Harper International Educates Buyers on Thermal Processing Technologies


By Faye Oney, Content Marketing Specialist/Editor, The American Ceramic Society

When you’re in the market for a high temperature furnace, the choices can be overwhelming. But Harper International seems to make the buying process less stressful for the prospective buyer. A page on its website titled “How to select the correct furnace for your unique thermal process” lists all of the company’s furnaces, along with the type of application each is used for and some technical data to inform and educate the buyer.


But they don’t stop there.

A quick click over to their resource center yields numerous white papers and conference presentations for further reading about thermal processing, carbon fiber, and other relevant topics. So you can do your own research before making a purchasing decision. Brilliant.

Harper International, an American Ceramic Society Corporate Partner has been around for more than 100 years, and the company didn’t just become a thought leader overnight. Its founder, John Harper patented the first electric kilns and furnaces in the early 1900s. When he identified a problem that materials processing companies were having with controlling atmospheric conditions during processing of advanced materials, he developed a solution and created a better heating method. And the company has been innovating and improving ever since.

Harper International is a major supplier in several industries—advanced materials, nuclear applications, and carbon fiber. “We specialize in temperature uniformity, high purity, continuous processes, special atmosphere requirements, and ultra-high temperature capabilities,” inside sales engineer Cassandra Harm explains.

Technical solutions require the expertise of knowledgeable people to educate buyers. That’s why Harper invests in its people—which gives the company an edge over its competitors.

“We employ people with Ph.D.s as well as advanced degreed engineers in our technology group, applications engineering, electrical and mechanical design groups, aftermarket support and our sales team,” Harm adds.

Harper International’s ability to optimize thermal processes at its Technology Center is a major asset for its customers, Harm says. The company is continuing in the advancement of thermal processing technology across all product lines.

“Advanced materials require advanced thermal processing technology,” Harm explains. “New materials are being developed at an accelerated rate. Many of these new materials require unique thermal processing technologies. Microwave processing is our latest development for the ceramic industry.”

That’s why it’s important for buyers looking for thermal processing solutions to visit Harper International’s booth at Ceramics Expo 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. The company will be sharing its latest technologies and talking to visitors about its wide range of capabilities.

Harper International Corporation will exhibit at Ceramics Expo 2018 on Booth 758.