April 25-27, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

the manufacturing tradeshow for ceramic materials and technologies
Founding Partner


Lithoz GmbH

“It was the first day and a good day for us. It is a good opportunity for us to come and contact the whole American market. It is great!” 

Johannes Benedikt, CTO, Lithoz GmbH

CeramTec North America Corp

“It has been a great first day. The traffic has been good. We have had a lot of nice inquiries. Really pleased with the first day. We have met with a lot of established customers and contacts that we have had projects and technical ventures with. And going forward we hope to make the same sorts of contacts for technical resources and people that we can partner with and have a successful year.”

Brad Kinard, Sales Manager, CeramTec North America Corp


“The show has been great so far. I was here last year and it has grown in the right direction. We are in the powder and raw material business and we see more and more ceramic manufacturers present here with high-quality applications. So that is very interesting for us.”

Hugues Roullier, Business Development Manager, Nanoe

Nutec Bickley

“We have been very impressed by the whole event, from the stand organization, to the meetings and seminars and, more importantly, the standard and volume of new and old customers we have managed to spend time with. It is bigger and better than last year and we have already rebooked for next year.”

Rodrigo González, Vice President, Ceramics Business Unit, Nutec Bickley

Innovnano Advanced Materials SA

“It has been great. It has been an easy decision to come back next year. We will be here.”

Paul Newbatt, Commercial Director, Innovnano Advanced Materials SA


“Speaking at the conference was really great. I got to meet several great panelists along with the people that were actually in the audience. I really enjoyed cross-networking with a lot of not only industry specialists but also prospective new customers. This show has allowed us to network and really find some new opportunities that may be outside our wheelhouse but be potential future business for us.”

Josh Pelletier, Technical Manager - Refractory, Kerneos

Toto USA Inc

“We have had a good experience so far, meeting with our prospective ceramic industry customers.”

Takayuki Ando, Senior Sales Manager, Toto USA Inc

Federal-Mogul Powertrain

“The experience [of speaking at the conference] was very good. The session was well attended. The material that I presented as well as Charles and Jing was very nicely dovetailed, so I think it went very well.”

Rich Keller, Product Engineering Director – Ignition, Federal-Mogul Powertrain

Advanced Glass and Ceramics

“We have met a lot of people that we have known throughout the years, and it is good to see them and chat and show them what we have done. We have met a few potential customers and that are really interesting and what we are here for.”

Charles Landry, Business Development Manager, Advanced Glass and Ceramics

Saint Gobain Boron Nitride

“It has been really good; we have a very good number of leads. We are meeting with some of the people from the research side of it, who are looking for new and innovative solutions from ceramic materials. That is always an interesting thing for us.”

Neelam Kumar, Product & Market Manager Boron Nitride, Saint Gobain Boron Nitride

Ferro Corporation

“We decided to have a booth based on last year. So far we have had great booth traffic. It is definitely worth the trip and definitely worth having a booth here. We have met with various suppliers and customers throughout the industry.”

Michael Kowalski, Business Manager, Ferro Corporation

Cleveland Vibrator Company

“It’s been great! This is our second year here. Last year we had a great show; this year the show is even bigger and better and we are glad to be back. Can’t wait to be back next year!”

Mike Stratis, Sales & Service Team Lead, Cleveland Vibrator Company


“It has been a great experience this year. We have made a lot of good contacts, met with some customers that are here exhibiting, and we got some good leads.”

Brian Vernon, Sales Account Manager, Du-Co

Fusion Ceramics Inc

“It’s been great. I have met a lot of customers here and seen a lot of our suppliers here as well, and it is well worth my time. A lot of vendors and suppliers here that we get to talk to; some of the papers were really good. Hopefully they will continue this for years to come.”

Wesley King, VP Sales and Marketing, Fusion Ceramics Inc

IPS Ceramics

“So far an excellent exhibition and we have booked again for next year. There was a lot of interest in our products… we have had a lot of inquiries. All in all, a very good exhibition.”

Phil Green, Sales Director, IPS Ceramics

Cleveland Vibrator Company

“We’ve enjoyed being front and center of this leading expo. We’re definitely back next year – we’ve rebooked already.”

Craig A Macklin, CEO, Cleveland Vibrator Company

Fritsch Milling and Sizing

“We are so very pleased and encouraged by our second year exhibiting at Ceramics Expo! Looking forward to expanding our involvement and presence for the third year – growing together with Ceramics Expo.”

Melissa Fauth, US Sales Director, Fritsch Milling and Sizing

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