Haiku Tech unveils new demo and prototyping center in South Florida

New manufacturers of Multilayer Ceramics Structures (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Solid-state batteries, MLCC, LTCC, Multilayer Piezoceramics, etc.) often struggle with scalability, making capital investments in production scale equipment risky. Absent the ability to test equipment at scale before purchasing, manufacturers have no way of knowing if their purchase will pay off.

HaikuTech has the solution in the form of its newly upgraded Demo and Prototyping Center in Doral, FL, USA. It features new equipment and expanded capabilities for prototyping and scaling up, including various tape casters, sheet blankers, screen printers, stackers, an isostatic laminator, a singulation cutter, kilns, analytical equipment, etc.

“Companies that are doing research and development or manufacturing products can come here, get assistance from our experienced staff and test the viability of full-scale production with just the right equipment”, said Roderik Höppener, president and CEO of HaikuTech.

HaikuTech has been especially busy in recent months assisting customers with projects related to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Solid-State Batteries. 

“One customer who’s working on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells required technical assistance developing materials for a high speed process, so we are doing that for them,” Höppener said. “Once that’s done, they will absorb the technology so they can scale up without risk. There are a few labs at universities and elsewhere that conduct experiments, but they do not have the ability to translate that into full-scale production.  That is where we come in.”

The Demo and Prototyping Center is designed and ready for customers to come in and test the production level equipment they are considering purchasing. HaikuTech’s professional staff, with more than 30 years’ experience, provides hands-on guidance and assistance to customers as they go through the testing process.

HaikuTech serves customers by handling the multilayer ceramic process from beginning to end. Whether the need is access to the best equipment, materials development, the technology to optimize it or the knowledge to bring it all together, HaikuTech ensures that its customers are well-equipped and served with the best guidance, experience and ideas to achieve success in the field of Multilayer Ceramics.

HaikuTech are exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2019 at Booth 540