Produce Components that are Exceptionally Hard, Strong and Durable with Innovnano’s 3YSZ

Innovnano uses a unique, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology – Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS) – to synthesize 3YSZ, as well as other ceramic powders designed for advanced, high-tech applications. EDS ensures the production of homogeneous nanostructured powders with an even chemical distribution for guaranteed high powder performance and consistency.

Through EDS, nanostructured ceramics with smaller grain sizes are produced. As a result, they benefit from increased hardness, flexural strength and resistance to thermal shock, resulting in superior end products. Innovnano’s 3YSZ has excellent mechanical and physical properties and is ideally suited for hot and cold isostatic pressing (HIP/CIP), as well as uniaxial pressing. The result after pressing is a highly dense material for applications that call for extreme strength and durability. The components produced following hot isostatic pressing (HIP) are exceptionally hard (~1,350HV10), with a fracture toughness of ~6MPa.m0.5 and a bending strength of up to 1,800MPa. As a result, components and devices pressed from Innovnano’s 3YSZ are suitable for demanding anti-wear applications such as the moving parts of machinery and cutting tools.

3YSZ from Innovnano also offers improved phase stability, enhancing the durability and tribological performance of the final ceramic component, which helps extend product lifetime. With less frequent replacement of parts and reduced equipment downtime, running costs are minimized.

Innovnano is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality nanostructured zirconia-based powders and aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) sputtering targets. As a subsidiary of CUF and certified to ISO 9001 standards, Innovnano manufactures and supplies industrial-scale quantities of its powders from a purpose-built production technology center in Coimbra, Portugal. João Calado, Head of Special Projects at Innovnano, explains: “Modern manufacturing industries demand materials of the highest quality in order to produce components that are ever more resistant to abrasion and wear and tear. With its intrinsic nanostructure, our 3YSZ produces materials with high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, improving the lifespan of components in the manufacturing workflow.”

Innovnano will be exhibiting at booth 428

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