Cactus Materials Inc Offers High-Performance Ceramic Components and Heaters

Cactus Materials is an innovative company that offers a variety of ceramic products including advanced ceramic custom heaters, with the highest power density in the world, advanced high-temperature wafer chucks (AlN, SiC, SiN), advanced design and fabrication of ceramic components using SiC, NexCera (zero-expansion ceramic) and others. The company also provides innovative solutions on high-performance direct bonded copper (DBC), ceramic packaging, advanced ceramic battery components, thermoelectric generators and solid state fuel cells (SOFC). All of these products can be used in automotive, semiconductors, medical, high-power electronics, and other heavy industry areas.


Ceramic heaters

Cactus Materials works with customers to provide custom-designed ceramic heaters for a wide variety of industrial applications. The company also offers high-quality wafer heaters with dimensions up to 450mm at a reduced cost. Conventional ceramic heaters with embedded elements require a complex manufacturing process that limits the ability to reduce cost. However, Cactus’s aluminum nitride hot plate features an electric heating circuit made by printing and baking the heating element in a sintered ceramic base. Although current maximum temperatures are around 680°C, altering the material of the element pattern enables even higher temperatures. The power supply terminals feature similar levels of heat resistance, so terminals are protected without the need for special measures.


Ceramic packaging and components:

Cactus has exclusively partnered with one of the world’s largest ceramic packaging companies in Japan to lower packaging cost in half and still maintain high performance and reliability. The company offers NEXCERA, a revolutionary cordierite polycrystalline ceramic that has an extremely low expansion coefficient and superior mechanical properties. Additionally, Cactus works with partners and customers to design and develop new ceramic products and processes to meet clients’ new product and developing process needs. Finally, Cactus offers nano-level precision polishing services on bulk metal and ceramic components as well as films and foils. 

Cactus Materials Inc will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 in booth 346