Creating multilayer ceramics at Ceramics Expo 2018 with Haiku Tech

Haiku Tech is a wholesaler and distributor of the world’s top equipment for the field of multilayer ceramics. Their equipment is used by the world’s top companies, who trust them as the reliable and knowledgeable source of the best equipment on the market.

HaikuTechWorking with their partner Keko Equipment, they offer custom designed front-end equipment for the production of all multilayer ceramic devices.

Haiku Tech is also a trusted source for dielectric formulations, high-purity barium titanates and microwave powders through our partner PDC. Through thier partner Polymer Innovations, they offer water-soluble tape casting binder systems.


Customers have come to rely on them for the best equipment, materials, guidance, and expertize, which include:

  • Multilayer ceramic capacitor.
  • Low-temperature cofired ceramic. These are chip carriers and circuits for high frequencies or harsh environments.
  • Solid oxide fuel cells. These gas-powered batteries have tremendous capacity, featuring electric energy from any fuel and natural gas at the highest yield and efficiency.
  • Piezoceramic sensors and actuators. These are used, for example, for fuel injection in cars.


They have worked with the manufacturers for many years and know this equipment well, so customers can count on the best price, availability, and knowledge to help them get the maximum value out of this top-quality equipment.

Their Founder, Roderik Höppener, knew his passion for multilayer ceramics. And he believed the industry needed a full-service source that could provide equipment, technology, knowledge, and guidance to companies who needed it.

Haiku Tech, founded in 1996, is the realization of that vision.

“What our customers appreciate about us is our incredible knowledge of the area where we work,” Höppener says. “If there is a company anywhere in the world working in the field of multilayer ceramics for electronic applications, and they turn to us, they find a company with specialists and many years’ experience setting up factories and optimizing processes for those factories.”

Höppener’s technical background gave him tremendous insight into customer needs, so he established a company that could provide top-of-the-line equipment for established, experienced companies while offering the full range of services for firms just breaking into the field.

“We want to help our customers speed the process while avoiding mistakes that can set them back and cost them money and opportunity,” Höppener says. “That has been my vision from the start and we’ve stayed true to it for more than two decades. Today, the value we offer is greater than ever.”

HaikuTech are exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 at Booth 540.