Speaker Interview: Mark DiPerri, Business Development Manager, Toshiba America Electronic Components Advanced Materials Division

Mark DiPerriIn this speaker interview, conference producer Fleur Jonker speaks to Mark DiPerri, business development manager at Toshiba, about the trends driving the advanced ceramics industry and the potential for ceramics in future technology.


Mark DiPerri is the business development manager for advanced materials at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. He specializes in applying ceramic substrates for thermal management in the automotive, industrial, power grid, consumer, and medical systems markets, enabling companies to achieve their design goals with innovative solutions. Prior to joining Toshiba, Mark worked for Draper Labs and Motorola Semiconductor Products, where he received the CEO diamond chip award for significant contribution. He holds a master’s degree from Cambridge in research and development. Mark also has a BSEE from Northeastern University.

Please tell us about your role as business development manager at Toshiba America Electronic Components Advanced Materials Division. What are your key focus areas and responsibilities?


As business development manager, I explore existing and new market applications that will benefit from our products relating to thermal management challenges. I am focused on a long-term growth strategy and relationships, while also educating the industry on the benefits of ceramic substrates for just about anything.

What excites me most is when this technology performs as designed, solving a customer’s design problem and ultimately playing an integral role in the overall design objective. I enjoy the process of discovery, of researching industries. The challenge lies within that objective. Making it happen, finding the right solution, understanding the pros and cons and trade-offs that eventually meet or surpass their objectives.


What markets do you serve and what are the megatrends and future technologies?

Toshiba AMD Ceramic Substrates serves the global energy and power electronics industry from low- to high-powered systems in medical, automotive, consumer, wind energy, IOT, industrial robots, and so on.

Trends in general do not have staying power. However, if the ‘megatrend’ has proven ‘value-add’ it can have a large scale of change. This change can be a long-term global, economic, or social change.

In the future, we will see more energy-harvesting solutions reducing our dependence on conventional means to keep our devices powered. New semiconductor materials will enable higher performance while consuming less power. Who knows, they may power themselves internally!


What are the current material challenges that these applications are facing?

Changing the normal approach and doing things differently with new materials is not easily accepted.  The benefits must prevail, making clear that the trade-offs are worth the time, effort, cost, and long-term benefits. Electronic devices will become more reliable, accessible, and serviceable without direct contact.


How can ceramic materials contribute to these trends, and how do they enable future technologies?

Physical constraints of the system are evolving. Packaging is no longer an afterthought but an integrated part of the product design from the start. The electronics and mechanics will work in concert like MEMS devices. With every new technology comes the birth of something better.  


In terms of industry news, what development, announcement, or otherwise stood out most to you in 2017?

The adoption of SIC and GaN power devices. They are breaking down barriers – solving problems previous technologies couldn’t. The momentum that EVs have is astounding, opening up the doors to new ways of doing things. Human machine interface or HMI, we interact with electronics naturally.  Just ask Siri!  We have an exciting future ahead of us; this is just the beginning.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at Ceramics Expo 2018. Can you tell us what you’re most looking forward to at the show?

Meeting old friends and making new friends, discussing technology, trends, and announcements, and dreaming about new concepts together. The show is an important meeting place for us to exchange ideas, wonders and thoughts, and also to do business.


Finally, our marketing team has asked me if you wouldn’t mind finishing the following sentence/answering the following question. If selected, your answer will be used in promoting the show: 


  • The highlight of my career is…When I contribute to the success of a new concept that uses new or existing technology. Making a positive impact on our world and society is a big highlight.


  • Or: What has been your biggest personal achievement in your career?  I can’t name one thing, but when I can make something happen that has staying power for years to come, I feel I have achieved my goal as an engineer. 

Mark DiPerri will be speaking on the 'Solving Thermal Management Challenges with Sillicon Nitride Substrates in Power Electronics' session on Wednesday May 2nd, Track 2.