Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride Launches SiZBN – a New Boron Nitride and SiAlON Composite

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products, a pioneer in advanced material solutions, has announced the launch of its Combat boron nitride grade SiZBN, which is particularly geared toward molten metal applications where high-temperature strength and wear resistance are key.

SiZBN, a unique, hot-pressed composite ceramic, combines the lubricating properties of boron nitride, the extreme refractory of zirconia, and the wear resistance and strength of SiAlON. This newest composite from Saint-Gobain is ideal for components requiring strength at high temperatures in a variety of molten metals and steel contact applications. SiZBN parts are easily machined from hot-pressed solid lumber into complex, intricate shapes with very smooth finish and tight tolerances. Such precision in parts leads to controlled, desirable properties in the end product.

SiZBN is an extension to our boron nitride composite family that includes boron nitride, zirconia, silicon carbide and silica composites – Grades ZSBN, M and M26,” said Neelam Kumar, Product Manager for Combat boron nitride components at Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials. “Our grade ZSBN – a boron nitride, zirconia and silicon carbide composite – is a market-leading grade for steel and molten metal manufacturing. The addition of SiZBN to this family of composites allows us to help our customers tackle new challenges in steel casting, specialty alloy manufacturing and a variety of powder metal applications. The new SiAlON composite further strengthens our position in spaces where improved strength and wear resistance at temperatures above 1,400°C is required to extend production cycles and improve product quality.”

Saint Gobain Boron Nitride will be exhibiting at Ceramics Expo 2018 in booth 329