Ceramics Expo unveils $3.3m Economic Impact from Inaugural Show Week

Ceramics Expo expects to double in size as momentum grows for the 2nd annual Ceramics Expo in Cleveland April 26 - 28 2016.

Manufacturing relies heavily on technical ceramic materials. From steel and glass for architecture to semiconductors, jet engines, teeth and prosthetic limbs, the application areas are virtually endless. With manufacturing becoming ever more advanced, ceramic materials are more and more often turned to as the materials of choice, and this was more than evidenced at the world first Ceramics Expo USA held in Cleveland April 28 through 30.

Manufacturing giants in industries highly dependent on the technical ceramics industry were in attendance, including Boeing, Apple, Ford and Honda. Also in attendance were professionals from NASA’s Glenn Research Center; several schools of ceramics affiliated with major universities in the USA, including Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland; industry scientists, researchers and more.

2,117 professionals from the technical ceramics industry attended the free three-day event, which included an expansive exhibit hall, presentations, product launches, keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops, and more.

171 exhibitors participated in the first show, 40% more than originally anticipated, with over 20% of the exhibitors coming from outside the USA. In addition, there were 1,368 total room nights at a value of $168,602 at five hotels near the Cleveland I-X Center where the expo was held.

There’s a formula to the economic impact such events can have on their host cities, and according to information provided by Destination Cleveland, the economic impact of the 2015 Ceramics Expo on the city of Cleveland was $3,304,657. This figure calculates the influx of business dollars into Cleveland’s economy, and was arrived at using the standard Destination Marketing Association International Event Impact Calculator, which takes into account the number of attendees and hotel nights used, and per diem attendee spending across the destination, among other factors.

By the close of the 2015 Ceramics Expo, the excitement and appetite for this event was palpable. ‘Ceramics Expo Turns Hype into Reality,’ reported Ceramic Tech Today, with one of the show’s feature exhibitors, SolidCAM, commenting, “I’ve been attending trade shows since 1997, and this has been absolutely one of the best trade shows I’ve EVER been to.”

“This show has been outstanding,” said Mark Mecklenborg, Director of Membership, Meetings and Technical Publications with the American Ceramic Society, founding partner of the expo. “People are happy. The industry has come out in great numbers. It has been busy and the exhibitors here have been extremely happy with the traffic they have gotten and the quality of the people that have come around. It really is a great representation of the ceramic and glass industry, not only in the United States but throughout the world,” he said.

Event Director Adam Moore said, “We had high hopes for the first show, but this has enabled us to accelerate our plans for Ceramics Expo. We may well be able to accomplish our five-year plan in three years as we aim to make this the most important exhibition for the ceramic industry worldwide.”

The 2016 Ceramics Expo will be held in Cleveland April 26-28, 2016.


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