Corning to showcase ceramic and glass technologies at Ceramics Expo 2019


Corning Incorporated announced today that it will showcase a collection of its ceramic and glass technologies at Ceramics Expo, one of the industry’s leading shows for global manufacturers, suppliers, and customers across the ceramics industry. The show will be held April 30 to May 1 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Corning will exhibit a variety of its technologies in booth 617.

As a leader in materials science, Corning participated in Ceramics Expo since its inaugural show in 2014.

“Ceramics Expo provides an opportunity for Corning scientists and engineers to connect with industry professionals to explore solutions, discuss trends, and learn about new materials,” said Kamal Soni, research director, Crystalline Materials Research, Corning. “These discussions help us to create impactful innovations.”

A focus at this year’s show will be Corning’s ceramic and glass technologies with Alumina Ribbon Ceramic, Precision Glass Solutions, and Corning® Willow® Glass.  Each of these products can enable high performance applications in consumer electronics and the Internet of things.

Alumina Ribbon Ceramic, one of Corning’s newest technologies, is an ultra-thin, flexible ceramic substrate available in wafers, panels or long ribbon form. It is ideal for use in LEDs, Power Electronics and radio frequency (RF) applications.

“Never before has there been a self-supporting, flexible thin ceramic ribbon that has shown such favorable properties for so many demanding applications,” Soni said.  “The combination of Alumina Ribbon Ceramic’s high thermal conductivity; high dielectric strength; low-loss tangent and its ability to be metalized with interconnecting vias; along with its unique format introduces a new solution that is at the forefront of materials enabling new devices and technologies.” 

Other technologies that Corning will exhibit include:

  • Featured products from Corning Precision Glass Solutions, a business unit serving as a one-stop shop for glass-based solutions for microelectronics and micro-optics. Products include glass carriers and through glass vias for advanced semiconductor packaging and processing, as well as a wide range of optical glass compositions available in wafer format for sensing devices and augmented-reality wearables.

  • Corning® Willow® Glass, the flexible and ultra-slim display-grade substrate that can be used in a roll-to-roll (R2R) process to make functional electronic devices that require superior surface quality, optical clarity, hermiticity, dimensional stability, and larger substrate dimensions.

  • MACOR®, a machinable glass ceramic that gives the performance of a technical ceramic with the versatility of a high-performance polymer, while providing the machinability of a soft metal. As a result, MACOR is an outstanding engineering material which can quickly be designed into highly complex shapes, using conventional metalworking tools. MACOR builds value in various fields of application including ultra-high vacuum environments, laser technology, semi-conductor industries, medical equipment, and even aerospace.

  • Emissions-control products from Corning Environmental Technologies, a leading supplier of advanced cellular ceramic substrates and particulate filters for the world’s major manufacturers of gasoline and diesel vehicles. On display will be Corning’s latest emissions control innovations including Corning® FLORA® substrates and Corning® DuraTrap® GC gasoline particulate filters. Corning invented an economical, high-performance cellular ceramic substrate in the early 1970s that became the standard for catalytic converters worldwide. In 1978, Corning developed a cellular ceramic particulate filter to remove soot from diesel emissions that led to present day diesel particulate filters. Corning continues to leverage its expertise in materials science and manufacturing to develop market-leading emissions control solutions to help our customers meet new emissions standards and enable cleaner air worldwide.

In addition to showcasing emissions control products, Willard Cutler, division vice president commercial technology development, Corning Environmental Technologies will represent Corning at an interactive panel, “Discussing Growth Areas, Future Opportunities and Challenges in Ceramics”, on April 30 to identify the fastest growth areas across industries and future opportunities for advanced ceramics. This session will include discussion about alternative energy and energy storage, hybrid automotive and aircraft, consumer electronics and cell phones, and biomedical innovations. 

“Ceramics are unique;—finding applications where we can extract the power of what these materials can do, over a diverse set of markets is the kind of challenge Corning seeks,” Cutler said. “We are just scratching the surface of what is possible with ceramic science and related materials in the automotive sector, and this is a great opportunity for Corning to connect with scientists and engineers to continue to make advancements.” 

Corning will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2019 in Booth 617.