Signature Series™ 5-Part “Plug-and-Play” Packaged Conveying Solutions

VAC-U-MAX Signature SeriesTM offers processors a quick and easy solution for conveying powders, pellets, pastilles, flakes, fibers and other granular bulk materials. Systems are available in 1500 SeriesTM for conveying rates from handfuls to 1500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr) or 3500 SeriesTM for conveying rates up to 3500 lbs/hr (1600 kg/hr) in general purpose or sanitary designs. Each 5-part “plug-and-play” system includes pick-up wand, convey hose, vacuum receiver with automatic pulse filter cleaning, vacuum producer, and UL-listed controls. Visit to learn more.   

Vac-u-max Exhibitor News

VAC-U-MAX will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2019 in Booth 358