Harper Expands Product Offering with New HC Series™ Configurable Rotary Furnaces

Buffalo, NY – Harper International, a world leader in thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, announces the launch of the HC Series™ Configurable Rotary Furnace product line. Complementing their renowned custom designed thermal processing systems; these pre-engineered furnaces are advantageous for clients requiring more economical equipment solutions with quicker lead times.

HarperThe HC Series™ are a standard set of Rotary Furnaces that are configured to order and available in a number of variations, dependent on the client’s specifications for temperature, tube length, heated length, diameter, and number of zones. Clients have the opportunity to use a product selector on the Harper website in which their desired specifications are selected and the proper Rotary Furnace design configuration is formulated.

Providing the same trusted innovations as Harper’s custom furnace offerings, the new Rotary configurations deliver superior temperature uniformity for the continuous processing of advanced materials including granular, powder, or particulate aggregates operating from 600-1100°C.

“We are excited that the HC Series™ allows Harper to virtually eliminate a number of up-front design engineering process steps, greatly reducing start-up lead times while offering a more standard product line to those customers looking for off-the-shelf solutions. Additionally, the web-based product selector tool provides an efficient head-start to our client engagement activities”, commented Paul Elwell, Vice President Sales and Marketing.

 Harper International Corporation will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2019 in Booth 530