When it Comes to Substrates, Size Matters 

As demand for miniaturization of electronics continues to grow, CeramTec is continuing to refine its manufacturing and materials capability to deliver high-frequency substrates that satisfy challenging geometrical requirements.

CeramTec already manufactures conventional substrates found in many high-frequency circuits in medical, semiconductor, and electronics devices, which are produced using alumina-based or zirconia-based materials. While these materials are widely available and result in low levels of electrical loss, their permittivity characteristics can impose design restrictions on manufacturers, who may struggle to deliver miniature electrical components in line with wider market demand.

CeramTecTo accommodate smaller circuit sizes, manufacturers are increasingly seeking out materials with higher levels of permittivity. Ceramic material compositions from CeramTec are allowing for these components to be produced within a permittivity range of 20 to 80. Crucially, these materials have very low electrical loss and remain electrically stable over a temperature range of -20ºC to 60ºC, ensuring consistent performance in a wide range of application environments.

Smaller circuits are subsequently resulting in greater design flexibility for original equipment manufacturers of medical and electrical components. While CeramTec’s unrivalled materials expertise is driving improved material performance in these components, its manufacturing capability is enabling it to provide comprehensive bespoke solutions, in a range of surface finishes and dimensions.

Paul Turnbull, new product engineering manager at CeramTec, says, “As electrical devices become smaller and smaller, manufacturers of materials need to be able to account for this demand. What sets us apart is our combined materials and manufacturing expertise, which leaves us in a unique position to meet demand for high permittivity substrates around the globe.”

CeramTec will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 at Booth 638.

Stephan AhneHead of International Sales at CeramTec GmbH will be speaking on 'Introducing New Strong Composite Oxide Ceramics for Medical and Technical Applications' on Thursday May 3 of the Ceramics Expo Conference.