Speaker Spotlight: Thomas Cleary, Reliability Manager, Auto Glass Solutions, Corning Automotive Glass, Corning Incorporated

In the latest Conference @ Ceramics Expo Speaker Spotlight our Conference Producer Fleur Jonker spoke to Thomas Cleary from Corning Incorporated about emerging trends, his role and the approaching conference. Thomas will be presenting on 'Driving Innovation: Bringing Thin, Lightweight Glass to the Automotive Industry' on Wednesday April 26, 2017, 3:00pm.

FJ - Fleur Jonker (Conference Producer) 

TC - Thomas Cleary 

FJ: Please tell us about your role at Corning Incorporated. What are your key focus areas and responsibilities?

TC: As the Manager of Reliability for Corning’s Automotive Glass business, I’m responsible for supporting the development of our new products. I evaluate our products’ value propositions and work to ensure their reliability.


FJ: What excites and challenges you about your work?


TC: Although Corning Incorporated has been around for over 165 years, the company has not been in the automotive glass business for decades, certainly not during my tenure. I love the technical aspect of my job in this new business, which includes plenty of learning and solving problems to deliver improved or technically superior products.


quoteFJ: In terms of industry news, what development, announcement or otherwise has stood out most to you in 2016?

TC: Speaking to the automotive industry, a couple of trends have stood out to me. Safety features, new autonomous vehicles and connected cars have really dominated the discourse. It seems to me that it’s just a matter of time before the futuristic car we used to dream about is real and possible, which I find very intriguing.


FJ: What would you say are the key trends, challenges and opportunities for the advanced ceramic/glass supply chain at present

TC: I’ve found that people have preconceived ideas of what certain materials are capable of. For example, most people think of glass as a rigid and fragile material, but here at Corning we’ve been able to overcome these challenges and demonstrate its superior properties. We produced a glass that is flexible, thin and chemically strengthened to make it tougher. The opportunities to override these preconceptions are ever-present and exciting.


FJ: How do you feel the industry has changed over the past five years, and where do you see it going? For example, is there anything that you were unable to do five years ago but are able to do now? And is there something that you are not able to do now but might be able to do within the next five years?

TC: We’re always innovating at Corning. However, the speed at which we innovate and move products to market has changed over the past five years, because consumers are rapidly and constantly changing their areas of focus and expectations. Companies like Corning need to pay attention and respond accordingly.


FJ: Do you have any new technology in the pipeline that you can talk about?

TC: Corning is a company of innovation, and we’re always working on different technologies and projects. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose any information on any emerging innovations at this time.


FJ: We’re looking forward to seeing you at Conference @ Ceramics Expo 2017. Can you tell us what you’re most looking forward to at the show?

TC: What I like most about my job is that I’m always learning new things, and that’s exactly what I’m most looking forward to at Ceramics Expo 2017. There will be excellent speakers that I can learn from while I network with others from my same industry.

Thomas will be presenting on 'Driving Innovation: Bringing Thin, Lightweight Glass to the Automotive Industry' on Wednesday April 26, 2017, 3:00pm.