3D printing further advanced with new pastes

3DCeram (Limoges, France) has been leveraging ceramic 3D printing technology for more than 10 years. Now the company is launching a new range of ceramic slurries (or pastes) that fit a selection of approved 3D printers, subject to minor adaptations (mixing device and UV light source parameters).

These slurries enable faster cleaning of the green part and reduce consumption of the ceramic suspension; they also enable easier filtering of uncured suspensions. A liquid alumina formulation is available right now, and other ceramic formulations are set to be announced soon.


These ceramic slurries – firmly associated with the affordable 3D printers developed by 3DCeram’s partners – enable customers to learn how to design parts and to quickly understand the principles behind 3D ceramic printing.

3DCeram also offers training, a hotline and a new service to help customers optimize their parts (weight gain, improved mechanical strength, etc.). The company says, “Customers who want to get started with 3D printing of ceramic parts have the benefit of a really comprehensive solution. We offer an on-demand 3D printing production service for high-quality parts, the Ceramaker 3D printer and 3DMix ceramic feedstock.”

‘FCP’ is the designation for the on-demand production service for prototypes, unique parts or short series, reaching the same level of quality as components made with traditional technologies. The Ceramaker printer technology is based on laser stereolithography and now integrates new developments; optimization here significantly reduces ceramic paste consumption and improves production quality.

The 3DMix ceramic pastes developed by 3DCeram integrate new formulations that enable the production of large parts (over 20cm/7.9in), maintaining quality standards that allow it to meet the most demanding specifications.

This 3D printing solution suits manufacturers of ceramic parts, integrators or end users of ceramic parts, players in the luxury industry, biomedical area and industry in general.

3DCeram’s US representation office is located in Colorado Springs, CO. The company will unveil the new slurries on Booth 534 at Ceramics Expo 2016.

3DCeram will be exhibiting at booth 534

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