Process differentiation within the ceramics industry

How can we offer a differentiated product, while meeting the specifications of our customers? How can we be innovative while conforming to the standards of critical markets? These are the questions asked by Baikowski’s customers. Being at the start of the supplier chain is a challenging role. We have to make sure our customers will achieve their standards with a cutting-edge final ceramic. Understanding their needs is important; meeting them is crucial. After all, even as a first supplier, we have the same target as our customers: to precisely meet their needs.

Baikowski industries picture 1 Thus, technical ceramics manufacturers are looking for highly customized products so that they can innovate and meet standard requirements. These requirements are increasingly challenging in high-tech and specific markets. For example, medical market players are looking for materials that more closely replicate the behavior of actual body parts. As a result, the biomimicry necessary to develop such products requires sharp skills at every level of manufacture, especially at the level of raw material. For instance, the porosity of the final ceramic is a crucial parameter to mimic the characteristics of bone.

Electronics is also a booming, very demanding market. As the market moves toward performant and downsized devices, requirements for raw materials are becoming increasingly rigorous. Electrical insulation and thermal conductivity are essential when it comes to semiconductor materials. Raw material has to be ultra-pure to avoid any metallic contamination.

Baikowski is a manufacturer of high-purity alumina and special oxides. How can it answer these upmarket demands and offer a solution that is simultaneously customized and meets standards? The answer lies in the process.

Baikowski industries picture 2 Baikowski owns three production sites in France (headquarters); Texas, USA; and Japan, and several sales offices worldwide, including in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Baikowski Malakoff (TX), the company understood this lack of offer in the market and created a manufacturing line that is fully customizable. It allows maximum flexibility throughout the process for tailor-made production. Thanks to their knowledge and efficiency, Baikowski teams are able to develop custom-made solutions for the process and formulation. They can also dope the product in order to respond to specific needs. Knowing that every customer’s process is unique, Baikowski adapts the shape and formulation of the product to fit in with the customer’s industrial line.

In the end, Baikowski’s teams and process make it possible to meet customers’ requirements quickly and without any excessive expense, resulting in prompt answers to special demands. Moreover, Baikowski’s expertise is based on its background: more than 100 years serving high-end markets with high-purity alumina. The company develops ultra-pure alumina, fully customized, to meet customer specifications.

Baikowski logoDo you need controlled porosity of your ceramics to produce hip joints? Baikowski can deliver a powder with uniformly packed particles. Are you targeting a very dense ceramic piece, without any default?

Baikowski can control the particle size distribution and adapt the product to your pressing process. Looking for high specific surface area? Ask Baikowski for ‘à la carte’ high-purity alumina. Baikowski is ready to meet your challenges.

Baikowski International will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2019 in Booth 122.