Complete manufacturer of high temperature specialty thermocouples for the most demanding furnace and kiln applications.  GeoCorp offers thermocouples with Molybdenum and Tantalum sheaths.  Tungsten coating is also available for ultra high temperature furnaces with graphite liners.  GeoCorp works with customers to stock thermocouples for quicker delivery.

Nanmac Corporation

Nanmac worked with NASA Engineers to develop very unique temperature sensors to test rocket motors, these initial successful efforts led to commercial applications in heat treating, ceramics, sintering, Sapphire glass (2100C) and calibration to 1700C. 55+ years later, Nanmac has continued to innovate and has introduced new products and solutions. 

Powder Processing & Technology LLC

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC provides process development and custom powder processing services for the leaders in ceramics; inorganic materials technology. They bridge the gap from experimentation to commercial production, and have the capability to produce at the scale customers require with the quality and consistency they expect.