Deltech introduces new horizontal tube design

Furnace - DeltechDeltech Inc is pleased to introduce its new horizontal tube design. The company’s newest horizontal tube furnaces are true benchtop units. They are lighter in weight and more compact, requiring a smaller footprint. A top plug provides convenient access to the furnace interior.

Horizontal tube furnaces are useful for applications in which a sample or product is relatively small and must be processed in inert, reducing or oxygen atmospheres. The material is placed in a combustion boat (most often platinum or ceramic) and slid into place in a process tube. Process tubes are most often alumina (for use at up to 1,800ºC), mullite (1,600ºC ), or quartz (1,200ºC ).

The tube preserves the integrity of the sample and the furnace interior, preventing chemical reactions that might contaminate the sample, damage the furnace heating elements or insulation, or greatly reduce the maximum furnace operating temperature. For example, reducing atmospheres attack the molydisilicide heating elements that are used for furnace operating temperatures of 1,600ºC to 1,800ºC . Thus, prolonging element life in dry hydrogen requires limiting the furnace temperature to 1,150ºC . Use of a tube furnace eliminates this problem.

Gases can be introduced by using end caps to seal the tube, and a gas delivery system to control the gas mixtures and flow rates.

Deltech’s new horizontal tube furnaces are available in process lengths up to 305mm, and will accommodate tubes up to 76mm OD. They can be supplied alone or with a Deltech UL508A listed (by Intertek) control system designed for the particular unit being purchased; gas mixing systems; process tubes; and water-cooled end caps that provide access to the tube interior without the need to remove the seal. 

Deltech will be exhibiting at booth #340

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