SentroTech Corporation Develops the STR- 1600C, a New Rapid-Heating Furnace

SentroTech Corp has developed the STR-1600C, a new rapid-heating furnace that heats to 1,500°C in just 15 minutes. With a maximum ramping rate of 100°C per minute, the STR-1600C laboratory furnace allows for rapid heating under vacuum and controlled atmosphere. All of SentroTech’s rapid-heating furnaces are designed with safe operation, temperature uniformity, lasting performance and temperature control in mind.

The rapid thermal cycle of the STR-1600C is made possible through its low-mass ceramic fiber insulation. It is also equipped with a top-quality MoSi2 heating element. The U-shaped configuration of the 1800C grade MoSi2 heating elements allows for long life, easy exchange and top heat radiation properties at high temperature. These types of heating elements make rapid heating and cooling possible. The furnace can operate with 208/240V and a temperature range up to 1,600°C under inert gas atmosphere.

Some more features of the STR-1600C high-temperature furnace include:

  • 1,400°C while under 10-2 Torr vacuum
  • 208/220V single phase for all models up to the 18 x 18 x 18 working chamber; anything larger requires 3-phase
  • High-performance power control system
  • Maximum vacuum: 10-2 Torr
  • 30-segment easy-use PID programmable temperature controller allows control of heating rates, dwells (time holds) and cooling rates
  • All models have an upgraded ceramic fiber board lining to ensure energy efficiency
  • All models use a long-life platinum/rhodium “B” type thermocouple

“Currently, there is no other atmosphere-controlled furnace that can achieve a heating rate of 100°C per minute,” says Neil Zhu, owner of SentroTech. “We developed this rapid-heating furnace knowing that many universities and research laboratories require furnaces with a faster heating rate.”

The newly released STR-1600C atmosphere-controlled furnace offers a simplified design with top performance. SentroTech developed this high-power, large-chamber furnace to provide a scientific solution for material research, which requires a rapid heating rate.

About SentroTech

SentroTech designs and manufactures custom production and laboratory furnaces. Established in 1998 as a manufacturer of heating elements and panels, SentroTech is a family-owned and operated company. It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee complemented by comprehensive technical service and customer support. Its products range from custom furnaces to ceramic parts to miscellaneous accessories. SentroTech furnace manufacturing is committed to serving clients’ needs by developing cutting-edge heat products.

Sentro Tech will be exhibiting at booth 843

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