Innovations in Ceramic to Metal Sealing with CAMCo Furnace

b vacCeramic to metal seal technologies have been around for quite some time. However, specialized equipment and know-how are required to make a good hermetic seal. Previous technology was limited to the moly-manganese metallization process with nickel plating, and this form of preparation to join the metal to high-alumina ceramic is still sound.

New technologies involve braze alloys containing a small amount of titanium, which bond with the ceramic and therefore do not require the moly-manganese process. This new braze alloy is often referred to as ABA alloy for active metal brazing. It has been available for some time, but is not widely known.

The equipment used for these processes is still specialized, requiring an atmosphere that is high vacuum, or very dry argon or wet hydrogen. CAMCo Furnace supplies high-temperature furnaces in various sizes to carry out these processes.

CAMCO FURNACE will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 in booth 158