Conference Proceedings 

Thank you for attending Conference at Ceramics Expo 2019. You can download the conference presentations that we have authorization to share below. 


Tuesday April 30, 2019

Download Day 1, Track 1

  • Welcome Address - Eileen De Guire, The American Ceramic Society
  • Solid-State Electrolytes: the Key Enabling Technology in Future No-Compromise Electric Vehicles - Andy Drews, Ford Motor Company
  • Ceramic Solutions for Accident-Tolerant Fuel Cladding in Light-Water Reactors - Bruce Print, Oak Ridge National Lab
  • CMC’s Taking Flight at GE Aviation - Jim SteibelGE Aviation
  • Silicon Nitride the Ceramic Solution for Tomorrows Power Industry Needs - Mark DiPerri, Toshiba American Electronic Components, Inc.
  • Threats to the Global Advanced Ceramics Supply Chain in the 21st Century – Challenges and Solutions - Michael SilverAmerican Elements
  • C-C Composites for Thermal Management: Performance in Aircraft Brake Application and Manufacturing - Richard GulottyHoneywell Aerospace
  • High Temperature Thermoelectric Devices for Energy Harvesting - Suraj RawalLockheed Martin Space


Download Day 1, Track 2

  • Multi-Scale Process and Performance Simulation of Polymer-Derived Ceramic Composite Systems - Bobby Cook Ph.D, Americase-Xstream Engineering, an MSC Software Company
  • Understanding the Benefits of Manufacturing with Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDCs) - Doug Freitag, US Advanced Ceramics Association
  • Advanced Nanoscale Characterization of Grain Boundaries in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolyte - George BurtonCoorsTek/Colorado School of Mines
  • Internal Interfaces in Ceramics: Where the Action Is - Greg RohrerDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering Carnegie Mellon University and Jeffrey M. Rickman PhD.GrainBound LLC
  • Processing and Characterization of Ceramic Materials, Interfaces and Heterogeneous Structures Towards Improving the Performance of Dismounted Soldier Protection - Lionel Vargas-Gonzalez, US Army Research Laboratory


Wednesday May 1, 2019

Download Day 2, Track 1

  • Materials and Manufacturing Opportunities for the Electrified Aircraft Market - Ajay MisraNASA Glenn Research Center
  • Emerging Applications in Glass Products and Processing - Arun VarshneyaPHD, Saxon Glass Technologies
  • Exploring Advances in Electro-Ceramics - Corson Cramer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Living in a Materials World: Decoupling Resource Consumption and Development - Gabrielle GaustadAssociate ProfessorRochester Institute of Technology
  • A Future of Glass - John MauroJournal of the American Ceramic SocietyPenn State University
  • Evaluation of Solid Oxide-based Fuel Cells for Electrical Power in Aviation - Jon Goldsby, NASA
  • Industrialization of Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aerospace Applications - Mano ManoharanGeneral Electric Aviation
  • Cover screens for personal electronic devices, Part 2 - Peter BihuniakHidden Point Consulting LLC
  • Embedding Sustainability, Recycling and Resource Management in the R&D Process - Roderick EggertColorado School of Mines
  • Polymer-Derived Ceramics – Moving from the Laboratory to Consumer Applications - William EasterSemplastics


Download Day 2, Track 2 

  • Examining Advances in Additive Manufacturing Techniques and Materials - Kayleigh PorterHRL Laboratories and Shawn Allan, Lithoz America
  • A New Statistical Methodology for Assessing Mechanical Reliability - Stephen FreimanFreiman Consulting