Extend your knowledge with Ceramics Expo's free webinars on regulating medical devices for ceramics and the future of ceramic additive manufacturing. 

Navigating the World of Medical Standards and Regulations for Medical Devices

This webinar will help medical device and biomedical ceramic and glass manufacturers to understand the regulatory pathway for new product development, industry standards, and their implications for applications by discussing the following topics:

  • Navigating the regulatory framework for medical grade ceramic and glass and medical device product development
  • Outlining industry standards and how they can be utilized to optimize product development

Speaking companies include: Future Strategy Solutions, DLH Consulting, DSM Biomedical


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Creating Market Pull - Identifying Industry Requirements for Ceramic Additive Manufacturing in High Temperature and Wear Resistant Applications

This webinar investigates the opportunities for ceramic additive manufacturing in high temperature and wear resistant applications by looking at end-user industries such as automotive and their appetite for the technology; as well as their needs to support implementation and the industry’s response to these requirements. 

The webinar will answer key questions including:

  • Where are the opportunities for additive manufacturing in high temperature and wear resistant applications?
  • What do end users need from supply chain (i.e. what challenges need to be overcome) to enable implementation of ceramic additive manufacturing?
  • What is needed to enable a ceramic additive manufacturing supply chain?
  • What can be done to create opportunities for this technology?

Speaking companies include: Lithoz GmbH, Delphi Technologies, Johnson Matthey


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