“It’s been really interesting, I really enjoyed the first talk this morning, we had an overall perspective of the different segments of the ceramics industry that I’m siloed away as a researcher in the 3M specific focus, but being able to see the area of things that people are looking at are really interesting and then we are doing a lot of CMCs at 3M that someone was speaking earlier and hearing all the different segments of that was interesting. I only briefly got to walk around between those two, but the booths I did see were interesting, and I’m excited to see tomorrow” 

Gareth Hughes, Senior Research Engineer, 3M

"It has been great! It is my first time here so I am really excited to see all the other venders and interact with people that I don’t get to see that often. I can make contacts with people that I would have never would have been able to make if I was just at home in Corning." 

Conor Walsh, Engineering Associate, Corning Incorporated

"It has been a great show. CoorsTek has a lot of partners and friends at the show, so for us it really is a multi-purpose event. We meet here with existing partners and customers but we have also had the opportunity to meet with a lot of new customers."

Tod Jennings, Corp Tech Comm Writer, CoorsTek, Inc

 “I’m really impressed with the amount of traffic we’ve had this year, it’s definitely increased from the previous two years and the footprint has expanded which is really exciting both customers of ours exhibiting and the customers walking the show floor.” 

Wendy M. Evans, Marketing Communications, Morgan Advanced Materials

“It’s been a fantastic experience, it’s been a great show, I’ve learnt a lot and looking to go home and implement some things I’ve seen.”

Julien Mourou, Innovation, General Motors

"I do a lot of research work on ceramics with good thermal properties and there were a lot of [conference] sessions on the uses for ceramics with thermal connectivity properties, which helps with the work we are currently doing at Intel."

Dinesh Thanu PhD, Engineering TD Manager, Intel Corporation

"It has been a very good experience, we have met a lot of new contacts. This is our second year exhibiting and we have signed up again for next year. We think it is beneficial for our sales team but also for our engineering and manufacturing team for a supplier base."

John Mastrogiacomo, FC Business Development Manager, Kyocera International, Inc

"Events like Ceramics Expo help people who manufacture products, people who are in research and development, people who build machines to interact and work with one another."  

Chad White, OEM Business Developer for Building Material Industries, Siemens Industry Inc

"Ceramics Expo is one of the best exhibits we have attended. We find a lot of great conversations with individuals across a wide range of industries that ceramics plays a role in. Which is very important in our business because we also play a part in these different industries where we help to bring technologies to different people who need advancements in their material science, quality control and R&D."

Melissa Fauth, President/CEO, Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.

"This is my third time here; I have been here since the very beginning. This is probably the best show that I go to: well organised, great number of exhibitors, and great opportunities that we find every year."

Willie Hendrickson, CEO/Founder, Aveka

"Here at the Hitachi booth it’s going well, being really close to all the action has been essential for our business. It’s been back-to-back with demos and it’s been very successful” 

Jamil Clarke, Senior Applications Engineer, Hitachi High Technologies

“This is our second year at Ceramics Expo, last year we had participated and had a booth, we actually brought equipment to do demonstrations and it’s proven to be a benefit so far. I’m liking the talks, pretty informative being a new comer to the ceramics industry” 

Ron Colavecchia, Director of Optics Technology, OptiPro

“It’s been great, it’s my first time at the show, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I went to a couple of the talks which were very informative and seeing where the industry is going and the new advancements that they are making, but also seeing the new stuff in the industry and having the ability to talk to people face-to-face.”

Michale DeMarco, Business Development, BassTech International

"Events like Ceramics Expo give us the ability to contact people we wouldn’t normally have access to. We stay in our own silos in our companies, so getting the ability to exchange ideas, meet people, and find out these things that exist is great for us."

Leon Grossman PE, Principal Engineer, DMC Inc

"It has been a fantastic show. We have come over from Germany specially to show off our new materials. We have seen a really good response, people coming up to our booth, and have had very good discussions."

Michael Rozumek, Global Technical Director, Morgan Advanced Materials 

"It’s been great. I think the more we come here, the more we like it. We would like to come back again next year."

Hugues Roullier, Sales Engineer, Nanoe


"It has been excellent! We have had a lot of traffic. We have had a lot of solid inquires which we believe will end with orders. We had a great show last year and had a couple of major projects since then because of the show, which has helped to grow our business substantially."

Mike Jackson, Vice President USA, IPS Ceramics

“The show has been really good so far, lots of traffic, and lots of interest. We’ve met Project Managers, Senior Project Engineers, CEO’s, and Sales Engineers so far, it’s been great." 

James E. Houseman, CEO, Harrop Industries

“It’s been very good, the expo is a wonderful opportunity to meet a broad cross-section of people within the ceramic industry and specifically for the advanced ceramic arena. The show has much improved over the past several years, attendance seems to be way up” 

Curt Schmit, President, Calix Ceramic Solutions

“It’s been fantastic, we have had a huge showing of people and customers today. We supply raw materials to a lot of customers that are showcasing products here, so it has been really good to meet them all."

Matt Centa, Commercial Director, Imerys Ceramics

"It has been fantastic!"

Barry Beauchesne, New Business Development, Centerline Technologies

"It has been great fun. I have been finding all sorts of cool products to look at. All the materials I need are here."

Gary Del Regno, Chief Technical Officer, AMPS LLC