How to Choose a Ceramics Supplier


By Adam Sells, Strategic Account Manager, Goodfellow Corporation

Despite the increasing use of modeling, industry will always have a need for ceramic materials as well as other materials to meet the needs of research and product development. Where those materials come from will matter more than ever in the future.

The past decade has seen tremendous change in the research and product development field – the introduction of new and novel materials, increasingly rapid globalization, evolving regulations, and an unprecedented urgency to market products that offer attributes industry and consumers want. Interestingly, these accelerating changes are making the role of suppliers of ceramic materials even more valuable to researchers and product developers, largely because there is less time and less money for trial and error in materials selection. Consultation and collaboration between an experienced materials supplier and research and development professionals is now and will continue to be a key to success.


Start smart

Involving a ceramics supplier at the beginning of a project can have wide-ranging financial and production implications. In many research and development endeavors, seldom is precisely the right material and grade, with precisely the right characteristics, selected at the beginning of the planning or specification process. Sometimes, the presumed limitations of a material shape the development of the process. And sometimes, researchers or developers, even those with a great deal of expertise in design and function, may not be aware of advances that could make a difference in the particular ceramic material or form selected. Collaboration between these professionals and ceramics suppliers with far-reaching knowledge of the latest materials, forms and production methods can go a long way toward making the development process more efficient, more productive, and potentially more economical.


Seize the day(s)

How do you find such ceramics suppliers? Ceramics Expo 2018 offers an outstanding opportunity to connect with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic materials and learn first-hand about innovations that are driving the industry. In the words of show organizers, it’s a chance to “stay informed about the latest designs, manufacturing processes, technological advances, materials and trends”. It’s also a time to speak one-on-one with exhibitors,  such as Goodfellow, who can help you “start smart” with your next project.

So in the weeks leading up to Ceramics Expo 2018, identify your objectives for attending, see who’s speaking, check out technical sessions that would be most beneficial to you, and map out your route through the exhibit hall. Plan ahead. Come prepared. Learn. This opportunity happens only once a year, so make the most of it!

Goodfellow Corp will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 in booth 241