-friendly additives for the plastics industry and also base materials for use in technical ceramics, the refractory industry and catalysis.


Booth: 142


Nabertherm, with 450 employees worldwide, has been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of Nabertherm’s commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency.

Booth: 1024

Nanmac Corporation

Nanmac worked with NASA Engineers to develop very unique temperature sensors to test rocket motors, these initial successful efforts led to commercial applications in heat treating, ceramics, sintering, Sapphire glass (2100C) and calibration to 1700C. 55+ years later, Nanmac has continued to innovate and has introduced new products and solutions. 


Booth: 304


NanoE is a supplier of high-purity ceramic nanopowders, such as alumina, zirconia, ZTA and ATZ composites. NanoE provides ready-to-use standard and tailor-made products designed to perfectly match customers needs and processes. NanoE products are used in biomedical applications, fluid handling, coatings, cutting tools, aerospace, jewelry and wear-resistant parts.


Booth: 919

Nanoscience Instruments, Inc.

Nanoscience Instruments provides surface science, microscopy and nanotechnology solutions to customers in the ceramics and composites industry. Its team of scientists and engineers have diverse backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, physics and engineering to provide support and service to help customers find the solutions they need.

Booth: 100

Netzsch Instruments NA LLC

Thermal analysis & thermal properties instruments plus contract testing; new dilatometers for thermal expansion & sintering studies, simultaneous TGA-DSC for mass change & energetics up to 2400C with evolved gas analysis by MS, FTIR, and QMS. Highest accuracy specific heat by DSC. Thermal diffusivity & conductivity by laser flash analysis.


Booth: 548

Netzsch Premier Technologies

NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC. is the North American subsidiary of the globally operated group of NETZSCH companies. NETZSCH is a leading manufacturer of wet grinding and dispersing machinery, including media milling, dispersing and de-aerating from lab research to full-scale production.


Booth: 1019

Nikon Corporation

Nikon has begun providing ceramic coatings, utilizing know-how in glass and optical product development and manufacturing accumulated over many years. Nikon ceramics coatings can be applied to roller for automobile parts manufacturing, plasma- resistant parts,saggar/setter for electronic parts and crucible for crystal growth.


Booth: 408

Ningbo Cathay

Ningbo Cathay Pacific Ceramics Co., Ltd. (CAPA) is a professional ceramic components manufacturer from China. CAPA locating in Ningbo Fenghua economic development zone, was established in 1995. CAPA is specialized in technical ceramics (or advanced ceramics or industrial ceramics), manufacturing and processing Alumina (95%, 96%, 97%, 99%, 99.5%, and 99.7%), Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Cordierite, and Steatite. CAPA is certificated of ISO9001 and ISO14001, with a strict and effective quality control system to ensure every piece of product is inspected in every step. With stable quality, competitive price and prompt delivery, CAPA’s products are exported to worldwide, mainly to Europe (30%), USA (25%), and Japan (25%).

Booth: 1134

Noritake / DJA

NORITAKE, leader in thermal technologies for over 100 years, specifically for ceramics, with vast know-how in firing challenging materials. Experience includes roller hearth kilns, purification kilns, ultra-high-temperature pusher kilns and others. Please see half-page ad in this Show Guide.

Booth: 337

NSL Analytical Services Inc

NSL Analytical Services, Inc. is an Independent Commercial Testing Laboratory specializing in Inorganic Elemental Chemical Analysis, Metallurgical and Microscopy Evaluations and Polymer Materials Testing. Specializing in advanced materials and ceramics testing for multiple verticals including the aerospace, nuclear and healthcare industries, NSL carries the accreditations you need.


Booth: 518

Nutec Bickley

Nutec Bickley designs and manufactures kilns to fire ceramics for the following industries: sanitaryware, technical ceramics, electroporcelain insulators, refractories, heavy clay and special applications. Its kilns are designed in temperature ranges from 90°C up to 1,760°C (195-3,200°F).

Booth: 924

Nyacol Nano Technologies Inc

Nyacol is a leading producer of inorganic fine-particle materials. It specializes in the development and manufacture of sub-100nm metal oxide materials as water-based colloidal sols, hydrocarbon-based colloidal dispersions, fine-particle powders, polymer concentrates and dispersions. Its products have diverse applications in catalysts, ceramics, flame retardants, PET film/bottles and more.


Booth: 400

OptiPro Systems

OptiPro Systems, located in the greater Rochester (NY) area, has 35 years of experience developing and manufacturing precision optical fabrication machines and metrology systems. OptiPro's extensive lineup of solutions includes the OptiSonic Series of ultrasonic machining centers, ideal for efficient and precise manufacturing of ceramic materials and components.


Booth: 822

Orbis Machinery, LLC

Orbis Machinery manufactures Ball Mills, Mixers, Blenders and Dryers for industry, With over 60 years of combined process and engineering knowledge, Orbis Machinery can provide equipment based solutions for your process needs.


Booth: 110

Orbite Technologies Inc

Orbite Technologies is a North American producer of very high-purity alumina, with a purity range starting at 99.99% to purity levels above 99.999%. It can produce different phases of alumina (alpha, gamma, etc.) and can adjust the particle size distribution, the surface area and other characteristics to suit customer applications.


Booth: 713


PANalytical provides solutions for the chemical and structural analysis of a wide variety of materials. They are a total solution supplier, not limited to the supply of instruments but also sample preparation by fusion for XRF and ICP, automation, and the expertise to get the best out of your investment. PANalytical solutions are based upon analytical technologies like X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. Visit booth 713 and learn about our latest analytical X-ray systems well suited for ceramics and nanomaterials, including benchtop XRF and the new Aeris benchtop XRD system, which delivers best in class data quality, speed, ease of use, and automation capability.           


Booth: 440

Paul O. Abbe

For over 100 years PAUL O. ABBE has designed and manufactured all types of mills for wet or dry size reduction down to 1 micron. These include alumina lined mills, steel ball mills, polyurethane lined mills, one piece ceramic mills, laboratory jars and heavy duty jar rolling mills.


Booth: 649

PCL Ceramics

Based in King's Lynn, PCL Ceramics has over twenty-three years’ experience in product development in ceramic technology and offer a truly innovative range of products. PCL Ceramics specialises in a range of high pressure casting systems including, casting machines, moulds and materials.


Booth: 144

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

PI Ceramic manufacturers a wide selection of both “soft” and “hard” piezoelectric ceramic materials including lead-free piezoceramic. Internationally recognized for extremely high quality piezo components such as disks, plates, rings, hemispheres, spheres, and micro piezo tubes, PI Ceramic is your technical expert and partner for your critical ultrasonic application. 


Booth: 719

Piezo Kinetics, Inc.

Piezo Kinetics Inc is a manufacturer of piezoceramic shapes, both standardized and customized. The company offers the following services: engineering collaboration, value-added manufacturing, value-added services and piezo material developments for application-specific performance.

Booth: 901

Poco Graphite

POCO Graphite Ceramics provide designers with the ability to create complex, intricate and lightweight components without the need for extensive machining in the ceramic state. This allows OEMs in the semiconductor, aerospace, energy and manufacturing industries to create custom components that are not possible with traditional ceramics.

Booth: 1117

Polymer Chemistry Innovations

Polymer Chemistry Innovations’ superior ceramic binder, Aquazol® (poly-2-ethyloxazoline), offers best-in-class green strength coupled with advanced thermal stability. Aquazol® is a cost-effective and easy-to-use binder that features a clean burnout with no formaldehyde and reduces greenware loss from unzipping.


Booth: 111

Powder Processing & Technology LLC

Powder Processing & Technology performs process development and contract manufacturing on a wide range of ceramic and inorganic chemical powders. PPT has a fully equipped pilot plant as well as multiple production areas specializing in spray drying, calcining and firing to serve its clients in various industries.

Booth: 126

PowderPro AB

PowderPro AB, Sweden, develops, manufactures and sells equipment for freeze granulation, i.e. spray freezing and subsequent freeze drying – spray freeze drying. Applications are in ceramics, PM, diamond tools, nanopowders, LED lighting, pharmaceutical, biomaterial, thermal spraying, R&D labs, powder processing and granulation. Freeze granulation – the way to optimal powder processing!

Booth: 227

Power Pusher, A Division of Nu-Star Inc.

Nu-Star’s Power Pusher® improves operator safety, reduces manpower and increases plant floor productivity by transporting heavy loads fast and without excess exertion. Enabling a single person to maneuver from 500 up to 50,000 pounds with total control, the electrically powered, compact tug replaces large, expensive material handling equipment.


Booth: 127

Precision Ceramics USA

Precision Ceramics is an internationally recognized expert in developing custom technical ceramic solutions. It offers a broad range of high-performance ceramics and ultra-precise machining services to rapidly produce bespoke components for every application.

Booth: 509

PremaTech Advanced Ceramics

PremaTech Advanced Ceramics machines, grinds, laps & polishes basic and complex components made of various technical ceramics and other engineered materials. For more than 30 years, PremaTech has been an industry leader in application-adaptive ceramic machining and processing.


Booth: 1023


Procedyne is a fluid bed technology, equipment and services company. Specializing in fine-particle, high-temperature and controlled-atmosphere processes, they offer custom-engineered fluid bed thermal process systems, in-house toll processing of materials, and testing and development services. Systems perform drying, calcinations, reductions, oxidations, activations, etc. They handle catalysts, metals, carbons, ceramics, etc.


Booth: 732

Promat Inc

Using Promat Inc's thermal engineering expertise, ultra-efficient microporous insulation, and structural calcium silicate insulation they design and deliver optimal solutions to the most demanding thermal problems. From concept to full-scale production Promat Inc enable customers to scale their ideas into sustainable systems.


Booth: 434


PSC designs and manufactures Radio Frequency (RF) dryers as well as combination dryers using convection, infrared and RF technologies with their parent company, Litzler. Ceramics are dried more uniformly and drying times are reduced from hours to minutes. Applications include: powders, ceramic fiber products, foams, honeycomb substrates and coatings.




Booth: 508

Qingdao Terio Corporation

Terio is an international chemical company with four factories in China and a strong reputation in zirconium, rare earth and barium products and precious metal compounds. All of its products adhere to ISO 9000-series international standards for quality assurance.


Booth: 309


Qingdao Western Coast Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (WAM) established in 2007 and located in the beautiful coastal city – Qingdao, is a leading manufacturer of wide range of mullite insulating bricks worldwide.


Booth: 512

Quantachrome Instruments

Quantachrome Instruments is a global leader in laboratory material characterization instrumentation for analysis of porous materials and powders. 


Booth: 1113

Quarte Inc.

Quarte Inc. specializes in manufacturing fused silica products. They produce fused silica ingot, grain and powder in different range of sizes and grades. The company also produces other fused silica products in different shapes and sizes. Quarte Inc. products are widely used in ceramics, refractory, solar, investment casting, etc.



Booth: 941

Rauschert Industries, Inc

Rauschert Industries, Inc. is a global manufacturer of custom technical ceramics for high temperature, wear and corrosion applications. Products include machine and electronic components; pump and valve parts; textile and wear components; and filtration membranes. Serves industrial, chemical, medical, electronic and food processing industries. Founded in Germany in 1898; it is still an independent company.


Booth: 516

Raymond Bartlett Snow, Arvos Group

RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW/ARVOS Group provides innovative and reliable solutions for today's industrial mineral and thermal processing applications. Original manufacturer of Raymond roller, bowl, imp and vertical mills and Bartlett-Snow rotary calciners, dryers, coolers and kilns. They supply OEM replacement parts, pilot plant testing and technical services.

Booth: 609

Regal Diamond Products

Regal Diamond Products has been a leader in the superabrasives industry since 1958. Our superabrasives products have proven that they are cost effective in grinding tough materials such as hardened steel,ceramics,carbide sprayed titanium,stainless steel and other super alloys used in aircraft, automotive, medical and other related industries.


Booth: 700

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers provides solutions for a broad range of mixing and processing applications. Patented ResonantAcoustic Mixers (RAM) deliver quality and competitiveness not thought possible. RAMs eliminate impellers, mixing 10 times faster than traditional methods. RAM allows directly scalable mixing, with nominally equivalent mixing times from 500g through 420kg.

Booth: 619

Riedhammer GmbH

RIEDHAMMER GmbH is the leading manufacturer of kiln plants worldwide. They custom design and build kilns for technical ceramics, electronics, battery powders, advanced materials and special applications for oxide and non-oxide atmospheres up to 1800°C. Their scope of kilns and furnaces contains high quality batch, tunnel and rotary kilns.


Booth: 413

Rigaku Americas

Rigaku manufactures XRD and XRF instruments for research, testing, industrial process control and product development: the MiniFlex benchtop XRD, Supermini 200 benchtop WDXRF systems, Ultima IV, SmartLab diffractometers with SAXS, D/MAX RAPID II micro-diffraction systems, S-MAX3000 small-angle scattering systems, ZSX Primus series, WDXRF spectrometers, with tube-above or tube-below configurations.

Booth: 718

Robocasting Enterprises LLC

Robocasting Enterprises is a leader in 3D printing of functional ceramics. Robocasting specializes in revolutionary lattice structures for molten-metal filtration, catalysis, and bone scaffolds and economical crucibles for thermal analysis and custom labware. Since 2007, Robocasting has produced millions of parts and transformed 3D printing into a versatile manufacturing process.

Booth: 1230


At RoboVent, clean air is more than business — it’s their passion. They are driven by the knowledge that the work RoboVent do directly impacts the health, safety and quality of life for thousands of manufacturing workers in the U.S. and around the globe. The compnay already helped to improve the lives of 110,000+ people with clean air remedies, and this year they hope to help 10,000 more.


Booth: 1025

Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials Boron Nitride products is a renowned leader in producing a full spectrum of Boron Nitride material solutions for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, ceramic manufacturing, electronics, semiconductors, metal working and cosmetics. Boron Nitride products are manufactured as powders, solid finished components and blanks, aqueous coatings, as well as solid source dopants.  Custom end use products are their specialty, including custom solid shapes, powder formulations and others.  They can work with customers from initial development to final implementation of the application, and at any step in between.


Booth: 712

Saint-Gobain Ceramics

Working in partnership with customers to develop innovation and sustainable solutions is Saint-Gobain Ceramics’ passion. With brands such as Hexoloy, Durafrax, Hammerfrax, Crystar and Silit, Saint-Gobain offers a range of products to meet the most critical needs in applications involving high temperature, corrosion, abrasion, wear or impact resistance.

Booth: 812

Sandvik Heating Technology

Kanthal is a world-leading brand for products and services in the area of high temperature industrial heating technology and resistance materials.


Booth: 519


Sauereisen: a leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty cements. Its complete family of more than 20 inorganic adhesives and potting compounds is engineered to meet specific requirements. Its line of high-temperature performance cements is used for bonding ceramic, metal and glass in the electrical, mechanical, metallurgical and sensors/instruments markets.

Booth: 813

SCHOTT North America Inc

SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. It strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The group maintains a global presence with production sites and sales offices in 35 countries.

Booth: 724

Seneca Ceramics

Seneca Ceramics Corp specializes in design/manufacture of ceramic component parts. The company's unique capabilities allow it to rapidly prototype/produce porous/dense ceramics in a wide range of complex shapes/surfaces. It can quickly create high-quality bodies from a wide range of materials, while tailoring micro structure, porosity and surface chemistry.

Booth: 641

Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

Sequoia Scientific has been manufacturing robust and field deployable laser particle size analyzers for 22 years.The LISST-Portable|XR is their self-contained, battery powered, portable particle size analyzer. Same features as larger particle size analyzers but does not require a PC or power to collect and view particle size distributions.


Booth: 510

Setaram Inc

SETARAM Instrumentation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance thermal analyzers, calorimeters, gas sorption and high-pressure mass spectroscopy instruments. It offers complete and dedicated solutions for different applications such as pharmaceuticals and life science, advanced materials, energy, process safety, and much more.

Booth: 403

Shandong Goldensun Zirconium Industry Co.,Ltd

Shandong Goldensun Zirconium Industry Co., Ltd is a major and the largest zirconium products manufactures in North China. It specialized in the research and development of  zirconium silicate and zircon flour for more than 20 years to make the arrange of the particles size keeps narrow and quality stable.Now the products from Goldensun are widely used in the ceramics, glaze, artificial jewels, high-grade fireproof materials and the aerospace industry and sold to more than 20 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, etc. The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and SGS system and accompanied with Tsinghua Universtiy to develop and produce the “National Standard Zirconium Silicate” Samples.

Booth: 503

Shandong Guiyuan Advanced Ceramics Co., Ltd

Founded in 1958, Shandong Guiyuan Advanced Ceramics Co., Ltd has more than 50 years experience in inorganic non-metallic materials. The company mainly focuses on advanced ceramic, senior fine porcelain, ceramic raw material, special refractory material. They provide products and services to paper, military, aviation, metallurgical and power industries.

Booth: 913

Shandong Pengcheng Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Shandong Pengcheng Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd(PENSC)specializing in development and production of boron nitride and its composite Ceramics. PENSC has developed a variety of boron nitride ceramics products, to be used in manufacture of amorphous alloy strip, Ultra-high temperature furnaces, steel casting industry, semi-conductor, micro-electronics, aerospace and other industries. 

Booth: 911

Showa Denko America Inc.

Showa Denko is a leading Japanese chemical engineering firm serving a number of fields. Formed in 1939, Showa Denko manufactures a wide array of ceramic materials, including alumina, boron nitride, and cubic boron nitride sintered compact cutting inserts. Showa Denko has more than 150 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.


Booth: 836


Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. With approximately 348,000 employees in more than 190 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of $86.2 billion in fiscal 2015. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $22.4 billion, including $5.5 billion in exports, and employs approximately 50,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Siemens is your partner in all aspects of ceramics manufacturing offering a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services. Siemens supports the ceramics industry on an industrial scale enhancing flexibility and efficiency processes and reducing the time to market.


Booth: 818

Sigma Advanced Materials

Sigma Advanced Materials specializes in ceramic-to-metal joining and thick film coatings. Drawing on years of proven experience with advanced materials, the company seeks to develop consistently reliable, innovative solutions.

Booth: 1243

Specialty Glass Inc.

SGI utilizes innovative production techniques which have allowed us to become a leading manufacturer specializing in glass melting, up to 1650C, and processing for a wide range of industries. These include glass solutions for abrasives, diamond grinding wheels, aerospace, automotive, dental materials, fungus control, electronics and many other industrial applications.


Booth: 1017

SPEX SamplePrep, LLC

SPEX SamplePrep provides superior sample preparation equipment. Stop by their booth to see their products. The Katanax® Fluxers prepare fused beads for XRF analysis and solutions for AA, ICP, and wet chemistry analysis. The X-Press® is a 35 ton laboratory press idea for pressing sample pellets for XRF.


Booth: 419

Superior Graphite Co.

Superior Graphite specializes in processing of alpha-silicon carbide and electro-thermal synthesis of beta-silicon carbide. Sinter-Pur ceramic powders feature: low fracture toughness, extreme hardness, thermal conductivity, inert properties and optimized grain sizes. Superior Graphite also specializes in thermal treatment/purification, advanced sizing, grinding, and pressureless sintered ceramic tiles production for armor systems.


Booth: 418

Superior Technical Ceramics

Superior Technical Ceramics provides ceramic material solutions and now manufacturers up 22” diameter grind blanks. Their ceramics are suited for extreme temperature, corrosion, electrical isolation, high strength and pressure. They supports prototyping and production designs. STC will suggest materials and design-to-manufacture aspects of ceramic materials to solve your application problems.


Booth: 232

Swindell Dressler International

Swindell Dressler has serviced the ceramic industry for 100 years. The company custom designs tunnel, shuttle, bell and roller hearth kilns. Customers include the structural clay, whiteware, technical ceramics and carbon graphite industries. They also design kiln car handling equipment, and can provide a turnkey solution to your project.



Booth: 210

TA Instruments - Water Corporation LLC

TA Instruments provides innovative technology for thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry, and thermophysical property measurements of polymers, ceramics, metals and more. See its complete line of tools for measurements of Thermal Diffusivity by the Flash Method, Thermal Conductivity and Dilatometry for materials from -150°C to 2800°C.


Booth: 840

Tateho Ozark Technical Ceramics, Inc

Tateho Ozark Technical Ceramics is the only Manufacturer of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Crucibles, Trays, and Extrusions in High Density and Crushable forms. 


Booth: 619

Team by SACMI Laeis GmbH

TEAM brings together the technological expertise and consolidated experience of six leading names in the field of ceramics, within the SACMI group. LAEIS is a leading supplier of high-performance hydraulic presses up to 6,500 t for the ceramic industry. RIEDHAMMER provides high-quality batch, tunnel and rotary kilns. SAMA provides extrusion and shaping machines and technologies, ALPHA Ceramics provides pilot plant services and developments, GAIOTTO provides handling and automation expertise and SACMI provides body preparation. TEAM by SACMI  as alliance provides integrated services for technologies for turnkey solutions for ceramic manufacturing.


Booth: 600

Tecera International Co LTD

Tecera is producer of alumina ceramic products in China. Their main products including ceramic grinding media, wear resistant alumina ceramic tile, cylinder, rubber ceramic panel,  hex mat, as well as alumina carrier and bed support media.

Booth: 1012

Technogenia Lasercarb Oklahoma Inc.

Lasercarb® by Technogenia, the innovators of hardfacing process technology, are strategically applying engineered Technolase® powders with Spherotene®, a spherical cast tungsten carbide, to extend component life against abrasion and erosion in these industries: brick and clay, oilfield tools, mining, tunnelling, construction, agriculture, pumps and valves, plastics, food processing, boiler tube


Booth: 1004

Tethon 3D

Tethon 3D is the world leader in ceramic materials for additive manufacturing. Tethon 3D sells a variety of photo-curing resins, including Porcelite, Flexalite, Vitrolite and Genesis as well as Tethonite ceramic powder. These materials are widely used on most powder/jet binder, SLA, DLP and CLIP 3D printer systems.


Booth: 343

TevTech LLC

TevTech provides custom designed vacuum furnaces and components for CVD, CVI, sintering, annealing and purification systems. From laboratory to production furnaces, with metal or graphite hot zones, high vacuum to atmospheric pressure, temperatures to 3,000C and exceptional automated control systems for improved product quality. Worldwide commissioning, training and service.


Booth: 1112

Textile Products, Inc.

Textile Products Inc. develops and manufacturers high performance textile structures for a variety of composite applications. These applications include Ceramic Matrix, Carbon/Carbon and polymer resin systems. Fabric form's include, 2D, 3D, multi-layer, and custom designs to meet unique customer requirements. Reinforcements utilized include ceramic, carbon, quartz and aramid yarns.


Booth: 308

The American Ceramic Society

The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) is working in partnership with UK-based exhibition organizer Smarter Shows to launch a brand new event for the ceramics industry, Ceramics Expo. As the founding partner of Ceramics Expo 2015, ACerS will play a pivotal role in establishing the event to become the central meeting place for ceramics manufacturers to meet with customers and suppliers.


Booth: 1126

The Ultran Group

Ultran is the inventor of modern non-contact ultrasound and a leading innovator in the development of transducers, systems and services for advanced materials testing and characterization. For over three decades they have been building unique ultrasonic devices targeted towards cost-effective production, saving customers time and energy. Ultran translate their advanced research and technology into value for clients by developing applications that test and characterize materials in the early stages of formation.


Booth: 300

The Young Industries Inc

Young Industries is a value-engineering-based manufacturer of bulk materials handling equipment. It is expert in the handling of pigments, clays and other hard-to-handle products by using TransFlow Technology in bulk bag unloaders, bin dischargers, rotary valves and conveyors that are safe, trouble-free to install, simple to maintain and easy to operate

Booth: 1116

Thermal Technology LLC

Thermal Technology, LLC is a diversified technology company with innovative equipment and solutions for the global market. Their 70+ years of scientific expertise in advanced thermal processing includes high temperature laboratory and production equipment, hot presses, and spark plasma sintering systems.


Booth: 317

Thermaltek Inc.

Thermaltek designs and manufactures custom high-temperature kilns and metallic resistance heating elements for a broad spectrum of industrial applications including technical ceramics, electronics, fuel cells, optical fibers, calcining, glass, crystal growing and non-ferrous metal melting and holding. Complete engineering and fabrication capabilities. Serving industry for over 25 years.

Booth: 411

Thermcraft Inc

Thermcraft is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality thermal processing equipment. The company manufactures low- and high-temperature laboratory and production furnaces and ovens. With over 44 years’ experience, Thermcraft can help find the solution that fits users’ needs. At Thermcraft, customer service is the number one priority.

Booth: 702

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. With applications that span from temperature control testing to process cooling/heating – we provide a broad range of products and services that support manufacturers utilizing ceramic materials and components, including glass, semiconductor, automotive, chemical, aerospace, medical, electronics, military and environmental technology.

Booth: 1240


PLANETARY CENTRIFUGAL NO BUBBLE MIXER: Mixes, disperses, and degasses materials (0.5g to 20kg) in minutes. With or without the use of built-in vacuum pump. NANO PULVERIZER: Pulverizes your materials to Nano-size "In Minutes" with very sharp particle size dispersion. Built-in Chiller (-20øC) contributes to sustain Crystallinity.

Booth: 843


TOTO will introduce a product line-up of advanced ceramics materials, including low-thermal-expansion ceramics, high-rigidity ceramics and ceramic film by Aerosol Deposition process, which received the Prime Minister’s Award in 2015. TOTO will also exhibit HYDROTECT technology that provides a unique self-cleaning protective coating for a wide variety of applications.

Booth: 726

Trans-Tech (a subsidiary of Skyworks Solutions)

Skyworks, through its Trans-Tech subsidiary, is an industry leader in technical ceramic materials with over 60 years of advanced ceramics expertise. With in-house manufacturing capability, their technical ceramics team can deliver materials that range from custom particle size distributions for thermal barrier coatings and fuel cells, to machined precision components.


Booth: 124

TraTech Corp.

Tratech Corp unveiled the revolutionary AGS ceramic machining  CNC machine – Proudly Made in the USA – This state-of-the-art technological innovation is faster, better and their results of machined parts have no edge chips or micro fractures. Their AGS CNC machine reduces operating costs and dramatically improves the productivity of our customers’ operations which reduces costly downtimes yielding higher net profits.  No other machine comes close to our rapid rate of ceramic removal. AGS is a complete system and very user-friendly.


Booth: 817

Treibacher Industrie AG

Treibacher Industry AG is an Austrian based international company that develops and manufactures high performance ceramic powders. Products include the full range of rare-earths, yttrium oxide, yttria stabilised zirconia, carbides, borides, and nitride powders. Key markets served include bio and dental ceramics, thermal spray coatings, and electro and functional ceramics.

Booth: 828

TRS Technologies

TRS Technologies is a world leader in piezoelectric and dielectric materials technology. The company specializes in single-crystal ceramic manufacturing which provides a broader band of strain energy density. TRS Technologies collaborate closely with costumers to provide a high performance, custom solution for their application. 



Booth: 1035

UK – Midlands Engine – Technical Ceramics

The Midlands Engine initiative aims to boost economic growth across the Midlands in the UK; through trade and investment. In particular technical ceramics and through advanced materials applied to industries including automotive, aerospace, energy and medical.


Booth: 805

Ultra Electronics - Furnace Parts

Ultra Electronics - Furnace Parts is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of industrial thermocouples, including base metal, mineral insulated (MgO) and noble metal assemblies. It offers protection tubes, thermowells, RTDs, insulated thermocouple wire and hardware. Calibrations are performed in the company’s in-house ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory, to AMS2750E and Nadcap specifications.

Booth: 225

Unimin Corp

Unimin produces and markets kaolin and ball clays, whole grain and ground silica, calcium carbonate, feldspar, and nepheline syenite for pressed wares, cast wares, formed wares, enamel and ceramic-powder applications. Operations throughout North America.

Booth: 703

Union Process Inc

Union Process manufactures a broad line of particle size reduction equipment such as wet and dry grinding Attritors and small media mills, in laboratory and production sizes. They also offer a wide assortment of grinding media and provide toll milling, laboratory testing, and particle size analysis.

Booth: 809

Universal Laser Systems, Inc.

Universal Laser Systems is an engineering/manufacturing company founded in 1988 and a leading global provider of CO2 and fiber laser systems that cut, mark, and engrave thousands of materials. We are recognized experts in laser materials interactions and advanced materials processing in Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, and Packaging. Booth #608.

Booth: 601

US Stoneware

U.S. Stoneware manufactures heavy duty monolithic ceramic ball mills, jar rolling mills, milling jars, grinding media, drum tumblers, drum rollers and a host of additional equipment to meet our customers milling, grinding and blending needs in sizes from 0.3 to 795 liters.



Booth: 939

US Union Tool

U.S. UNION TOOL, INC. will introduce a revolutionary diamond coated carbide tool for milling Cemented Carbide & Hard Brittle Materials. Direct milling the “Ceramics” to reduce cycle-time and cost compared to conventional EDM processing. UDC series, with more than 222 models includes End Mills, Drills and Thread Mills.



Booth: 835


Vac-U-Max is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems for handling various materials including fine powders, combustible dusts, and other wet/dry materials. Product range includes portable and central systems including HEPA-filtered, air-only (non-electric) combustible dust vacs, continuous-duty, combination wet/dry, and others dependent on application.


Booth: 131

Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC

Vanderbilt Minerals LLC is celebrating 100 years as a supplier and partner to its customers. It remains a reliable global source of US-mined minerals for ceramics and refractories. These include: wollastonite, refractory-grade pyrophyllite, ceramic-grade pyrophyllite, kaolin clay, smectite clay, and DARVAN dispersion agents.

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Verder Scientific, Inc

Verder Scientific Inc., comprised of the Retsch, Carbolite Gero, and ELTRA brands sets the standard in high-tech scientific equipment serving research institutions, analytical laboratories as well as manufacturing companies for decades. The company manufactures and supplies instruments for sample preparation, elemental analysis as well as heat treatment of solid materials.


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Vorti-Siv / MM Industries, Inc.

Vorti-Siv in Salem, OH manufactures a full range of center and side discharge gyratory and ultrasonic sieves, separators and screens in sizes for lab to pilot and production processes along with a liquid line of self-cleaning filtration systems. They also offer manual sieves and a complete re-screening service.



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Warner Power

Warner Power is a leader in the design and manufacturing of electrical transformers, as well as high-precision, specialty electrical power supplies. Warner Power provides highly reliable electrical power products serving the industrial heating and heat treatment, motor drive systems, elevator systems and medical equipment markets.

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Washington Mills Electro Minerals Corporation

Washington Mills is one of the world’s largest producers of abrasives and fused mineral products, offering an exceptionally wide line of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals from its worldwide multi-plant locations.


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Weifang Zhida Special Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Weifang Zhida Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd is located in Weifang China, and specializes in producing reaction bonded silicon carbide products. They manufacture high performance silicon carbide products at the European standard and provide system designs for customers. Weifang Zhida Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd export to more than 20 countries including USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, India, Turkey, UK, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Iran, etc. 


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Werner G. Smith, Inc

R. Incorporated in 1950, Werner G. Smith Inc. is a multi-million dollar enterprise. They use biodegradable, bio-sustainable, and bio-renewable ingredients to produce additives most commonly used in machining, metal-working, ceramics, coatings and paint.


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Xieta International, S.L.

Xieta is a Spanish company specialized on production and supplying of raw and auxiliary materials, especially alumina powder, alumina NanoBeads and high density alumina balls and linings for milling. From their warehouses located in Spain, Brazil, Poland, India, Mexico and P.R. of China, Xieta distributes to over 40 countries worldwide



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Yixing Zhong Run Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd.

Yixing Zhong Run Ceramics Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing company that specializes in pressing Industrial Ceramics. They make use of several forming and machining techniques to process components made from alumina ceramics, steatite ceramics, zirconia ceramics, cordierite ceramics,  corundum ceramics etc. These materials are used in applications that require wear or corrosion resistance, high temperature capability, abrasion resistant, electrical resistance. 

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YJC Co.,Ltd

YJC was established in 1987 and has been continually developing kiln furniture for firing electronic component materials such as positive electrode material, MLCC, ITO Target, Alumina substrate, technical ceramics, ferrite sheet, Soft/Hard ferrite, other ceramics chips. It has expanded into several industries base on its technological capacity of ceramic industry with bullet proof ceramic, in addition to ceramics brush and composite material.


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Yugyokuen Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Yugyokuen Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a one-stop manufacturer emphasizing the metallization on ceramics, brazing and welding for vacuum components, analytical instruments and NDI components. They also manufacture emitter applications for many companies.



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Zhengzhou Sunrise

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. is a large scale refractory supplier in China. Annual production capacity has reached 5000 tons already. Sunrise produces high quality fused cast AZS 33# 36# 41#, fused cast α-βalumina, fused cast skid rail block, silica brick and unshaped environment-friendly materials which is used in glass furnaces. Sunrise products have been exported to Asia, Europe and America etc.
Sunrise insists on the production flows of "selection of raw materials, proportioning, melting, mold processing, casting, annealing, heat preservation, surface processing, inspection, chemical and physical analysis, preassembly" to pursue "100% qualified products and 100% customers' satisfaction". 

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Zibo JC Eco-tech Co.,Ltd.

Zibo JC Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. devotes to the development and application of energy saving products and technology. JC energy saving electric furnace technology level leads the world and sells well more than 50 countries and regions. The company has became the world leader of professional medium and small furnace.


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ZIRCAR Ceramics Inc

ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. is a producer of ceramic fiber based low-mass high temperature thermal and electrical insulation products. Compositions for use at temperatures as high as 1825C. Includes rigid boards and cylinders, flexible blankets, papers, textiles, coatings and adhesives with a special emphasis on precision custom CNC machined components.


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Zircoa Inc.

Zircoa, a manufacturer and innovator of zirconia ceramics, was founded in response to a call from industry to push the limits of existing technology, which it has continued to do for over 60 years. Its refractories, technical ceramics and granular products provide solutions to keep customers at the leading edge.


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3DCeram is an ISO-certified producer of ceramics components made by a stereo lithography “printing” process. 3DCeram also designs and sells the printing machine and ancillary equipment in addition to developing custom material formulations for special applications. Standard materials are alumina and zirconia. Prototype quantity to millions of components.