New Glass-Ceramic Massively Improves Heat Radiation Reflection

Fireplaces and stoves are at their most charming when they offer the clearest view of the dancing flames. However, in these particular cases, a lovely experience becomes a sweaty one as soon as the heat builds up. This is a common occurrence in low-energy and passive houses, for example, which have high thermal insulation. Everything near the fireplace – people as well as furniture, carpet and curtains – can get uncomfortably warm when the heat turns up.

quoteThe glass-ceramics expert SCHOTT had this in mind when it developed a highly effective coating for its ROBAX fire viewing panels. ROBAX IR Max reflects up to seven times more heat radiation back into the combustion chamber than uncoated fire viewing panels. Not only does less heat escape as a result, but also the increased temperature inside the fireplace or stove contributes to better combustion, thereby lowering emissions. The additional energy bonus can also be used to heat water-bearing components or as storage energy. Not least, fuel can be used optimally and heating costs reduced.

An outstanding plus of ROBAX IR Max is its longevity, which is second to none. Throughout intensive testing, the coating retained its high reflective effectiveness. It remained stable and functioning even under continuous exposure to 650°C (1,200°F). This leads to further advantages – higher temperatures in the combustion chamber can mean fewer soot deposits on the viewing panel, which simplifies cleaning the glass-ceramic.

max coating

With this new product, SCHOTT also expressly meets market requirements. “Many of our customers asked for a coating with even higher reflectivity than our previous product, ROBAX Energy Plus. With ROBAX IR Max, we meet these demands with twice as much reflection of heat radiation,” says Isabel Eymael, Marketing Manager for SCHOTT ROBAX.

The new development offers even more convincing arguments for fireplace and stove manufacturers: lower wall and floor temperatures enable more design freedom, particularly with regard to the depth of the heating chamber and the size of the fire viewing panel. Even multi-sided glazed fireplaces can now be closer to walls and furniture.

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