Conference Proceedings 

Thank you for attending Ceramics Expo Conference 2018. You can download the conference presentations that we have authorization to share below. 


Tuesday May 1

Download Day 1, Track 1

  • Leadership Panel: Forecasting the Future of Advanced Ceramic Materials
  • Mapping the Materials Market: Outlining Availability, Cost and Quality of Raw Material Supply
  • Industry Update – Reviewing the Status of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) Production and Application

Download Day 1, Track 2

  • Controlling Viscosity, Density and Particle Size Distribution of Ceramic Slurry to Optimize Rheology in Ceramic Processing
  • Reviewing the Function of Polymeric Additives in Conventional Processing and Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics to Optimize Structure of the Final Part


Wednesday May 2

Download Day 2, Track 1

  • Identifying Opportunities for Advanced Ceramic Materials in Automotive Applications
  • Examining the Application of Electroceramics
  • Industry Focus: Examining the Potential for Advanced Ceramic Materials in Battery Technology

Download Day 2, Track 2

  • Evaluating Computational Modeling in Ceramic Processing
  • Promoting the Adoption of Advanced Ceramic Materials as an Alternative to Traditional Materials
  • Promoting the Adoption of Disruptive Technologies by the Industry


Thursday May 3

Download Day 3, Track 1

  • Research Round-Up: Presenting Innovative Ceramic Research for Commercialization
  • Research Round-Up: Innovative Technology for Ceramic Processing
  • 5x5: Showcasing New Material Offerings for Application Identification

Download Day 3, Track 2

  • Developing Multi-Ceramics 3D Printing Technology for the Industrial Production of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Reviewing Scale-Up of Binder Jet Ceramic Additive Manufacturing
  • Industry Discussion Additive Manufacturing: If We Had a Crystal Ball…