Visitor FAQs

Why did you wait until now to cancel?

We (The Ceramics Expo organiser team) have been monitoring the situation with the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) very closely over the past few months. In addition, we’ve been in constant dialogue with key event stakeholders, including our exhibitors and sponsors, visitor groups, the venue, and our accommodation partners.

We had been preparing to run the show as planned, in May 2020, albeit with measures in place throughout the venue designed to mitigate against any potential threats of infection. However, as the situation evolved, and it became apparent that our exhibitors and visitors could potentially be prevented from reaching the event, and/or would have concerns around attending a large-scale public event, we decided, in the best interests of Ceramics Expo, to postpone.

This was not a decision taken lightly, and it was a decision reached in partnership with our key stakeholders. But we believe it’s the correct one, and now enables the Ceramics Expo organiser team to focus on delivering a successful 2020 edition of the show (in the Fall).


Did visitor and exhibitor concerns impact the decision to postpone?

Our aim is to deliver a show that’s beneficial for both exhibitors, and visitor groups. Whilst we received some positive messages about retaining the original May dates, the overwhelming response, when we raised the issue of moving to an Fall slot, was positive. The decision was taken in the best interests of Ceramics Expo, but also the advanced ceramics industry and supply chain.


Will Ceramics Expo 2020 be rescheduled to take place later this year?

Yes. The new dates are 22-23 September 2020. The location and venue of the event are unchanged.


How do I cancel my hotel reservation(s)?

If you reserved your hotels through our official partner DF Meetings & Events, your reservation will be cancelled automatically and without penalty.  There is no need to email or call DF Meetings & Events, or the hotel, or your credit card company to cancel your reservation(s).  By March 13, 2020, you will receive confirmation of your cancellation.  The cancellation will be sent to the email provided at the time the reservation was made.


Will I get a refund for a cancellation penalty I was already charged?

No cancellation charges have been incurred by any Ceramics Expo exhibitors/attendees, nor will they be – if your hotel rooms were booked via our official accommodation partner DF Meetings & Events.


Can I rebook my hotel reservations for the new Ceramics Expo dates?

We ask for your patience to allow DF Meetings & Events and the hotels the time to properly reset our dates.  Please be assured your reservations will be managed including a new reservation with the new dates.  No action is needed on your part, please stand by for an email with full details.  Given the impact the coronavirus has had on the hotel industry overall, this may take up to one week. 


What if I booked hotels myself via other means?

You will need to reach out to the hotel directly yourself to check if you are able to make the transfer and any penalties that may be occurred.  We would always encourage that wherever possible – hotel room nights are booked via our official partner DF Meetings & Events. 


Will visitors be refunded for travel expenses incurred?

Visitors need to contact their own travel insurance companies and/or airlines to understand the situation regarding whether flights can be transferred, and what penalty fees will apply.


Do I need to re-register (to attend the event), or will my current booking grant me access to Ceramics Expo when it takes place in September?

Visitors do not need to re-register (all existing passes will be valid, giving access to Ceramics Expo 2020. However, a new badge confirmation email, featuring the new dates, will be sent to all current badge holders (both visitor and VIP) in due course.


Will the event change, now it’s been postponed?

No. Our show plans for Ceramics Expo 2020 remain the same. We are committing to deliver a great event, featuring the very best speakers, hundreds of sector-leading exhibitors, attended by thousands of industry professionals. We are anticipated minor tweaks to the speaker line-up, the exhibitor list, and the conference agenda (these may well be positive changes, i.e. we hope to add extra speakers and conference sessions to the agenda, and additional exhibitors to the exhibitor list). But overall, the show remains unchanged.


Who can I contact for more information?

Please direct all enquires to [email protected]