Utilizing pneumatic conveying for Direct-Charge Loading of blenders, mixers and reactors

VAC-U-MAX has pioneered the technology of Direct-Charge Loading of vacuum-tolerant process vessels, offering exclusive packaged conveying systems designed specifically for Direct-Charge loading of V-type and double-cone blenders, mixers, reactors or any vessel capable of withstanding vacuum.

vacuWith the blender or mixer as the primary receiver, VAC-U-MAX provides a complete system that includes the power source, filters, controls, adapters and process know-how. The VAC-U-MAX Direct-Charge system eliminates conventional vacuum receivers with their ‘loading and discharge’ sequence without the need for additional overhead space. If the process area allows room to rotate the blender, then there is room for a VAC-U-MAX Direct-Charge Loading System.

The VAC-U-MAX Direct-Charge system continuously transfers bulk materials directly into the process, without spills and waste, eliminating stair-climbing with drums and boxes, while minimizing clean-up and dust exposure. Bulk material transfer is completely automatic. Material is drawn from floor level through clean hose or tubing, without exposing operating personnel to dusty or harmful materials.

VAC-U-MAX Direct-Charge Loading systems are packaged with timing controls and automatic pulse filter cleaning, with convenient floor-level controls and vacuum pump. The blender loader cover is easily removed from the blender for wash-down, leaving controls and power components in place. Material can be fed to the blender from pick-up wands, feed bins, bag dump stations and bulk bag unloaders, all supplied by VAC-U-MAX. Power options include VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Pump Packages from 3HP, or the exclusive VAC-U-MAX Venturi Power Unit. Systems are available in 304/316 stainless steel with food- and pharmaceutical-grade finishes available.

VAC-U-MAX will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2019 in Booth 358.