CoorsTek presents its broad range of engineered ceramics at Ceramics Expo 2018

Ceramic ballsCoorsTek will showcase a variety of its engineered ceramics capabilities and solutions at Ceramics Expo 2018, including its refractory parts, silicon nitride materials, ceramic components for medical devices and hip ball implants, and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs).

CoorsTek collaborates with technology and manufacturing customers worldwide to help solve their biggest challenges – in key markets including automotive, energy, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace and defense.  The company is also presenting as part of the Expo conference on Wednesday May 2, addressing the properties and application of Electroceramics.

hip implant"We are excited to present our latest, innovative materials and solutions to address customer needs and challenges," said Patricia Mishic, Chief Commercial Officer for CoorsTek. "Our extensive knowledge of ceramics, combined with engineering expertise, customization, and best-in-class quality and technical service allows us to truly partner with our customers to develop high-end materials.”

Some featured highlights will include:

  • Ceramic Matrix Composites developed by CoorsTek combine the strengths of silicon carbide with toughness for high performance in advanced automotive, aerospace, and other demanding applications.
  • CoorsTek Medical Ceramics make peoples’ lives measurably better. Durable CeraSurf-p™ ceramics are used in medical implants. CeraPure™ ceramics are high-purity, USP Class VI approved materials for a variety of medical devices, surgical tools, and diagnostic equipment.
  • CoorsTek advanced silicon nitride ceramics deliver the ultimate combination of durable mechanical strength, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and dielectric properties. This range of proprietary silicon nitride formulations is engineered for a number of industrial applications such as automotive engine and powertrain components, cutting tools, bearing balls and rollers, and other critical parts which demand long-term reliability in harsh environments.
  • Cerbec® ceramic bearing elements demonstrate what a difference ceramic makes in a component as simple as a a ball bearing used in all kinds of rotary equipment – lasting 10 to 100 times longer than conventional steel bearings. Cerbec balls and rollers are virtually corrosion-free, 120% harder, 66% stiffer, and 75% smoother than steel so equipment performs better and lasts longer in severe environments.

CoorsTek will be exhibting at Ceramics Expo 2018 at Booth 200