Micropower Group Will Sign Long-Term Agreement With United Silicon Carbide

Micropower Group, a global supplier of battery chargers for automotive, material handling and floor cleaning equipment, has finalized an agreement with United Silicon Carbide Inc (USCi, Monmouth Junction, NJ), an innovative leader in silicon carbide (SiC) components, to begin receiving production shipments of USCi’s breakthrough SiC cascode devices.

Through this agreement, USCi will supply Micropower Group’s production facility in Växjö, Sweden with SiC cascode devices. These devices will be used in a family of new 10kW battery chargers that are capable of charging both traditional lead-acid and state-of-the-art lithium batteries.

quote“We selected USCi SiC cascodes because we could gain up to 1.5% higher efficiency, are able to get 30% more power from a given system size, and its standard gate drive capability was crucial to be able to drop-in replace from a conventional Si device and its gate driver requirement,” said Magnus Pihl who is R&D Project Manager at Micropower AB. He added, “Furthermore, the cascode has been proved to be very robust in our field test.” 

“With the industry’s lowest RDS,ON per area and an integrated body-diode with an unmatched, close to SiC diode performance, our cascode technology has significant advantages in performance and increasing efficiency,” explained Christopher Rocneanu, Director Sales EMEA at USCi. “As one only drives a low-voltage Si MOSFET, our devices enable designers to save cost using standard gate drivers with no penalty in performance. At the same time we have the only device in the world that supplies cutting-edge SiC performance while being dual-source capable to both Si and SiC devices.”

With R&D and production facilities in Sweden and Finland and a worldwide sales and service network, Micropower Group acts in three segments: motive, automotive and custom power. Its vision is to be an international market leader in high-frequency chargers and innovative power supply units.

United Silicon Carbide is a semiconductor company specializing in the development of high-efficiency SiC devices and customized products, with process expertise in Schottky barrier diodes and SiC switches. USCi technology and products enable affordable power efficiency in key markets that will drive the new, greener economy. These include: wind and solar power generation, energy storage, electrification of transportation, emerging smart grid technologies, motor control, and numerous other applications that require higher efficiency, compact designs and demanding thermal constraints.

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