Deltech Furnaces Announces Giveaway Taking Place at Ceramics Expo 2018

DeltechTo celebrate its 50th anniversary, Deltech Furnaces plans to give away a furnace system to a non-profit college, community college or university at this year’s Ceramics Expo. This can be done by either visiting Booth 835 at the Expo or direct contact through email. The giveaway is open to everyone and presents an opportunity to help out your favorite institution of higher learning.

We were thinking about ways to celebrate this significant milestone for our family-owned business,” says Deltech’s engineering manager J.J. Stevenson. “This fits perfectly with our history of contributing to educational programs.”

The winner will be presented with a 1500ºC front-load furnace with a 150mm cubed workspace and a manually operated door. It has fiberboard insulation and silicon carbide heating elements. The system includes a control cabinet with a programmable temperature controller, SCR power controller, and an over-temperature protection circuit. Also included are type R control and limit thermocouples. The control cabinet will be certified by Intertek UL508A compliant.

Deltech Inc will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 at Booth 835.