April 25-27, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

the manufacturing tradeshow for ceramic materials and technologies
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3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, 3M innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. They have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. 


AluChem Inc

Founded in 1978, AluChem has been supplying Specialty Alumina products into the North American Ceramic, Investment Casting, Refractory and Polishing industries for over 30 years.  In 2015, AluChem will launch a new line of low and ultra-low soda aluminas focused towards Ceramic and Investment Casting applications.  This new high purity product portfolio will utilize proprietary technology in the production of low and ultra-low soda Calcined, Reactive and Tabular Aluminas which will complement AluChem’s already established low soda AC99 Tabular Alumina products.  


EMD Performance Materials

EMD Performance Materials have established themselves as the global market and technology leader in liquid crystal mixtures. Their company has the broadest product offering in the industry meeting individual customer needs and offering solutions for all display sizes, from smartphones and tablet computers to large-size television screens. 


Ferro Corporation

Ferro provides manufacturers with materials to enhance the functionality, durability or beauty of products that touch their lives every day.  From cars and appliances to containers and packaging, building and industrial products to household furnishings, personal electronics to medical devices, Ferro is all around you – enhancing life through superior materials performance. 


GeoCorp, Inc

GeoCorp, Inc. is a manufacturer of thermocouples and thermocouple wire.  They also provide temperature calibration in their on-site ISO 17025:2005 accredited lab.  Due to their large inventory orders ship in days-not weeks.  They perform 100% inspection of finished thermocouples so you can rest assured your product works as it should.  GeoCorp customer service and sales people have been trained in the manufacturing and calibration processes so they have knowledge to provide you the correct product for your application.  Contact them to discover what’ll make GeoCorp, Inc. your trusted partner.


Hitachi High Technologies America Inc

Hitachi High Technologies America provides technologically advanced imaging solutions to the materials science, biological research, academic research and industrial manufacturing sectors. Its innovative and reliability-proven instrumentation includes SEM, analytical and biological TEM, dedicated STEM, FIB, ion milling instrumentation, atomic force microscopes, tabletop microscopes and microanalysis sample prep systems.


INNOVACERA engages in R&D, manufacturing and selling the products of advanced ceramic materials, including Alumina, Zirconia, Boron Nitride, Silicon Nitride, Machinable Glass Ceramic and other advanced materials. Through different manufacturing processes, they supply metallized ceramic components, alumina heater, ceramic pump components and other ceramic components as request.

INNOVACERA products are mainly used in Aerospace, Research, Food Processing, Fluid Handling, Scientific, Automotive, Defense, Thermal Processing, Electronic and Electrical, Process Control, Textile, Pulp and Paper, Mechanical, Glass Processing, Mineral Processing and other Industrial. INNOVACERA is a professional high-tech enterprise, cooperate with Chinese University in advanced materials, many products are awarded as high-tech products and obtain patents.


Kyocera International, Inc.

Kyocera offers a wide range of advanced industrial-grade ceramic materials such as alumina, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, zirconia, sapphire and others. When you need a part that won’t melt, bend, stretch, corrode or wear out, you need ceramics.


Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures products that make a real difference to their customer‘s businesses, working in partnership with them from concept and feasibility through prototyping to full production. They provide unique qualities that are able to draw out of their materials to enable customers to elevate their products to new levels of performance.

Their products help customers reduce energy use and, by lasting longer, reduce waste. Morgan Advanced Materials are also key components in many forms of sustainable energy generation. Their products are designed to enable customers to maximize the efficiency of their applications and processes, helping customer’s to achieve optimum results. The products perform reliably and consistently even in the most demanding environments, enabling customers to use them with confidence in the most critical of applications where total reliability is vital.


NSL Analytical Services Inc

NSL is a leader in the chemical analysis of all types of materials, specializing in advanced materials and ceramics. Whether the product is metallic or non-metallic, powdered, solid or liquid, NSL can perform most chemical analyses, from less than 1ppm to 99.999% using ICP-AES, ICP-MS, wet chemistry and spectrographic analysis.

Powder Processing & Technology LLC

Powder Processing & Technology performs process development and contract manufacturing on a wide range of ceramic and inorganic chemical powders. PPT has a fully equipped pilot plant as well as multiple production areas specializing in spray drying, calcining and firing to serve its clients in various industries.

Superior Graphite Co.

Delivering unparalleled quality since 1917, Superior Graphite specializes in thermal purification, and advanced sizing, blending and coating technologies, providing graphite and carbon-based solutions to a wide range of markets including: ceramics, carbon parts, agriculture, battery, fuel cells, metallurgy, friction, hot metal forming, composites, powder metals, lubricity and drilling additives.

Xieta International, S.L.

Founded in 1995 in Barcelona (Spain), Xieta is a company specialized on production and supplying of raw and auxiliary materials and especially high density alumina balls and linings for milling. From their warehouses located in Spain, Brazil, Poland, India, Mexico and P.R. of China, Xieta distributes to over 40 countries.